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Lancaster Monday 07/07/14

Posted Tuesday, 08 July 2014, 3.02pm

Lamb Trade follows national trend and declines at Lancaster

Prime Lamb
Strong numbers of prime lambs continue to come forward at Lancaster with an entry of 1679. The overall average at Lancaster continued with national trends averaging 185ppk. Best sorts of Texel lambs still sold between 200ppk and 220ppk averaging 187ppk with best Suffolk’s to 195ppk with plenty of pens selling in the late 180’s. Only a handful of mules forward selling around the 170ppk mark. The trade topped at 220ppk for a pen of Texel lambs from GR & A Foy of Parkside selling to the top price of the day of £90. Heavy weight 48kg lambs from A & FM Bolland of Yeat House sold to £85.

Cast Sheep
Cast sheep continue to sell well with best sorts of continental ewes selling over £120 with plenty of ewes around the hundred pound mark with continental ewes averaging £93. The trade topped at £126 for Texel x from EJ Ward & Sons of Intack Farm. Mule ewes sold to £84 from EJ Ward & Sons of Intack with plenty of mule ewes in the late seventies averaging £70 for all forward. Only a small show of horned ewes selling to £67 from Ken Kelsall of Brown Brook.

Prime Bulls
An entry of eleven bulls sold to a continued similar trade at Lancaster. Beef bred dairy bulls sold between 180ppk and 190ppk topping at 192.5ppk from S & B M Lawrenson & Son of Northwood Farm with a Limousin bull. Holstein bulls sold to a top price of 179.5ppk from John Wilson of High House with others dairy types selling between 120ppk and 150ppk depending on quality.

Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £83 Appletree Farm; £79 Old Grange Farm; £79 Hallbeck; £79 Tunstall Hall; £79 Hall Croft Barn; £78.50 Hill Top; £78 Highfield Farm. MULE - £84 Blea Tarn; £69 Cragg End. CHAROLLAIS - £72 Beaumont Gate; £69 Kellet Bridge Farm; £69 £66 Lingrow. TEXEL - £90 £83 Parkside Farm; £85 £84 Yeat House; £84 Blea Tarn; £84 Intack Farm; £84 Stonehead; £83 2 Old Woodhouse; £81 Cock Hall Farm; £81 North Farm. JACOB - £68 Hill Top.
Cast Sheep – MASHAM - £72 Moss House Farm. MULE - £84 Intack Farm; £78 Ellers Farm; £78 Parks Farm Barn; £75 Lower Highfield; £75 £74 Brown Brook; £73 Isle Of Skye Farm. HORNED - £67 Brown Brook. TEXEL - £126 £102 Intack Farm; £123 Brown Brook; £116 £110 Parkside Farm; £95 Ripley St. Thomas; £95
Lingrow. £95 Parks Farm Barn; £94 Conder Green. LEICESTER - £72 Highfield Farm.
Prime Bulls – HF – 179.50p/kg 147.50p/kg High House; 124.50p/kg 119.50p/kg Low Audlands. LIM – 192.50p/kg 188.50p/kg Northwoods Farm. BRB – 179.50p/kg High House. MO – 161.50p/kg 151.50p/kg 142.50p/kg Lane House.

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