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Lancaster Monday 18/8/14

Posted Monday, 18 August 2014, 4.16pm

Prime lambs & Cast Ewes

A smaller number of lambs forward this morning sold in line with other centres at the end of last week. A lot of lambs on the market in the local area over the last week and a lack of export trade caused a drop in trade this morning. Topping today’s sale at 213ppk from D & DW Prickett, Farleton House with 32kg Texels. Top price per head came from Alan Blair with a heavy Suffolk lamb at 54kg realising £84. Overall trade averaged 160ppk. Suffolks sold to 164ppk from WTC Farms. Once again vendors are reminded to draw lambs on finish rather than weight with buyers seeking meaty lambs.

Again a smaller show of ewes in comparision with the last few weeks. Best ewes were well sought after, topping at £90 from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof. Mules sold to £74 from WM Pye, Tarnwater Farm. More well fleshed ewes needed to fill buyers order.

Prime Bulls

Another nice entry of 12 bulls this morning were met by a sharper trade. JS & KM Wilson & Son sold a 600kg Lim Bull to top the trade at 191.5ppk. British Blue bulls sold to 167.5ppk from the same home. Montbelliardes sold to 161.5ppk from GA Haston & Son, Galgate. Friesian bulls sold to a respectable 147.5ppk from JM & AG Swarbrick, Bensons Farm.


Prime Lambs – SUFF - £84 167 Fleetwood Road South; £80 £72 Keepers Cottage; £70 Stonelands; £69 £68 Old Grange Farm; £68 Old Glasson Farm; £66.50 Lentworth Farm. CONT - £64 £54 Springfield Farm. MASH - £68 Yarlsber; £63 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE - £65 Yarlsber; £63.50 Isle Of Skye Farm; £61.50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £58 Wyresdale Park Estate. HORNED - £59 Blackleach House Farm. CHAR - £70 £68 Old Glasson Farm; £67.50 Yarlsber; £59 £58 Springfield Farm. TEX - £80 Keepers Cottage; £74 £73.50 Marl House; £73.50 Old Glasson Farm; £73 Brown Brook; £72 Old Grange Farm; £71 Tarnwater.

Cast Sheep – MULE - £74 Tarnwater Farm; £71 Brown Brook; £70 Gaskell House; £66 47 South Road . TEX - £90 Hutton Roof Hall; £88 Keepers Cottage; £82 Overdale; £84 Newhouse Farm; £84 Parks Farm Barn; £74 £56 Conder Mill; £56 Farleton House. MASH - £85 Overdale. HORNED - £40 Wyresdale Park Estate; £38 Cobble Hey Farm; £33 Marl House. LEI - £64 £60 Marl House; £58 Conder Mill.

Prime Bulls – LIM – 191.50p/kg 29 Lingmeadow Lane; 189.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 179.50p/kg 177.50p/kg Far Orrest. BRB – 167.50p/kg 165.50p/kg 29 Longmeadow Lane. MO – 161.50p/kg 153.50p/kg Lane House. HF – 147.50p/kg 143.50p/kg Bensons Farm.

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