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J36 Thursday 12th November 2015

Posted Thursday, 12 November 2015, 4.59pm

There was 81 Store and Beef Breeding cattle forward today but a slightly poorer show of cattle due to the horrific weather conditions over the last few days. Top price of the day was £970 for two 19 month old Stabiliser Bullocks from A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg.
Top Prices
Store Bullock: Stab £970 Kit Cragg. Lim £950 Burney End. Cont £950 Green Lane End. Saler £930 Capplerigg. Shorthorn £910 Bradley.
Store Heifers: Lim £770 Green Lane End. Here £680, £640 Stockber. Shorthorn £660 Strickley. AA £640 Strickley. BB £630 Burney End.
Beef Breeding: BB Cow & Heifer Calf £1300 Low Nook. Lim Cow & Heifer Calf £1120 Hope Stead.  Hereford Cow & Bull Calf £1020 Hope Stead


A poorer show of of 77 cast cows and bulls in today, with some straight out the milking parlour, giving an overall average of 93.9/kg. Cast Cows sold to a top of 177.5p/kg for a 31 month old Lim Heifer from SW Atkinson & Son, Capplerigg Farm selling to L Fell, Brigholme.
Top Prices
Cast Cow: Blo 139.5 Lileyaks. Sim 135.5 Brow Head. Cont 135.5 High Arnside. Lim 133.5 Singleton Park. Lim x 125.5 Bramaskew.  AA 175.5 Cappleigg. Gall 111.5 Grove Farm. HF 123.5 Lupton Hall.
Cast Heifers: Lim 177.5 Capplerigg.
Cast Steers: Sim 139.5 Brow Head


The weekly sale of calves and stirks had an entry of 64 forward mainly consisting of black and whites. A better quality entry of black and whites forward sold to a strong trade with plenty of black and white buyers around the ring. They sold to a top of £150 MH & AR Robinson of Homescales with plenty of well grown black and whites selling in excess of £100 with smaller rearers selling £70 plus. A smaller entry of beef calves which were in very short of supply and all except one sold for over £300. A good run of calves from R & EA Gardner of Barrowfield saw Simmental bull at 6 weeks old sell to £440 and £430 and plenty of beef bull’s calves selling between £360 and £380. Beef heifer calves sold to £350 for a British Blue from HJ Robinson of Elm Tree Farm. Just a few stirks in the market today saw Shorthorn steers sell to £490 with Limousin heifers selling to £450.
Top Prices
Bull Calves – Sim: £440 Barrowfield. BRB: £380 Flodder Hall; £360 Hollins Farm. Hfd: £380 Barrowfield. AA: £360 Sowerby Lodge.
Fr: £150, £145 Holmescales; £145 Hagg Farm; £135 Netherbeck Barn.
Heifer Calves – AA: £310 Sowerby Lodge. BRB: £350 Elm Tree Farm.
Steer Stirks - BSH: £490 Bank House Farm.
Heifer Stirks - Lim: £450 Great Brunthwaite.


An entry of half a dozen dairy cattle forward today saw a mixed entry forward. Freshly calved pedigree heifers from R & J Dodgson of Cracalt Farm sold to the day’s top price of £1,850. None pedigree heifers sold to £1,480 from Michael Carr of Clawthorpe. Second calved cows sold to £1,220 from JH Woof & Son of Underhelm.


A smaller entry of mainly medium to longer keep store lambs forward today which were also showing signs of the bad weather we have had over the past few days. Top price of £55 was paid for Suffolks from Ben Heaps. Overall average £42.32 for all sold. Next Week Thursday 19th November 3,000 store lambs anticipated – please advise office of entries so buyers can be informed of expected entries.
Top Prices
Suff: £55 Lupton High Farm; £51.50 Howe Nook; £50 Thwaite Gate; £47 Grate Farm. Tex: £53 Howe Nook; £52 Barker Knott; £48 Force Mill; £46 Thwaite Gate. Mule: £52.50 Ashstead; £41.50 Park Avenue. Swale: £38 Holker Estate. Rough Fell: £47 High Bethicar; £46 Riddings. Herd: £34 High Bethicar; £32.50 Borwick Fold. Zwart: £28 Lupton High Farm.

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