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J36 Suckled Calves - 1st October 2015

Posted Thursday, 01 October 2015, 2.53pm

The Annual show and Sale of Suckle Calves saw buyers in attendance from throughout the Northern Counties with new and returning faces ringside.

The championship Rosette was awarded by Judge Clwyd Jones to a 6 month old British Blue Steer from NA & J Temple, Ulpha.

Show Results

Judge: Mr Clwyd Jones, Cheshire

Heifer Calf

1st SG Benson, Horrace Farm#
2nd M & D Hatton, Knott End Farm
3rd CA & JA Alty & Son, Moss House Farm

Bullock Calf

1st NA & J Temple, Blackhall Farm
2nd SG Benson, Horrace Farm
3rd NA & J Temple, Blackhall Farm

Bull Calf

1st CA & JA Alty & Son, Moss House Farm
2nd MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow
3rd PW Clarke, Woodside Farm


1st Prize Bullock Calf from NA & J Temple

The Annual Show and Sale of Suckled calves saw a catalogued entry of over 400 attract buyers from throughout the northern counties with new and returning customers in attendance. The judging was conducted by Mr C Jones, Cheshire who awarded the championship rosette to a 6 month old British Blue Bullock from NA & J Temple, Ulpha which later sold for £915. The sales top price of £1095 was achieved by M Benson, Horrace Farm selling a 10 month old Limx Bullock followed by M&D Hatton with a BRB X heifer at £1010 and GC & GW Taylor selling a Lim x Bullock at £1005. Buyers keen to secure replacement stock with grouped cattle selling to keen interest with CP Bateman selling a pen of 5 Charx Bullocks at £855 and a pen of 12 Charx £840 Messrs Proctor & Wareing.

Native breeds saw AAx bullocks achieve £900 from Fishwick Farms, Silverdale who also sold Hereford x £780 and Beef Shorthorn also at £780. Saler bullocks sold to £705.

Young bulls sold to £890 for 7 month old Charollais x from C&S Dickinson with Lim x £865 CA & J Alty & Son. Native breed bulls £755 for AAX with Beef Shorthorn £600.

Calves and Stirks

Once again a strong entry of calves and stirks forward met with equally as strong of ring of buyers with buyers around the ring for all types of calves. Best quality beef calves still getting away nicely with middle types slightly harder to sell but still eagerly bid for and in keeping with other local centres. Black and whites in strong demand once again at J36 and eagerly bid for by many active buyers. The calf trade from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall selling British Blue heifer calves with cow making potential to £420 and British Blue bull calves to £410 with other good quality beef calves still selling £370 plus. Plenty of other beef bull and heifer calves selling around the £300 mark with all British blue bulls averaging £323. Plenty of strong well grown black and whites forward easily selling £100 plus topping at £155 from RJ Holden of Syke House Farm with young rearers regularly selling between £40 and £70. A consignment of Montbeliarde calves from JJ & MA Park of Low Sizergh selling to a top of £165 and easily selling £150 plus.

A strong entry of Stirks this week sold to their value with a varied types and quality forward. The trade was topped by M Gibson of Mouse Syke for a 6 month old Angus Steer with British Blue heifers selling to a top of £540 from the same home.

Store Lambs
The weekly sale of store lambs saw a top price of £51 for longer keep texels with other pens £45- £50. Hill lambs sold to £45.50 with Rough Fells at £40. Please remember to mark ram lambs as they need to be sold separately.

Thursday 8th October - Weekly sale of 3000 store lambs

Store Cattle

And entry of over 100 store cattle saw a top price of £1235 for a Charx Bullock from P&SA Edmondson with £1195 achieved for a trio of Limx Bullocks from JM Case & Son with other stronger bullocks £1135, £1095. Heifers sold to £1035 For a Limx From Messers Pearson & Jackson with others regularly £950 - £1000. Younger stores keenly competed for with a run of Herefordx steers and heifers from G Atkinson & Son £600-£700 peaking at £785.

Breeding Cattle
A small entry of breeding cattle saw a Lim x heifer due Feb sell at £1150 with an AA x heifer with calf at foot achieve £1020.


Cast Cows
An improved entry of 97 Cast/OTM cattle were forward selling to a market average of 108p/kg. Well fleshed cows a stronger trade whilst leaner cows perhaps a little harder to place. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 134p/kg from Jenkin Crag Farm, with well fleshed types 110 -120p/kg and parlour type cows 80-90p/kg. Best beef cows 135-155p/kg topping at 181p/kg from A&E Atkinson & Son, Endmoor. OTM clean cattle peaked at 184p/kg for a BRBx from JW Robinson & Son, Farleton.

