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Lancaster Monday 4th August

Posted Tuesday, 05 August 2014, 9.09am

Prime Lambs sell to a Stronger Trade

Prime Lamb
A smaller entry of 942 prime lambs forward sold to an overall market average of 175ppk. The trade was better than expected with buyers looking for well fleshed lacks with lambs short of finish being penalized. Well fleshed Texel lambs sold into the late 180ppk with best sorts to 195ppk from Andrew Butler of Parks Barn Farm. A larger proportion of mules in the market sold to 168ppk from Brian Carter of Cragg End Farm or to £72.50 from BD Gill of Yarlsber.

Cast Sheep
Cast sheep trade were noticeable less than seen over previous weeks as more cull ewes come onto the market. Buyers were very cautious of buying over fat sheep. Mule ewes sold to £66 from H Birkett & Son of North Farm with plenty of pens of mule ewes in the early £60’s. Texel ewes sold to £85 from JH Gardner of Moss Cottage with pens of continental ewe late seventies and into eighties.

Prime Bulls
Just a couple of bulls forward this morning with more needed to full the demand from buyers. The trade continues to be very similar with Montbeliarde bulls from GA Haston & Son of Lane House selling to 157.5ppk and 155.5ppk.

Top Price

Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £77.50 £76.50 Old Grange Farm; £77 13 St Johns Avenue; £76.50 Booth Hall; £75 Old Glasson Farm; £74 Underley Estate Office; £74 Hallbeck; £73.50 Oak Head Farm. MASHAM - £70.50 Yarlsber. MULE - £72.50 Yarlsber; £71 Hare Apple Tree; £70.50 Cragg End; £63 Wyresdale Park Estate; £55.50 Longstripes Farm. HORNED - £70.50 Old Glasson Farm. CHAR - £75 Old Glasson Farm; £73 Oak Head Farm. TEXEL - £80 Springs Farm; £78.50 Underley Estate Office; £78 Parks Farm Barn; £78 Knowsley Farm; £77.50 76.50 Old Grange Farm; £77 Newhouse Farm; £76.50 Oak Head Farm; £76 Old Glasson Farm.
Cast Sheep – MASHAM - £59 Old Glasson Farm. MULE - £66 North Farm; £65 Birch Croft; £62 North Farm; £60 Knowsley Farm; £60 Blea Tarn; £60 Mearsbeck Farm. HORNED - £44 £29 Lots House Farm; £42 Catshaw Hall Farm; £26 Hare Apple Tree. CHAR - £74 Old Glasson Farm. TEXEL - £85 £70 Moss Cottage; £83 £74 Mearsbeck Farm; £80 £70 Hazel Brae; £70 Parks Farm Barn; £68 Rye Close; £68 Conder Green Farm.
Prime Bulls – MO – 157.50p/kg 155.50p/kg Lane House.

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