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Lancaster Friday 16/10/2015

Posted Friday, 16 October 2015, 4.32pm

Store Cattle
The weekly sale of Store cattle at Lancaster had a strong entry of over four hundred cattle forward. A very similar trade to the previous week with some better quality cattle forward and more fleshed cattle today with fewer short keep and more medium keep cattle in. Fleshed cattle continue to sell well with the weathered cattle harder to sell. Vendors are strongly advised to become Farm Assured to gain full finical benefit from there stock. Big steers sold in excess of £1,300 topping at £1,370 for a Charolais from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall. Heifers sold to a top of £1290 from Fishwick Farms of Silverdale for a Simmental. Native bred cattle always sell well at Lancaster.

OTM Cattle
OTM and cast cows at Lancaster had an entry of 89 forward. Lancaster cast cow with a busy active ring of buyers with every type of cattle eagerly bid for. All vendors left pleased with a strong trade throughout. An overall market average of 107ppk with better black and whites selling between 125ppk and 130ppk. The trade was topped at 181.5ppk from JJ Valiant of Shires Farm.

Rearing Calves and Stirks
An entry of 59 calves and stirks forward today, with calves slightly harder to place than previous weeks. Blue bulls to a top of £400 from GH Speak, Eccleston, others at £390 from J CH & JG Bland. Younger blue heifers to £285 from the same home. Black and White calves to £125 and £122 from JS & KM Wilson and JM & MH France & Son. Stirks sold to a good trade, topping at £460 for Hereford heifers from S Moore, with more from the same home next week. Friesians to £315 from D & A Travis, Manor Farm.
Stirks next week, 26th October to be sold at 9:45, with an entry of 50 already.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS –CH: £1370 Cock Hall Farm; £1180 Brown Edge; £1100 Longlands Farm. BRB: £1350 Shaws Farm; £1300 Pasture House; £1180 Gibraltar Farm. LIM: £1350 Godson House Farm; £1320 Newsham Hall Farm; £1260 Forton Bank Farm. HE: £1290 Godson House Farm; £1220 Cock Hall Farm; £1150 Daniel Fold Farm. AA: £1270 Hallbeck; £1250 Low Levens; £1230 Godson House Farm. SIM: £1250 High Fell Gate; £1120 Daniel Fold Farm. SHO: £1160 Cock Hall Farm. FR: £1100 Braeslacks; £1020 Newsham Hall Farm; £1000 Low Levens. MON: £1080 Cock Hall Farm. SD: £1080 Adlington Hall Farm. WB: £950 Coventry Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – SIM: £1290 Bank House Farm; £1060 Oakenhead. BRB: £1240 High House Farm; £1090 King Bank Farm; £1050 Carlingwha. . CH: £1210 2 Church Street; £1060 Crooklands Farm. AA: £1180 Forton Bank Farm; £1180 Spital Farm; £1150 Ivy Barn. MO: £1060 Cumming Carr Farm. LIM: £1040 Whinney Carr Farm; £1010 Brow Foot Farm; £960 Little Fell Farm. HE: £830 High House Farm. FR: £700 Tunsteads Farm.
CAST COW – PIE: 181.5 Shire Farm. LIM: 169.5 High House Farm; 131.5 St Annes Farm. AA: 141.5 Lower Swainhead Farm. MON: 131.5 Cumming Carr Farm. FR: 131.5 Breedy Butts Farm; 127.5 Great Eccleston Hall; 127.5 Low Levens. SIM: 129.5 Manor House Farm.BB: 127.5 Hill Top; 109.5 High Fell Gate. SRW: 114.5 Sandvilla; 111.5 Old Holly Farm.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 124.5 Underhelm Farm; 117.5 Lundholme Farm; 111.5 Lower Brow Top.
CAST STEER – AA: 164.5 Greenbank Farm. CH: 149.5 Greenbank Farm. FR: 139.5 Cliftons Farm; 124.5 Whittingham Lane; 114.5 Low Deepslack.
HEIFER CALF – BRB: £300 Arnside Tower Farm; £280 Norbreck Farm. AA: £280 Billinge Hall Farm; £250 Tills Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £400 Billinge Hall Farm; £390 Arnside Tower Farm; £290 High House. FR: £125 High House; £122 Newhouse Farm; £100 Tills Farm. MON: £120 Walkers I’th Fields.
BULL STIRK – HE: £360 Low Moorhead. AA: £340 Low Moorhead. SHO: £315 Manor Farm. FR: £295 Manor Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – HE: £460 Longwood House; £305 Low Moorhead. AA: £440 Croppers Farm; £330 Low Moorhead.

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