All classes of OTM and clean cattle sold at the fortnightly sales with the nest one on Thursday 14th October.

Dairy Cattle

Three Dairy cattle forward today at J36, topping at £1400 for a fresh calved heifer giving 35 litres from JH Woof & Son, selling to Richard and Johnny Hoggarth. A second calver from the same home realised £1200.

Top Prices:

Suckler Steers: Lim: £1095 Horrace Farm; £1005 High Farm; £995 Birch Bank; £965 Knott End Farm; £910 Orphan Crag Barn. BrB: £1040 Low Lowscales Farm; £925, £915 Black Hall Farm; £900 Knott End Farm; £855 Horrace Farm. Ang: £900 Bank House Farm. Char: £900, £820 Broad Oak; £895, £855 Croft Foot; £840 Bandrake Head. Sim: £840, £825, £805 Bank House Farm; £795 Singleton Park. Here: £780 Bank House Farm. Beef Sho:: £780, £645 Bank House Farm. Sal: £705 Fairbank Farm. Stab: £705, £585 Fairbank Farm. Blo: £695, £660 Low Fold.

Suckler Heifers: BrB: £1010 Knott End Farm; £895 Horrace Farm; £775 High Farm; £705 Low Sizergh Farm. orraceHLim: £960 Bank House Farm; £925 Mearsbeck; £895 Ellerbeck; £885 Low Lowscales Farm. Char: £780, £750 Luneside; £775 Abbott Park, Broad Oak. Sim: £700, £685 Todds Farm.

Suckler Bulls: Char: £890, £860 Abbott Park. Lim: £865, £840 Moss House Farm; £795 Woodside Farm; 715 Low Garths Farm. BrB: £830 High Underbrow. Sim: £810, £785 Todds Farm. Ang: £755, £725 Natland Mill Beck Farm. Beef Sho: £600 Abbots Reading Farm.

Store Steers: Char: £1235 Low Barrows Green; £985 Broughton House Farm. Lim: £1195 Dendron Farm; £985 Greenside Farm, Ellerbeck Farm. BrB: £1135 Broughton House Farm; £1095 Low Barrows Green. Ang: £1055 Hawkrigg Farm.

Store Heifers: Lim: £1035, £985 Ellerbeck Farm; £975 Dee View, Mearsbeck Farm. Char: £995, £895 Low Barrows Green; £835 Low Longmire. BrB: £985 Low Barrows Green; £885 Mearsbeck Farm, Hawkrigg Farm; £835 Hope Stead. Sim: £875 Mearsbeck Farm; £755 High Skelgill; £745 Hope Stead. Here: £785, £615 Old Hall Farm.

OTM Cows: Lim: 181.5p, 171.5p Stubb Farm; 174.5p Dendron Farm; 139.5p Poppy Farm. BB: 141.5p Poppy Farm; 124.5p, 114.5p High Biggarsbank; 119.5p Gale Garth. BrB: 129.5p, 117.5p Poppy Farm; 124.5p Birch Bank, Green Close. Fr: 119.5p, 114.5p Bridge End Farm; 119.5p Far Audlands; 117.5p Heaton Hall Farm; 111.5p Low Sizergh, High Barns. Ang: 111.5p Wyke Farm. Slr: 101.5p Low Garths. Here: 107.5p Bannerigg Farm. SwR: 107.5p Low Stangerthwaite.

OTM Hfrs: BrB: 184.5p, 174.5p Green Close; 179.5p Laurel Gardens. Fr: 134.5p, 127.5p, 117.5p Jenkin Crag; 129.5p Tranthwaite Hall; 117.5p Bridge End Farm.

OTM Steers: Lim: 121.5p Capplerigg. Fr: 129.5p, 119.5p Capplerigg.

Bull Calves: BrB: £410, £390, £380 Flodder Hall; £310 Heaton Hall Farm. Lim: £375 Middle Sadghyll; £210 Black Syke. Ang: £270 Hollins Farm. Here: £270 Middleton Place. Mont: £165, £155 Low Sizergh Farm; Fr: £155, £122 Syke House Farm; £110, £105 Raw End Farm.

Heifer Calves: BrB: £420, £400, £315, £245 Flodder Hall; £340, £230 Elm Tree Farm. Ang: £250 Middleton Place; £200 Heaton Hall Farm. Lim: £175 Lane Head Farm.

Bull Stirks: Ang: £640 Mouse Syke. BrB: £510, £405 High Underbrow Farm. Lim: £445 Black Syke. Fr: £290, £260 Railway Cottages.


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