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Lancaster Monday 12/10/15

Posted Monday, 12 October 2015, 2.55pm

Spring Lambs

The weekly sale of prime lambs sold to a tough trade with the increase of price in the middle of last week and large numbers forward in markets last week and many meat companies full of deadweight lambs over the weekend lead to a very depressed price at Lancaster in comparison to previous weeks. An overall market average of 138ppk with a large quantity of heavy weight lambs forward with many buyers saying that the market nationwide being over supplied. The trade topped at £75 from FK & FM Woodhouse of Fell End with heavy weights. Light weight lambs continue to sell well with Beltex types selling to 180ppk from David Prickett of Farleton House. Mules sold to a top of £63 from J Bargh & Son of North farm with many pens of mules selling in the late fifties.

Cast Sheep

A better show of ewes this morning with 150 passing through the ring. Mules sold to a top of £58 from M & RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe, best sorts selling above £54. Texels sold to £93 for a pair of ewes from CR Eastwood, Overdales, with half bred Texels in the mid-sixties. Swales forward in bigger numbers this morning, topping at £55 for a pair from FA Nowell & Sons, Mewith. Best swales in advance of £30 with feeders in the mid-twenties. Overall average of £44 for all forward.

Prime Beef

The weekly sale of prime cattle had three bulls forward from GA Haston & Son of Lane House with all Montbeliarde’s sold to a top of 174.5ppk or £1073.

PRIME LAMBS – SUFF: £75 Fell End Farm; £72 Walnut Tree; £68.50 Bradlow Farm.TEX: £73 Isle of Skye Farm; £72 Beckside; £72 Scronkey Farm. CH: £66.50 Burrow Heights Farm; £62.50 Wyre Farm; £62.50 Low Bendrigg Farm. BEL: £66 Hall Croft Barn; £57.50 Farleton House Farm. MULE: £63 North Farm; £59 Sykes Farm; £58 Ouzlethorn Farm. CHEV: £59 Cragg Farm; £50 Highfield Farm. HAMP: £58 Rye Close. MASH: £55.50 Holme House Farm. DALES: £53 Yarlsber. GRIT: £53 Thwaite Gate Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £93 Overdale; £73 Hutton Roof Hall; £56 Moss House Farm. SUFF: £79 Lyndale Farm. MASH: £59 Overdale. MULE: £58 Station Hotel; £56 Wyre Farm; £56 Heights Farm. SWALE: £55 Oak Head Farm; £41 Holme House Farm.

PRIME BULLS: MON- 174.5, 169.5, 164.5 Lane House

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