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J36 Thursday 5th November 2015

Posted Thursday, 05 November 2015, 3.34pm

Store Lambs
North West Auctions saw an entry of 2,264 store lambs forward and selling to one of the strongest trades of the season. Seasonal buyers now coming forward and keen to fill orders with the long awaited availability of grazing. Best bunches of Continental lambs regularly £57 - £60 topping at £64 for Texel lambs for J Bell, Bull Bank and Suffolks £61 from TJ Beaty. Medium keep lambs dearer this week £47 - £52 with smallest lambs £35 - £40. Rising numbers of Mules and Mashams coming forward and selling to £60, £59, £58 averaging £51.24. Hill lambs sold to £59 for Cheviot x from RI Dixon, £42.50 Rough Fells and £41.50 Swaledales. Tup lambs were a sharper trade with best grown sorts £55 - £60, Mediums into the late £40’s with smallest sorts £25 - £32.

Rearing Calves
The weekly sale of calves and stirks at J36 had an entry of 51 forward this week. A poorer show in terms of quality with a lot of plain black and whites forward in the market and very few beef calves. The trade for beef calves was strong with plenty of buyers in the market looking to buy. A run of British Blues from A & E Barnes of Bracken Fold saw bulls sell £385 and heifers making £330 at a month old. Better sorts of beef calves easily sold in the region of £300 around the month old. Very few rearing types of black and whites forward today with the few rearers forward being keenly bid for and selling well for the quality of the calves. Well grown month old rearers sold between £80 and £100 topping at £100 from B & MJ Nelson & Son of Halforth Farm.  A strong entry Calves and Stirks next week to include 10 Limousin Bulls and Heifers 6 to 8 weeks.

STORE LAMBSTexel: £64 Bull Bank; £61 Stonethwaite Farm, Old School House; £59 Singleton Park; £58.50 Steps Farm. Char: £61.50 Stonethwaite Farm; £60.50 Fold Farm; £59.50 Low Greenriggs; £59 Barker Knott. Suff: £61 & £59 Stonethwaite Farm; £59.50 Barker Knott; £55 Gowan Bank; £54 Bradley Farm. Easy Care: £59.50 Sunny Brow. Masham: £59 Crescent Green; £58 Mealrigg. Mule: £60 High Wardses; £58 High Borrans; £56.50 Old School House. Hamp: £58.50 Larkrigg. Chev: £59 Low Newton Farm; £45 Castle How; £44.50 High Arnside. Rough Fell: £42.50 Blackmoss Farm; £40 Steps Farm. Swale: £41.50 Castle Syke; £40 Dragon Croft. Horned: £57 Crescent Green; £50.50 Singleton Park; £48 Low Greenriggs. SBF: £37 Roundthwaite Abbey.
BULL CALVES – BRB: £385, £360 Brackenfold; £310 Sunny Bank. Lim: £290 Halforth Farm. AA: £260 Elm Tree Farm. Fr: £100 Halforth Farm; £95, £90, £80 Cinder Barrow; £80 Strickland Hill; £48 Raw End; £45 Hillam House Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £330 Brackenfold; £260 Sunny Bank; £240 Hillam House Farm. AA: £110 Low Brundrigg.

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