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J36 Tuesday 24th November 2015

Posted Tuesday, 24 November 2015, 5.45pm


The weekly sale of prime lambs saw an entry of 2,159 forward selling to a full ringside of buyers keen to compete for all classes of lambs. The sale commenced with light lambs ranging from 29kg – 35kg and selling to keen interest with numbers falling short of buyers requirements. First cross lambs sold to £58.50 for Texel x and others achieving £56. Hill lambs sold to £51.50 for Dalesbred and Swales £40. We have buyers looking for light lambs and more can be sold each week to vendors advantage.

Prime lambs sold to an overall market average of 155p/kg with well finished pure and first cross lambs 165p/kg – 175p/kg topping at 192p/kg for Beltex x lambs from J Hartley & Son. Mules sold to 161p/kg (av 148p/kg) with hill lambs selling to 162p/kg for Cheviots and 148p/kg for Swaledales. Buyers are showing caution to dirty lambs, we urge vendors to forward lambs as clean as possible.

A top price of £79 was achieved on 2 occasions from S Hill and J Hartley & Son, heavy lambs regularly £72 - £75 dependant on breed. Mules sold to £75 from F & SA Edmondson (all sold to av. £68). Hill lambs sold to £63.50 for a pen of Swaledales and £57 Rough Fells.

The sale of prime lambs starts at 1pm each week and we would respectfully ask vendors to arrive in good time to allow stock to be sorted and booked in. Market gates open at 7pm.

A mixed entry of sheep forward at J36 today, with many hill bred ewes in the market sold to an overall market average of £51, which was in-line with other local centres. Continental ewes sold to a top of £91 for a pen of Texel ewes from Mark Dodgson of Spital Farm, with better types of ewes in the eighties. The day’s trade was topped by R S & B A Harker of Overthwaite Farm with three Leicester tups selling to £99. Horned ewes were good to sell all day and eagerly bid for. Better Swaledale ewes in the fifties with all Swaledale ewes forward averaging £43.

PRIME LAMBS – Beltex: £79 Masongill Hall; £75.50 Poppy Farm; £74 Trees Farm. Texel: £79 Beaumont Grange; £78.50; £78 Millom Castle, North Farm; £77.50 Cinderbarrow Farm, Ashbank. Suff: £78 Netherhouses Farm; £77.50 Meadow Oaks; £77 Smithy Green Farm; £76.50 North Farm. Mule: £75 Netherhouses Farm; £73.50 Strickland Hill, Millbeck, Middle Sadghyll; £72.50 Low Longmire. Char: £73.50 Dunningwell Farm; £73 Myers Farm; £71.50 Rough Farm. Chev: £71.50 Seedhowe Cottages; £65 High Borrowbridge. Lleyn: £74 Low Foulshaw. Leic: £73 Brown Edge. Masham: £65 Holme House. Swale: £63.50 Yoad Pot. Rough Fell: £57 Seedhowe Cottages; £56 Millbeck. SBF: £47.50 Beckside Farm. Dalesbred: £51.50 Fell End. Herdwick: £34 Barker Knott.
CAST SHEEP – Leic: £99, £63 Overthwaite; £79 Woodside Farm. Tex: £91 Spital Farm; £89 Hill Park. Suff: £79 Gowan Bank Farm; £76 Crooklands Brow; £72 Woodside Farm. Char: £72 Smithy Green Farm. Mule: £70 Smithy Green Farm; £64 Arklid Farm, Upp Hall. Zwart: £65 Arklid Farm. Swale: £60 Barbon Fell House; £54 Overthwaite; £52 Woodside Farm. Chev: £52 Orphan Crag Barn. RFell: £51 Riddings; £50 Orphan Crag Barn; £44 Low Deepslack. Herd: £44 Tilberthwaite Farm.

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