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Lancaster Friday 23/10/15

Posted Friday, 23 October 2015, 4.09pm

Store Cattle

The store cattle ring at Lancaster was attended by all regular and new purchasers. A mixed trade in general, with bigger quality cattle short of buyers requirements and more plain cattle forward. Trade topped at £1340 for a big Limousin Bullock from M & RW Stirzaker, Milnthorpe. Blue heifers to £1300 from JA Salthouse & Son, Elswick. Native bred cattle sold to £1260 for Hereford Bullocks from JS Clark & Sons, Catforth. A trio of Angus Bullocks from GE Turner sold to £1220.
Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

The weekly sale cast cows and OTM cattle had an entry of 109 forward. There was a strong trade all cattle forward which reflected in the overall market average of 110ppk. the trade for the time of year is very good with vendors urged to continue to forward the OTM and cast cows to Lancaster while the trade remains good and gain the best for their cattle with a very busy ring of buyers. The OTM heifers and steers eagerly bid for and topped at 191.5ppk from AD & D Parker of Manor House with a Charolais. Black and white heifers sold to 157.5ppk with plenty more selling easily in excess of 140ppk. Better black and whites in excess of 130ppk

Rearing Calves & Stirks

The opening Special Sale of stirks saw a nice entry of 60 forward with buyers in attendance for all classes. Topping the sale was A & L Gardner, Quernmore with a Limousin heifer out of a Blue cow realising £645 at 8months. Blue Bulls from the same home sold to £565 at 6 & 8months old, Blue heifers from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham sold to £530. Younger stirks at 4-5months sold to £490 for Blue Bullocks. Montbelliardes to £500 from Messers Gardner with younger sorts to Frisians to £345 at 6months again from A & E Clarkson and £275 at 5months from I Atkinson & Son, Warton.
Calves sold to £330 for Angus Bulls from Wallbank Farms Ltd and Blue Heifers to £300 from the same home. Limousin Heifers to £260 from JH Towers & Son. Best B&W bulls to £152 from Drinkall Bros and other best calves to £148 from Maurice Capstick. Good rearing calves £60-£88 with an average of £75.75. More calves needed to fulfil buyers requirements.
Store Lambs

The fortnightly sale of store lambs had a small entry of lambs, with the trade reflecting the recent the current prime lamb trade. Mule lambs sold to £47.50 with long term Texel lambs selling £44.50 from PD Pye of Marl House.

STORE BULLOCKS – LIM: £1340 Station Hotel; £1270 Cock Hall Farm; £1260 Head House.BRB: £1280 Head House; £1250 North Farm; £1240 Church Farm. HE: £1260 Godson House Farm; £1240 Hoskingshire Farm; £1000 Cock Hall Farm. AA: £1220 Scotch Green Farm; £1210 North Farm; £1170 Godson House Farm. FR: £1120 Braeslacks; £990 Low Levens; £980 Park Farm.SIM: £1110 Oatland Farm; £1040 Kilburn House; £910 Colloway Farm. BA: £1080 Longlands Farm. SRW: £1080 Lundholme Farm; £980 Oatland Farm. SD: £990 Adlington Hall Farm. CH: £950 Stirzakers Farm. SHO: £880 Cock Hall Farm; £760 Rathvale Farm. CON: £870 Newsham Hall Farm.
STORE HEIFERS –BRB: £1300 Wilson House Farm; £1140 Greenlands Farm; £1130 Bouthwaite Farm. CH: £1140 Little Fell Farm; £1140 Holme Hous. AA: £1080 Foredales Farm; £1030 Bouthwaite Farm; £990 Little Town Farm. LIM: £1040 Little Fell Farm; £1010 Brow Foot Farm; £900 Moss View. SIM: £990 Fern Lea; £990 Croppers Farm; £900 Brow Foot Farm. HE: £920 Corney Hill Farm; £900 Hoskingshire Farm. FR: £870 Park Farm; £840 Hall Farm.
BULLS – SIM: £770 Oatland Farm. AA: £680 Oatland Farm.MON: £680 Oatland Farm. BRB: £570 Oatland Farm. FR: £530 Oatland Farm. SRW: £520 Oatland Farm.

CAST COW – FKV: 157.5 Holme Head. AA: 149.5 Upp Hall; 129.5 Cragg Farm. BRB: 147.5 Low Hall Beck. LIM: 147.5 Hall Croft Barn; 144.5 Mosergh Farm; 119.5 Low Pleasant.SIM: 144.5 Upp Hall. FR: 137.5 Pilling Hall; 134.5 Low Deepslack; 127.5 Birkland Barrow. BRB: 107.5 Higher Thrushgill.
CAST HEIFER – CH: 191.5 Manor House Farm. BRB: 181.5 Manor House Farm. FR: 157.5 Whin Yeats; 149.5 Boldens Farm; 141.5 Stubb Place Farm. LIM: 154.5 Boundary House. HE: 139.5 Boundary House.
CAST STEER- FR: 131.5 Midge Hall Farm; 121.5 Whittingham Lane.

HEIFER CALF –BRB: £300 Tills Farm; £195 North Farm. LIM: £260 Tunstall Hall. AA: £240 Tills Farm.
BULL CALF – AA: £330 Tills Farm. BRB: £265 North Farm. LIM: £230 North Farm. FR: £152 Catshaw Hall Farm; £148 Brantbeck Farm.
BULL STIRK – BRB: £565 Redfields; £475 Cinderbarrow Farm. MO: £500 Redfields. AA: £500 Redfields. HE: £500 Redfields. LIM: £470 Westwood. FR: £345 Cock Hall Farm; £275 Boon Town Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – LIM: £645 Redfields. BRB: £530 Cock Hall Farm; £510 Redfields; £380 Coverdales. AA: £460 Cock Hall Farm; £386 Redfields; £345 Birkland Barrow. HE: £325 Birkland Barrow.
BULLOCK STIRK – BRB: £490 Coverdales. AA: £455 Coverdales. LIM: £400 Coverdales. HE: £355 Birkland Barrow. MON: £230 Birkland Barrow.

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