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J36 Thursday 3rd December 2015

Posted Thursday, 03 December 2015, 4.09pm

The weekly sale of store lambs saw 1,957 forward with buyers looking to fill orders to take advantage of grass and the rising prime lamb trade. Best pens of short keep Continental lambs selling £57 - £65 topping at £68 for Texel x from DR & C Galbraith, Sunny Bank and others £67 FW Park, Bannerigg Farm. Medium keep lambs generally achieving £50 - £55 with smaller types £42 - £49. Very smallest lambs between £28 - £37.  Mules sold to £62 for best sorts with other pens of well grown lambs just needing the final finish £57 - £61. Longer keep sorts £47 - £54 with a pen of Herdwick mules £58. Mashams sold to £54 from W & J Penny, Marsh Grange Farm. Hill lambs sold to £45.50 for Rough Fells from BJ Bainbridge, Steps Farm followed Swales at £41.50 from JA Alderson, Barras Farm. Herdwicks achieved £39 PM Simpson, Poole Bank.

Ram lambs today were all hill bred types and generally medium to long keep sorts generally selling £32 - £40 depending on breed with Continentals mid £40’s.

The next sale of store lambs is Thursday 10th December following the sale of Beef breeding and Store Cattle. Please advise office of entries to assist in contacting buyers to ensure we can sell your lambs to full value.

A small entry of calves forward this week with many vendors holding their calves back for the Christmas show next week. The trade continued to be as strong for the entry forward mainly made up of young calves. An eighteen day British Blue sold to £300 from DW Cottam of Hagg Farm.

Christmas Show & Sale of Calves - Thursday 10th December 2015
Show 9.30am prompt,   Sale 10.15am

Show Classes
Class 1: Beef Bull 56 days and under
Class 2: Beef Heifer 56 days and under
Class 3: Dairy Bred Bull 56 days and under

BULL CALVES – BRB: £300 Hagg Farm. Fr: £50 Toadpool; £20 Halforth Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £245 Wraysholme Tower; £190 Halforth Farm.
STORE LAMBS – Texel: £68 Sunny Bank; £67 Bannerigg; £66 High Ghyll; £59 Old School House, Grassgarth Farm. Suffolk: £56 Barker Knott; £52 High Farm, Warth Sutton Farm; £44 Low Hundhowe; £43 Borwick Lodge. Masham: £54 Marsh Grange; £42.50 Steps Farm. Mule: £62 Bannerigg Farm; £60.50 Barker Knott; £53.50 Row Farm; £47 Fell House, Brockstones. Rough Fell: £45.50 Steps Farm; £40.50 Vicarage Road; £38.50 Brockstones. Char: £49.50 West Plain Farm; £49 Warth Sutton Farm; £47 Fell House. Swale: £41.50 Barra Farm; £40.50 Scar Sykes; £40 Ewan Mill. Chev: £36.50 Hartrigg. Jacob: £40 High Mill Farm. Herdwick: £58 Wall End Farm; £39 Poole Bank; £32.50 Tarn Foot, Flodder Hall. Zwart: £33 Flodder Hall; £30 Jackson Ground.

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