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J36 - Second Show & Sale of Suckled Calves - Thursday 29th October

Posted Thursday, 29 October 2015, 10.11am


The weekly sale of calves and stirks had an entry of 75 forward with all types very keenly bid for in front of another busy ring full of buyers. The calf trade was topped at £440 twice from JW & TE Sharp of Flodder Hall with good quality British Blue bulls with British blue heifers selling to £425 from the same home. All beef calves eagerly bid for with more required and could have easily been sold today. A brisk trade for the quality of Black and whites forward with better calves easily over £100 topping at £150. An overall average of £66 for all black and whites which was strong for the show of calves forward.

Plenty of people in the market looking for stirks with once again a mixed show in terms of quality but all vendors leaving satisfied with their trade.


Bull Calves – BRB: £440 & £415 Flodder Hall; £395 Nether Hall Farm; £330, £300, £295 Town Head. Lim: £330 & £300 Langley Park. AA: £220 Low Stanger Thwaite. Fr: £150 High Foulshaw, Hagg Farm; £120 Syke House; £100 Greaves Farm; £90 Wraysholme Tower.
Heifer Calves – Lim: £460 Capplethwaite Hall; £370 Spout House; £340 High Foulshaw; £315 Langley Park. Stab: £315 High Foulshaw. BRB: £425 Flodder Hall; £390 High Foulshaw; £320 Town Head.
Bull Stirks – Fr: £300 Low Field Farm
Heifer Stirks – AA: £330 Railway Cottage. Lim: £480 Railway Cottage. Hfd: £435 Low Sorbies.


The only downfall with today’s dairy trade was a lack of numbers forward with numerous byers around the ring looking to purchase cattle with more desperately required and could have easily been sold. Second calved non pedigree cows giving 35 litres from JH Woof & Son of Underhelm sold to £1750 with third calved cows giving 40 litres from the same home making £1500. An in calf cow due in November to the beef bull due for her fourth lactation sold to £1020 from D & A Travis of Manor Farm.


NWA had 42 Beef Breeding cattle forward. The top price of £1900 was achieved twice for black Lim x heifers (Irish Bred) with young limx calves from W McCord, Perth whose entry of 13 heifers and calves averaged £1853.


Heifers & Calves - Lim x & Bull calf £1900 x2, £1875 x 6 Craigends. BB x & Hfr calf £1850 Craigends
Cows & Calves - BB Cow & BB Hfr calf £1500 Low Sorbies. Cont Cows & Hfr calf £1280 Low Sorbies
Breeding Bulls - Hereford £880 Low Sorbies


An entry of 368 cattle were forward at the fortnightly sale which comprised of 302 suckled calves, 66 store cattle which included the second show and sale of suckled calves. The championship rosette was awarded to NA & J Temple for a BB x steer which sold for £900.


Suckled Steers - Lim £1060 Ellerbeck. Shorthorn £ 960 The Parsonage. Sim £940 High House. BB £900 Black Hall
Char £900 High Wray.
Suckled Heifers - BB £1000 Parkside. Cont £940 The Parsonage. Sim £920 The Parsonage. Lim £940 Masongill
Suckled Bulls - BB £850 Parkside. Lim £840 Birk Howe. Cont £840 Valley View


65 Cast Cows averaged 106.8p/kg, top price was 157.5p/kg for a Lim Heifer from B & HM Wilson, Ashstead Farm, Selside.


Cast Cows: Char 147.5, 144.5 Patton Hall. Lim 141.5 Tilberthwaite. AA 139.5 Mislet Farm. Cont 137.5 Dubside. Sim 134.5 Patton Hall.
Cast Heifers: Lim 157.5 Ashstead. Fri 134.5 Capplerigg. Holstein Fri 134.5 Town Head. Mont 127.5 Capplerigg.
Cast Bullocks: Gall 137.5, 134.5 Birkknowe
Cast Bulls: Lim 114.5 Green Lane End. Lim X 111.5 Low Gill Farm

Show Results


Yorkshire Bank


Messrs Rutter, Greengill Farm

Suckled Heifer Calf

1st Lot 151 NA & J Temple, Black Hall
2nd Lot 74 D Clark, Challon Hall
3rd Lot 181 CA & JA Alty & Son, Moss House Farm

Suckled Bullock Calf

1st Lot 149 NA & J Temple, Black Hall
2nd Lot 153 NA & J Temple, Black Hall
3rd Lot 182 CA & JA Alty & Son, Moss House Farm

Suckled Bull Calf

1st Lot 184 CA & JA Alty & Son, Moss House Farm


Lot 149 NA & J Temple, Black Hall

Reserve Champion

Lot 151 NA & J Temple, Black Hall

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