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NWA J36 Monthly Pigs 12/08/14

Posted Tuesday, 12 August 2014, 11.59am

Monthly Sale of Pigs at NWA J36

The monthly sale of Pigs saw all classes sell to full value with new buyers and sellers once again in attendance from the northern counties and Scotland.

Prime Pigs (100kg-115kg) sold to £135 from DE Metcalfe with others generally £100/£115. A smart pen of Pietrain X Large White Weaners from AS Parnaby reached £80 with other white stores £73 from JH & E Ivinson. Younger coloured weaners generally £25 to £40.

Sale prices to note
Prime (white) £135, £118, £105, £98
Prime (coloured) £110, £102, £100
Store (white) £80, £73, £72
Store (coloured) £80
Weaners (white) £53, £45
Weaners (coloured) £39, £35

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