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Lancaster Monday 19/10/15

Posted Monday, 19 October 2015, 4.22pm

Lancaster Primestock

Spring Lambs

Following the large drop in lamb price at the start of last week and the decline in lamb price throughout the week a smaller entry of just over 600 forward today saw a better trade then the end of the previous week. Continental and Suffolk lambs noticeable dearer with mule lambs no better trade then the previous week. A lot of heavy lambs in the market with lambs between 40kg and 42kg very short of supply and good to sell. The overall market average was 141ppk but a large percentage of lambs forward were heavy weights, pulling the average back slightly. Better bred heavy weight lambs sold in excess of £70 topping at £75.50 from TM Townley of Knowsley farm. Light weight lambs that are well fleshed continue to sell well at Lancaster, topping at 169ppk for 34kg Texel lambs from PD Pye of Marl House.

Cast Sheep

A good show of 158 ewes and tups this morning, with a stronger trade than last week, some £12 up, to average £56/head. Topping trade today was James Sanderson with a Texel ewe realising £100. Followed by a Texel Tup from RW & FJ Rhodes, achieving £96. First cross Texel ewes often breaking the £70 mark. Mules to £76 from WTC Farms, best mules over £60 with the majority in the late £50’s. Dalesbreds topped at £47/head from E & N Wright & Sons whilst Swales topped at £42 from B & SE Carter, Ellel.

Prime Beef

A larger entry of seven prime bull forward in Lancaster, the trade was competitive with other local centres with a variety of types of bulls forward. Suckler bred Limouisn bulls sold to 201.5ppk from JA Airey of Old Croft Farm. British blue bulls bred from the dairy herd sold to 187.5ppk from JS & KM Wilson of High House who also sold top price black and white bulls sold to 144.5ppk. A consignment of Montbeliarde bulls sold to 177.5ppk twice from GA Haston & Son of Lane House.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS – SUFF: £75.50 Knowsley Farm; £73.50 Walnut Tree; £72 Tarnwater Farm.TEX: £75 Tarnwater Farm; £69 Moss Side Farm; £68.50 Ellers Farm. CH: £67 Parks Farm Barn; £63.50 Low Bendrigg Farm; £58.50 Cragg Farm. MASH: £64 Allcocks Farm; £58.50 Cobble Hey Farm. RYE: £57 Cobble Hey Farm. DALES: £57.50 Yarlsber. MULE: £56.50 Cragg End; £56.50 Burnt House; £56.50 High House Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £100 Lower Highfield; £96 Low Moor Head Farm; £77 Tarnwater Farm. MULE: £76 Old Grange Farm; £62 Lower Highfield; £60 Low Kit Brow. LEI: £71 Cragg End. HRN: £47 Allcocks Farm. SWALE: £42 Cragg Farm.

PRIME BULLS – LIM: 201.5 Old Croft. BRB: 187.5 High House. MO: 177.5 Lane House. FR: 144.5 High House.

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