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J36 Thursday 22nd October 2015

Posted Thursday, 22 October 2015, 5.21pm

Store Lambs
The weekly sale of store lambs saw a two tier trade with buyers showing a certain level of caution due to the on-going uncertainty and fluctuations in the prime sheep market.

Best pens of shorter keep continental lambs £52 - £55 topping at £56 from CC & HM Robert. Medium keep lambs sold to keenest interest in the mid to late £40’s with smallest sorts hardest to sell. Mules sold to £49 from M Gibson.

Hill lambs now forward in greater numbers with healthy pens keenly competed for by returning seasonal buyers. Today saw SBF achieve £46.50, Cheviots £45 with Rough Fells and Herdwicks both selling to £37 and Swaledales £36.50.

Vendors are reminded to mark tup lambs to be sold separately. Tup lambs sold to £48 with an entry of predominantly smaller pure hill lambs forward.

Please advise the office of entries to assist with contacting buyers.

Rearing Calves
A lesser entry of calves this morning at J36. Black and white calves sold to a top of £88 from FB Dunning & Son, Orton, others to £80 from A & MI Robinson, also of Orton. Montbelliardes sold to £135 from Messers Park, Low Sizergh Farm. Continental calves sold to a top of £350 from Darren Dodgson of Cracalt for a month old Blue Bull. More calves needed to meet buyers demand.

STORE LAMBS – Texel: £53.50 Greenbank Farm; £53 Ewelock Bank; £51.50 Castle Syke; £51 Lane End Farm; £50.50 Cragg House; £50 Force Mill, Fold Farm, Quarry Top; £49.50 Ashes; £49 Hall Farm. Suff: £54 Marsh House; £52.50 Cragg House; £51.50 Sunny Brow; £50.50 Greenbank Farm; £48 Barker Knott. Mule: £49 Mouse Syke; £48.50 Castle Syke, Elm Croft; £48 Cragg House, Low Newton Farm; £47.50 Roundthwaite; £46.50 Marsh House. Swale: £36.50 Middle Lee; £33.50 Scar Sykes; £33 Marsh House; £30 Ellergill. Rough Fell: £37 Riverside House; £36 Ellergill; £34 Applegarth, Dragon Croft. SBF: £46.50 Roundthwaite. Char: £50.50 Stribers Farm; £48 High House; £44 Kirkby Hall; £42 Brow Head. Chev: £56-£49 Bybeck; £45 Marsh House; £42.50 High Arnside; £40 Mouse Syke. Herd: £37 The Yews; £34 Sand Gate. Zwart: £39 The Yews. Beltex: £50.50 Lane Head.
BULL CALVES – BrB: £350, £265 Cracalt Farm. Mon: £135 Low Sizergh Farm. Fr: £88, £78 Raisgill Hall; £80 Hall Farm; £58 Cracalt Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Mon: £75 Low Sizergh Farm. Fr: £35, £30 Raisgill Hall.

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