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J36 - Thursday 08/01/15

Posted Thursday, 08 January 2015, 12.01pm

The opening New Year Sale of Cast Cows and Clean Cattle saw a good show of cattle put before a full ringside of buyers. Black and White cows carrying flesh were well sold at 105p-115p/kg, topping at 119.5p/kg with leaner cows being a little harder to sell. Continental cows topped at 194.5p/kg for a Continental x cow from A Dixon & Son of Selside to Mr L Fell of Settle.
Only a few clean cattle forward, topping at 199.5p/kg for a Stab x heifer, again from A Dixon & Son, Selside selling to Mr H Birkbeck.

Dairy Cattle
The sale of dairy cattle saw buyers leave empty handed and vendors well suited with prices achieved.
E & K Bland sold a heifer to £1,820 with others £1,680 and £1,600 from M & M Carr.
New customers, once again, were in attendance and keen to return again.

The weekly sale of rearing calved saw a large entry of 94 forward with all easily sold.
Beef calves were keenly competed for, selling to £485 for best Lim x bulls from B Wilson, with others at £435. Beef bulls regularly £300-£350, with younger sorts £290-£280. Heifer calves sold to £340 for BrBx from J S & I Wilson. All heifer calves averaged £225.

Dairy bulls sold to £220 for a FR from D J & S Stainton; £215 Shorthorn; £200 Fleckvieh & Montbeliarde £275.
Young black & whites generally £50-£80 for rearing calves with lesser sorts a more selective trade.
Today’s sale was kindly sponsored by The British Blue Cattle Society with the highest prices store, sold by S Procter for a 15 mo bullock at £1,140 with W & S Airey selling a BrBx bull calf at £430.

Store Hoggs to £76.50
The weekly sale of Store Hoggs saw the trade remain strong throughout with buyers from the northern counties competing for all types. Best short keep lambs regularly £70+, topping at £76.50 for Texel x from J Atkinson & Son with Suffolks peaking at £75 from J L Bird and F & J M Mason. Medium keep lambs £62-£68 with smallest lambs £50-£57.
Tup hoggs sold to £71.50 from P W Clarke, with others generally £58-£65.
Hill hoggs achieved £50.50 for Swaledales from P R Escolme with Herdwicks selling to £40. All hoggs sold averaged £61.89
Next sale Thursday 15th January, please contact the office with entries to assist with advertising.

Store Cattle
Store cattle sold to £1,140 for BrBx bullocks from S Procter, who also sold heifers to £1,020. Younger suckler bred stores topped at £930 for Lim x heifers from P J & B E Airey.
Buyers ringside for all classes of cattle with more needed to meet demand.
Next sale Thursday 22nd January to include New Year’s Prize Show. Entries for catalogue close Thursday 15th.

Top Prices:
Bull Calves: Fr: £220 Beck House; £100, £58 Hagg Farm; £100 Birds Park Farm; £70 Monk Foss Farm. Short: £215, £130 Strickley. Lim: £485, £435 Spout House; £335, £325 Town House; £325 Beck House. BrB: £430, £370 West Hall; £385 Flodder Hall; £375 Beck House; £350 Monk Foss Farm. Mon: £275, £215 Monk Foss Farm. FKV: £200, £190 Monk Foss Farm.
Heifer Calves: Lim: £325 Town House; £280 Monk Foss Farm. BrB: £340 Monk Foss Farm; £330 West Hall; £310, £305 Flodder Hall; £240 High Barns.
OTM: FR: 114.5p Elm Tree Farm; 111.5p, 109.5p Halforth Farm; 109.5p Docker Hall. Sho: 121.5p, 114.5p Greenbank Farm; 104.5p Paddock View, Strickley. Lim: 149.5p High Wray Farm; 147.5p Blades Farm; 141.5p Beckfoot Farm. Mon: 117.5p Green Lane End. SRW: 119.5p Cinder Barrow. Blo: 157.5p Mill Bank. BB: 107.5p Flakebridge.
Clean Hfrs: Stab: 199.5p, 194.5p, 191.5p Kit Cragg.

Store Cattle:
Steers: Lim: £790 Long Green Head. BrB: £1140, £1000 High Biggarsbank.
Heifers: Fr: £575 Natland Park. Sho: £740 School House. Lim: £1020 High Biggarsbank; £930 Well Head Farm; £705 High Wray Farm.

Store Hoggs: Suff: £75 West Plain Farm, Mireside Farm; £74 High House; £68 Barker Knott. Char: £74, £67.50 Bandrake Head; £69 Barker Knott; £64.50 West Plain Farm. Mule: £71.50, £68 Woodside Farm; £66 Bandrake Head, Main Street. Swale: £50.50 Audlands Park; £47.50 Main Street. Tex: £76.50 Great Brunthwaite; £76, £74.50 Benson Hall; £74.50 Woodside, Head House. Herd: £40 Hoses Farm. Zwart: £64 High House.

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