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Lancaster Monday 14/7/14

Posted Monday, 14 July 2014, 2.15pm

Prime Lambs

A few less lambs forward this week in comparison with last, with 1347 forward for sale. On the whole, trade was as expected averaging 173ppk, 10ppk better than midweek last week. Better quality lambs were realising a premium and in demand with good lambs selling in excess of 180ppk with quality lambs selling above 190ppk.Trade was topped by A & FM Bolland, Yeat House, Ellel with a Heavy weight Texel selling to £88. Top price per kilo was 194ppk from Frank Towers, Wray with a pen of 7 smart 40kg Beltex lambs. Mule lambs sold to £68 for 43kg from BD Gill, Ingleton.

Cast Sheep

Double the numbers of cast ewes forward this morning with 216 passing through the ring. Cast sheep are still in strong demand selling to a top of £110 from ST Birket, Carnforth with a Suffolk Tup, followed by Frank Towers with a Texel ewe to £102. Mule ewes sold to £78 on two occasions from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cockerham and CA & J Alty, Waton. Overall sale average of £67.63.

Prime Bulls

An entry of 11 prime bulls this morning sold to a similar trade to the previous week. Topping the sale at 179.5ppk was a 570kg British Blue from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Natland. Top overall was £1123 with a heavy weight Hereford bull (805kg) from J & F Nutter, Clitheroe. Only two Friesians forward this morning sold to 131.5ppk again from Msrs Wilson.


Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £86.50 Bradlow Farm; £78 5 Maddison Avenue; £76 Underley Estate Office; £74.50 Oak Tree Farm; £73 Greenwood Haw; £73 North Farm; £72.50 Booth Hall; £72.50 Old Glasson Farm; £72.50 Cock Hall Farm. CONT - £72 Hill Top; £66.50 Jacksons Farm. MULE - £68 £66 Yarlsber; £66 Yates Farm; £62.50 Highfield Farm; £58 Dunkenshaw Farm. CHAR - £74 Yarlsber; £73.50 Glasson Farm; £69 Beaumont Gate; £66.50 Stirzakers Farm. TEXEL - £88 £77 Yeat House; £80 Underley Estate Office; £79.50 Mearsbeck Farm; £79 Tarnwater Farm; £78 Burrow Heights Farm; £78 Sellerley Fields; £78 Cock Hall Farm; £77.50 1 Curwin Hill; £76.50 Claughton Hall Farm. MASHAM - £67.50 Yarlsber. ZWA - £62 £60.50 Upper Greenbank.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £110 Hall Croft Barn; £96 Jacksons Farm; £72 Booth Hall. MULE - £78 £72 Cocker House Farm; £78 £77 Moss House Farm; £72 Booth Hall; £71 Hill Top; £69 Moss House Farm; £69 Ashton Barn. HORNED - £87 £71 Upper Greenbank; £32 Ouzelthorn Farm. TEXEL - £102 £99 1 Curwin Hill Farm; £98 Beech House; £91 Ashton Barn; £91 £86 Moss Cottage; £83 Parks Farm Barn; £80 Cocker House Farm; £79 Clay Gap Farm. LEICESTER - £69 Burrow Heights Farm.

Prime Bulls – BB – 179.50p/kg 163.50p/kg High House. ST – 161.50p/kg 155.50p/kg. MO – 153.50p/kg 141.50p/kg Lane House. CH – 149.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. WB – 149.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. HE – 139.50p/kg Manor Farm. HF – 131.50p/kg 99.50p/kg High House.

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