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Lancaster Monday 5/1/15

Posted Monday, 05 January 2015, 12.04pm

2015 gets off to strong start
The weekly sale of Prime Hogg’s & Cast Sheep saw an active ringside of buyers competing for all classes.
Hogg’s regularly 190p/kg-200p/kg topping at 205p/kg for best continental from D Cockett and £96 for Texel x from J Bargh & Son. Mules sold to £82 from J Simpson with horned lambs £74.50 from Fell End Farm.
Cast Sheep sold in excess of seller’s expectations with best meated sorts regularly £110 to £120. Mules to £111 (average £103), Swaledales £73 with Cast Rams £165 from A Shepherd.
Only Dairy Bulls forward today with Holstein Friesian to 151p/jg from A & FM Bolland.

Prime Hoggs – SUFF- £90 Walker House Farm; £87 Fell End Farm; £83.50 Bamber Farm. MULE- £82 Millstones; £80 Moorville; £79 Fell End Farm. HORNED- £83.50 Lundholme Farm; £74.50 Fell End Farm; £72.50 Brown Brook. CHA- £94 Brown Brook; £86 Walmsley Fold. CHEV- £87 North Farm. TEX- £96 North Farm; £84.50 Walker House Farm; £83.50 Hutton Roof Hall.
Cast Sheep – MULE- £111 Middle Lee Farm; £111 Stanley Farm; £109 Booth Hall. HORNED- £73 Middle Lee Farm. TEX- £165 Muffy’s Platt Farm; £140 Lots House Farm; £132 Ellers Farm. TEES- £110 Middle Lee Farm. HERD- £71 Lee End Farm.
Prime Bulls – SRW- 151.5, 141.5 Yeat House.

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