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Lancaster Friday 8/8/14

Posted Friday, 08 August 2014, 4.13pm

Lancaster Sale of Store Cattle

All classes of Cattle a sharper Trade

Store Cattle

As good of show of store cattle as there has been seen at Lancaster for quite a while sold to a sharper trade with all classes of cattle in stronger demand. There was plenty of big well fleshed steers in the market selling to a top of £1300 from TE & A Galbraith of Crooklands Farm with a pair of Simmentals. Derick Alderson of High Green Farm sold a trio of Limousin steers to £1280. An impressive 81 store cattle sold for £1100 or more. Heifers sold to a top price of £1170 from Tim Robinson of Rowells Farm with a 28 month old heifer. Younger cattle continue to sell well and be in strong demand at Lancaster as many vendors look to buy younger cattle to replace outgoing stores. A consignment from Brian and Freddie Lamb of Gardner’s farm saw yearling Hereford steers sell to £680.

OTM and Cast Cattle

The trade for cast cows continue to hold firm. Cows that are carrying flesh being a noticeably strong trade with a lot of parlour and poor cows in the market today reflecting in the market average. OTM’s sold to a top price of 144.5ppk for Friesian steers from Andrew Clarkson of Cock Hall Farm and cast heifers sold to 139.5 for Montbeliarde heifers from GA Haston & Son of Lane House. Black and white cows sold to a top of 127.5ppk from EW & CR Clegg & Sons of Yew Tree Farm.


Another nice entry of 52 calves forward this morning with both new vendors and new buyers around the ring. A total of 15 active buyers saw all classes of calves well sold. Topping the trade was a Stephen Birkett, Nether Kellet with a British Blue Bull selling to £405 at only 10 weeks. Blue Bulls averaged £376 with blue heifers averaging £305. Close behind was JG & BJ Escolme, Killington with a Limousin Heifer selling to £395. Lim bulls sold to £380 from the same home with Lim bulls averaging £360. Angus calves sold to a top of £305 from Messers Wallbank, Abbeystead. Black and white calves sold to a slightly better trade, selling to £135 again from David and Eileen Wallbank with others to £130 from JT & B Fox, Quernmore. Best sorts sold in excess of £62. All black and whites forward averaged £45.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – FR: £1100 Thornton Barn, £1070 Low Levens, £970 Cragg, £960 Rame Farm, £900 Higher Knowehill & Hallbeck, £880 Hoskinshire & Fairfield, £870 Church Farm. AA: £1240 Low Levens, £1230 Kingsley House, Underhelm & Moss View, £1170 Harrison House & Cragg. £1160 Ellers. BG: £1100 Mansergh Hall. WB: £1060 Woodside. HI: £990 Cock Hall. LIM: £1280 High Green, £1240 Clarksons, £1160 Bradlow, £1050 Bouthwaite. CH: £1120 Greenlands. HE: £1240 Moss View, £1220 Raw Head, £1190 Windy Hill, £1170 Daniel Fold, £1130 Hawkrigg End, £1020 Boundary House. SIM: £1300 Crooklands, £1160 Bouthwaite, £1120 Mansergh Hall. BRB: £1270 Park Farm, £1200 Greenlands, £1190 Church Farm, £1180 Hawkrigg End, £1160 Fleets, £1140 Bradlow, £1100 Thornton Barn Farm. BLO: £1150 Daniel Fold.

STORE HEIFER – AA: £1080 Moss View, £1050 Rowell, £1040 Cuerdale Hall, £1020 High Green & Cragg, £1010 Maidenlands Tarn, £990 Jolley Fold. LIM: £1100 Cross House & Brow Foot, £1080 Cross House, £990 Jolley Fold, £970 Moss View, £960 Cragg. SD: £620 Fleetwood Farm. CH: £1090 Greenlands, £1050 Rowell. HE: £1080 Moss View, £1060 Windy Hill, £1040 Raw Head. SIM: £990 Kate Farm. BRB: £1170 Rowell, £1150 Cross House, £1090 Bouthwaite, £1080 Cragg, £1040 Thornton Barn & Moss House. BLO: £1100 Cross House.

HEIFER CALF – AA: £90, £80, £78 The Lodge. LIM: £395, £355 Low Stanger Thwaite, £280 New Brows, £245 High Barnes. SIM: £300 New Brows, £225 Stubb Hall. BRB: £350 High Barnes.

BULL CALF – FR: £135 Tills Farm, £130 Blackwood End. AA: £305 Tills Farm, £290 Matshead, £220, £190 Low Stanger Thwaite. LIM: £380 Low Stanger Thwaite, £355 High Barnes, £345 New Brows. SIM: £290, £270 Stubb Hall. BRB: £405 Stubb Hall, £380, £345 High Barnes.

CAST COW – FR: 127.50p/kg Yew Tree, 124.5 p/kg Stubb Hall, 121.50 p/kg Breedy Butts, 111.50p/kg Blackleach House, 109.50p/kg Great Brunthwaite. AA: 124.50p/kg Quarry House. LIM: 121.50p/kg Gill Garth. HE: 121.50p/kg Cragg Farm, 119.50p/kg Brabiner House.

CAST HEIFER – AA: 129.50p/kg Brow Foot. LIM: 124.50p/kg & 119.50p/kg Brow Foot. MO: 139.50p/kg Lane House.

CAST BULL – AA: 129.50p/kg Aughton House. FR: 111.50p/kg Crankwood. LIM: 119.50p/kg Stonehead.

CAST STEER – FR: 144.50p/kg Cock Hall, 109.50p/kg Breedy Butts.

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