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J36 Thursday 07/08/14

Posted Friday, 08 August 2014, 12.31pm

J36 Rural Auction Centre - Fortnightly Sale

Dairy Cattle
North West Auction J36 had 42 dairy cattle forward with 17 active purchasers and several leaving with empty trailers. New calved heifers twice sold at £2050 from JH Towers & Son and JG & BJ Escolme with a further three over £1900 from TH Gibson & Son, J & JA Burrow and JW & D Robinson & Sons. Cows peaked at £1850 for a fresh 3rd calver from H Wright & Sons.

A special consignment of organic youngstock from J & PA Jackson sold to keen interest with In-calf heifers (due Nov) reaching £1400, bulling heifers selling to £960 and maiden heifers to £800.

N/C Cows to £1850 av. £1665
N/C Heifers to £2050 av. £1755
I/C Heifers to £1400 av. £1085
Bulling Heifers to £960 av. £825
Maiden Heifers to £800 av. £720

Store Cattle
Beef breeding cattle sold to £1400 for AA x cows with Sim x calves from J Bindloss, Oxenholme with others at £1350. Store Heifers peaked at £940 for Lim x from J Moorhouse, Field Broughton with yearling Lim x steers at £875 from JH Barker, Haverthwaite.

Rearing Calves & Stirks
An entry of 83 calves and Stirks forward today saw plenty of demand for beef bred calves but a lot of young Black and white bull calves forward sold to a sticky trade with a lot on the market at the moment. Calves sold to a top price of £450 for a cracking Simmental six week old bull from R & EA Gardner of Barrowfield who also sold two more to £400. Two and a half month suckler bred Blonde steers sold to £390 from BL Swindlehurst of Low House. Heifer calves sold to £340 for a Limousin from Brian Wilson of Spout House who also sold a Limousin bull to £340. Best sorts of young Beef bull calves regularly sold around that £300 with beef bred heifer calves in the late £200’s. Better sorts of rearing black and white bulls sold to £98 with others around the £70 mark. Less Stirks about this week saw 10month old Friesian steers to £410.

Please note that calves will now be sold weekly at J36 Rural Auction Centre at 10.15am for more information please contact Ian Atkinson 07766521472.

Cast Cows
A larger show of cast cows were put before the usual ringside of buyers who ensured all classes of cows met a good trade. Black & White cows carrying flesh topped at 121.5p/kg with the majority 110-115p/kg whilst lean cows were 80-90p/kg. Continental cows topped at 137.5p/kg for a Saler x from DN Smith of Cartmel Fell with the main of the Continental cows being 120-130p/kg.

Store Lambs
The opening sale of store lambs was well attended by an abundance of purchasers competing for all types. Well bred Continentals sold to £68 with most generally £60-£64. First cross lambs also sold to £68 for Hampshire x from MA Grant with Suffolks £60 from GJ & CA Penellum who also sold Cheviots at £49.50. Hill bred lambs saw Mules sell to £55.50 from M & G German. Overall sale average £56.30.

Next Sale of Store Lambs Thursday 14th August.

Bull Calves – Fr: £98 Beckside. AA: £335 Hollins, £205 Capplerigg. Lim: £370 Barrowfield, £330 Spout House & Swallowmire, £310 Halforth. Char: £125 School House. Sim: £450 Barrowfield. BB: £340 Hagg & Flodder Hall.
Heifer Calves – AA: £310 Birkland Barrow, £255 Hollins, £205 Capplerigg. Lim: £260 Spout House. BB: £340 Flodder Hall, £295 Beck Side, £280 Netherbeck Barn, £250 Sunny Bank, £210 Beck Side.
Heifer Stirks – Lim £410 Lower Hawthwaite. Heifer Stirks – Fr: £410 Lower Hawthwaite. Blo: £390 Low House.
Cast Cows – Fr: 121.50p/kg High Barnes, 119.50p/kg Tranthwaite Hall, 117.50p/kg Black Bull, 114.50p/kg Toadpool, 111.50p/kg Hollins & High Barnes. AA: 127.50p/kg Low Hundhowe, 109.50p/kg Nook Farm. Sho: 127.50p/kg Fell House, 117.50p/kg School House. Gal: 89.50p/kg School House. Slr: 137.50p/kg Fell House. Lim: 131.50p/kg Middle Sadghyll, 127.50p/kg Gateside, 119.50p/kg Coniston Hall, 117.50p/kg Lane Head. BS 114.50p/kg Dale Barns. Sim: 124.50p/kg Lane Head, 111.50p/kg Gateside. BB: 134.50p/kg Hyton. Mont: 124.50p/kg Dale Barns. Blo: 117.50p/kg Low House.
Cast Heifers – Fr: 144.50p/kg Beckside. Sho: 119.50p/kg Yew Tree. BB: 144.50p/kg Swallowmire.
Cast Bulls – Lim: 111.50p/kg Howe Farm. BB: 117.50P/KG High Low Wood.
Store Bullocks – Lim: £875 Stribers.
Store Heifers – Lim: £940 Broughton House.
Cows & Calves – AA: £1400 Loftus.
Store Lambs – Hamp: £68 Winterscales. Suff: £60 Swinside, £59.50 Sunny Brow. Mule: £55.50 Sowermire. Char: £49.50 Low Fold. Chev: £49.50 Swinside. Tex: £68 Low Bankside, £64.50 Troughton Hall, £63.50 Poole Bank, £59 Scar Sykes. Bel: £64.50 Troughton Hall, £60.50 Low Bankside. Kerry Hill: £50 Swinside.

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