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Lancaster Friday 30/01/2015

Posted Friday, 30 January 2015, 11.43am

Rearing Calves & Stirks
Less calves forward this morning, trade for the best sorts remains high with 11 week Lim Bulls selling to £465 from Stephen Robinson, Longber. Other Lim bulls, a touch younger at only a month sold to £420 from WN & D Smith, Cockerham. Blue Bulls sold to a top of £415 from Dave Harrison, Wray and others at £400 again from Messers Robinson. All blue bulls forward averaged £385. Heifers sold to £360 for Blues from the same good home. Other younger sorts to £330 from Phillip Halhead, Cockerham. Strong Friesian calves in demand, selling to a top of £142 & £138 from Wallbank Farms, others from TD & V Whitaker, to £132. Younger fleshy calves £40-£50 with small plain sorts a fraction less. Just two Blue Bull Stirks sold to £445 from H & VE Jolly, Great Eccleston.
Winning the Dugdale calf competition for January was WN & D Smith, Cocker House with today’s Lim bull at 32days realising £420 selling to ST Birkett, Nether Kellet. Both Vendor and Purchaser will receive 3 bags of feed courtesy of Dugdale Nutrition.
Cast Cows & OTM Cattle
The cast cow and OTM trade continues to improve with only negative been that not enough cows forward as more could of easily been sold to vendors advantage. An entry of 74 forward sold to an overall average of 115ppk with cows averaging 112ppk and cast heifers averaging 144ppk. Cast heifer’s sold to a top price of 179.5ppk from AW & AM Park & Sons of Ellel. Cast cows topped at 151.5ppk from D Cockett of Wilson Wood with a meaty Limousin x cow. Dairy Cows topped at 129.5ppk from Gary Atkinson of Abbotson Farm with other well meated cows selling 120ppk plus with parlour cows selling 100ppk plus regularly.
Store Cattle
A packed ring of buyers and once again a very strong trade at Lancaster shows Lancaster continues to be the store cattle centre of the north. All classes of cattle where keenly sought after with large steers continuing to demand a premium at Lancaster. This week’s top price came from David Moorhouse of High House Farm selling a Trio of 21 month old Charolais steers to £1,450, closely following this was the Capstick Family of Whicham Hall selling four Limousin steers to £1,430 at 20 to 22 month old. Heifers topped at £1370 for a Charolais from Jim Bracken of Greenlands Farm. Younger cattle where in strong demand with many local farm buyers looking to replace there outgoing large cattle. An impressive 47 cattle achieved £1200 pound or more with all steers forward selling to an overall market average of £1041.
Top Prices
HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £360 Longber Farm, £330 Norbreck Farm. SHO: £190 Cocker House.
BULL CALVES – FR: £142, £138 Tills Farm; £135 Park Lane. AA: £308 Park Lane Farm. LIM: £465 Longber Farm; £420 Cocker House. BRB: £415 Birks Farm; £400 Longber Farm; £395 Norbreck Farm.
STEER STIRK – BRB: £445 Great Eccleston Hall.
CAST COWS – FR: 129.5p/kg Abbotson Farm; 127.5p/kg Barnfield Farm & Gardners Farm; 124.5p/kg Batty Hill & Chapel House; 121.5p/kg Beechwood Farm, Bank End, Barnfield & Hallbeck. AYR: 114.5p/kg Beechwood Farm. AA: 127.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg; 119.5p/kg Caw House Farm. LIM: 151.50p/kg Wilson Wood. SD: 127.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg. MON: 101.5p/kg Lawrence House. BLO: 119.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg. BB: 109.5p/kg Low Pleasant.
CAST HEIFERS: FR: 164.5p/kg Bolton Fold; 154.5p/kg Gunnerthwaite; 134.5p/kg Low Deepslack. SD: 171.5p/kg Market Street. SRW: 179.5p/kg Walkers i’th Fields.
STORE STEER – FR: £1130 Rowell Farm; £1070 Underhelm & Moss Head; £1000 Downlands; £980 Moss House; £960 Sunderland Brows; £950 Kitchen Ground & Park House. AA: £1370 Low Levens; £1270 New Ridge Farm; £1240 Mount Pleasant Farm; £1220 Ellers Farm; £1190 Ivy Barn; £1180 Bouthwaite Farm. SHO: £1090 Lundholme. GAL: £940 Sykes Farm. LIM: £1430 Whicham Hall; £1350 Greenlands; £1330 Park House; £1270 Station Hotel; £1240 Nateby Hall; £1230 Abbotson; £1200 Endmoor Farm. BS: £1270 Daniel Fold. SD: £1300 Market Street; £1070 Adlington Hall. CHAR: £1450 High House; £1380 Birks Farm; £1290 Daniel Fold. HERE: £1190 Staffords Farm; £1160 Isle of Syke Farm; £1030 Bouthwaite Farm. SIM: £1140 Low Kit Brow. STAB: £1300 Yealand Manor. BB: £1400 Greenlands Farm; £1310 Ivy Barn; £1290 Hawkrigg End; £1170 Nateby Hall Farm; £1160 Ellers Farm; £1130 Kitchen Ground. MON: £1220 Ivy Barn; £1200 Nateby Hall; £1900 Fanny House; £1060 Lee End & Croft House. BLO: £1290 Old Woodhouse; £1160 Bouthwaite; £1140 Low Moor Head.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £970 Croppers Farm. AA: £1180 Manor House Farm; £1160 Low Levens; £1150 Well House Farm; £1110 Rowell Farm; £1100 Ivy Farm. SHO: £970 Croppers Farm. WB: £1020 Manor House Farm. LIM: £1200 Greenlands Farm; £1120 Hawkrigg End; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm & Manor House; £1070 Burton Hill. SD: £940 Market Street. CHAR: £1370 Greenlands Farm; £1280 High House; £1180 Daniel Fold. BB: £1160 Hawkrigg End; £1140 Bouthwaite Farm; £1130 Snapewood; £1100 Manor House; £1030 Coverdales. BAZ: £1080 Bouthwaite Farm.

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