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Lancaster Monday 11/8/14

Posted Monday, 11 August 2014, 5.29pm

Prime Lambs sell to a Stronger Trade

Prime Lamb

A larger entry of prime lambs forward of 1056 forward sold to a market average of 171ppk. Farmers are requested to please draw lambs on finish rather than weight as today it was extremely noticeable with buyers paying a premium for lambs well finished and to the farmer’s advantage to gain full potential for their lambs. Lambs sold to a top of 190ppk for lambs from J Lamb of Old Glasson. Top price of the day came from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck with a pen of Texel lambs weighing 44kg selling to £82.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep sold to a noticeable stronger trade today with buyers keen to purchase ewes. The overall market average was £64. Buyers continue to look for fit ewes but are wary of buying fat ewes. Texel ewes sold to a top price of £93 from RD Lambert of Jacksons Farm with other continental ewes to £90 from David Whitaker of Stirzakers Farm. Mule ewes sold to £82 from TM Townley of Knowsley Farm with all mule ewes averaging £64 and horned ewes sold to £52 from BD Gill of Yarlsber.

Prime Bulls

The largest show of bulls forward today that been seen for some while with 22 passing through the ring. Bulls sold to a top of 185.5ppk from Peter Cummings of 5 Holme Field with a pure Limousin bull. Bulls sold to an overall average of 146ppk.

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