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Lancaster Friday 16/1/15

Posted Friday, 16 January 2015, 11.54am

Over 500 head of cattle at Lancaster see 100% clearance
Store Cattle
Another strong entry of cattle forward this morning with less quality cattle on offer. However, a better trade was seen throughout the sale topping at £1450 from R Townley & Son with a Lim Bullock at 18months. Other top prices came from SJ Brass with a pair of Lim Bullocks selling to £1370. Blue bullocks sold to a top of £1300 from Ken & Andrew Woodhouse of Ellel. Heifers sold to a top of £1280 from Jim Bracken, Catterall with a Charollais at 28months. Other heifers sold to £1270 for Blues from H & A Stephenson and £1260 for Lims again from SJ Brass. Black and Whites sold to £1080 from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe. A nice busy ring this morning at Lancaster with a couple of new buyers present, averages came back at £945 for Bullocks, where more younger cattle and Friesians were present and £949 for heifers. Short keep cattle continue to sell at recent high levels along with well grown, farm assured cattle also reaching a premium here a Lancaster.
Another large show of OTMs this morning with 129 forward. Top price of the morning came from R Townley & Sons, Whinney Carr with a Lim heifer selling to 181.5ppk or £1268 for an Angus Bull from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son, Holme House. The sale made up of 70% dairy cows, saw heifers top at 159.5ppk from A & AM Burrow, Whin Yeats and Friesian cows to 154.5ppk from PA & D Slater, Barnacre. On the whole, plainer cows were harder to place and the edge just slightly off meaty cows leading to an overall average of 105ppk for all forward.
Rearing Calves & Stirks
Not as many calves this week, with a mediocre show on offer, selling to full value. Topping the calf trade was Martin Fishwick with a Blue Bull selling to £405. Blue heifers sold to £325 from the same home. Native bred calves sold well, with Angus heifers to £320 and Angus Bulls to £290 from TD & V Whitaker. Black and White calves varied in quality with the best selling to £110 from Messers Drinkall. Top end Black and Whites, £110-£90 with fleshy younger calves £68-£40. Stirks saw a fast trade this morning topping at £520 for Blue Bulls at 6month from A Shephard, others from TM Townley, Knowsley, sold to £500. Blue Heifers also to £500 again from A Shephard. Angus heifers a shade younger at 3months selling to £360. More stirks could have been sold to the vendors’ advantage.
Top Prices
CAST COW- Fr – 154.5p/kg Slack Farm; 149.5p/kg Bannister; 144.5p/kg Barnfield; 139.5p/kg Bolton Fold. LIM: 149.5p/kg Overthwaite. HE: 117.5p/kg Throstle Nest. SIM: 117.5p/kg Throstle Nest. ST: 141.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. CH: 121.5p/kg Fell End. SRW: 119.5p/kg Sandvilla. BRB: 131.5p/kg Overthwaite; 127.5p/kg Halton Park; 124.5p/kg Thornbush & High Tenement. BLO: 109.5p/kg Houlker Barn.
CAST HEIFER- Fr- 159.50p/kg Whin Yeats; 154.5p/kg Yeat House; Downlands & Bolton Fold. LIM: 181.50p/kg Whinney Carr. SIM: 169.5p/kg Bank House.
CAST STEER/BULL- Fr- 154.5p/kg Peel Hill Farm. AA: 111.5p/kg Holme House
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £320, £275 Deepclough. LIM: £165 Knowsley. HE: £135 Birkland Barrow. BRB: £325 Bank House.
BULL CALF – Fr: £110 Catshaw Hall; £105 Tills Farm; £95 Park Lane. AA: £290 Park Lane; £285 Heaton Hall. LIM: £260 Knowsley. BRB: £405 Bank House.
BULL STIRK – SH: £330 School House. HIGH: £160 Deepclough. BRB: £520 Muffy Platt; £500 Knowsley.
HEIFER STIRK – AA: £360 Knowsley. BRB: £500 Muffy Platt.
STORE STEERS – Fr: £1080 Rowell Farm; £1030 Benson Hall; £1030 Abbotsons Farm. AA: £1270 Benson Hall; £1260 Forton Bank Farm; £1230 Fell End Farm. SH: £900 Ladyacre.SLR: £1360 Cock Hall Farm.LIM: £1450 Whinney Carr Farm; £1370 Church Street; £1350 Old Woodhouse. CH: £1210 Brown Edge Farm. HE: £1270 Raw Head; £1210 Knittleton Farm; £850 Hare Apple Tree. SIM: £1190 Cock Hall Farm; £760 Kate Farm. ST: £1170 Low Foulshaw Farm; £970 Peel Hill Farm. BRB: £1300 Kitchen Ground Farm; £1250 Cock Hall Farm. MO: £1220 Cock Hall Farm; £1150 Fanny House Farm; £830 Holme Head. SRW- £900 Throstle Nest Farm; £880 Wyre Farm; £830 Pilling Lane. NWR- £880 Fanny House Farm; £730 Middle Ridge Farm. FKV- £840 Holme Head. BA- £1270 Low Moor Head Farm; £1160 Old Woodhouse.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £760 Knittleton Farm; £760 Tunstead Farm; £640 Throslte Nest Farm. AA: £1140 Bouthwaite Farm; £1100 Ivy Barn; £1080 Isle of Skye Farm. SH: £1050 Horns Dairy Farm; £920 Whinney Garth. LIM: £1260 Church Street; £1190 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1180 Greenlands Farm. CH: £1280 Greenlands Farm; £1000 Hawkrigg End; £1000 Cross House Farm. HE: £1060 Borderigg; £910 Underhelm Farm; £790 Cock Hall Farm. SIM: £1030 Cross House Farm; £1000 Kate Farm; £960 High House Farm.ST: £1030 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £1270 Barnfield Farm; £1110 Knittleton Farm; £1110 Kitchen Ground Farm. BLO: £960 Throstle Nest Farm.
STORE BULL – FR: £700 Yeat House.

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