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J36 Tuesday 10th November 2015

Posted Tuesday, 10 November 2015, 5.46pm

Prime Lambs sell to £81 & 188p/kg at NWA J36

The weekly sale of prime lambs at NWA J36 sold to a rising trade with a market SQQ average of 161p/kg with buyers competing for all types and classes. Best Continental lambs and well finished first crosses easiest sold regularly 165p/kg – 175p/kg topping at 188p/kg for Beltex lambs from ME Wannop & Sons Ltd. Mules sold to 164p/kg (av 153p/kg) with 42kg – 45kg in keenest demand, buyers cautious of overweight lambs.

Lambs sold to £81 for best Beltex lambs with other 42kg – 45kg lambs regularly £70 - £75 for first crosses. Assured lambs again easiest sold and it is certainly worth considering joining a scheme. Mules sold to £74 and pure hill lambs £61 for Rough Fells.

Lightweight lambs continue to attract buyers’ interest with more needed each week to fulfil the buyers demand. A top price of 178p/kg and £59 was achieved for 33kg Charollais x from W & J Penny. Hill lambs sold to £44 for Herdwicks, £48.50 Gritstones.

Cast Sheep
The weekly sale of cast ewes had a reduced entry of sheep forward with 359 forward. The trade was noticeably sharper than the previous week selling £5 or £6 better. All types eagerly bid for with well meated powerful Mule ewes selling between £67 and £70 with an overall average of £62.47 for all Mules forward. Texel ewes sold to £90 from NJ Strickland & Son of The Borrans. Swaledale ewes sold to £53 from J & JA Burrow of Thursgill with pens of other well meated swales selling in the late forties and all Swaledale ewes forward averaging £41.38. Rough Fell ewes sold to £60 and averaged £53.

The monthly sale of pigs saw one of the largest entries to date with additional buyers in attendance and keen to bid for all classes of pigs. Prime pigs sold to £130 with other pens of best sorts £100. Lighter weight prime pigs little over best store money at £65 - £82. Store pigs achieved £56 for best white sorts with others £50. Weaners sold to £30 with others generally £18 - £25 with lesser sorts very hard to sell. A few breeding pigs saw in pig large white gilts achieve £130 and older sows of the same breeding £80.

PRIME LAMBS – Beltex: £81 Heaton Hall. Tex: £80 Heaton Hall; £78.50 Red Lodge; £78 Arklid, Benson Hall; £77 Hill Park. Suff: £79 Netherhouses Farm; £76 Smithy Green Farm; £75 Hodgson Green Farm, Low Woodedge, Greenwood Haw, Walnut Hill, Braida Garth; £74.50 Mount Barrow. Mule: £74 Tenement Farm; £73 Heaton Hall; £72 Well Foot; £71 Middle Sadghyll. Masham: £58 Marsh Grange Farm. Dorset: £69 Great House Farm; £64 Brow Head. Rough Fell: £61 Poppy Farm; £58 Steps Farm. Char: £76 Hill Park; £73 Walnut Hill, Great House Farm; £70.50 High Greenside. Chev: £69.50 Orchard House; £68 Green Lane End. Leicester: £63 Yoad Pot. Grit: £48.50 Moss End Farm. Herdwick: £44 High Tenement Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £96 (ram) Cooper House; £90 The Borrans; £84 Poppy Farm; £79 Moor House; £78 Meadow Oaks. Mule: £70 Borrans Farm, Smithy Green; £69 The Barn, Wood Broughton Barn; £67 Meadow Oaks. Suff: £44 Hodgson Green Farm. Masham: £39 High Tenement Farm. Swale: £53 Thursgill; £49 Yoad Pot; £48 Grayrigg Hall, Scargill Farm, Far Orrest. Rough Fell: £60 Moor House, High Swinklebank; £52 Low Deepslack. Chev: £70 Poppy Farm; £65 The Barn. Leicester: £92 (ram) Grayrigg Hall; £64 Thursgill. Tees: £59 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Herd: £36 High Low Wood. White Face Woodland: £66 Keerfalls Forest Farm. Zwart: £67 High Low Wood.

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