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J36 Tuesday 29/07/14

Posted Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 10.08am

North West Auctions had 2087 prime sheep forward at its weekly sale on Tuesday with 11 active buyers ringside competing for all classes and categories of sheep.

A pleasing market average of 169p/kg was achieved with well finished lambs regularly 170p/kg – 180p/kg topping at 192p/kg for Beltex x lambs from AE Atkinson & Son. Lambs sold to a top price of £81 per head from R & B Parker. First cross Texel/Suffolk lambs regularly 165 – 170p/kg & £70-£76 with Mules from CP Bateman reaching £71.

Top Prices per head
Breed     Price      Vendor
Char       £81.00     R & B Parker, Hallbeck
Tex         £80.50    A & CM Carter, Black Bull Farm
Char       £80.00    S & M Cooper, Tarnside Farm
Tex        £80.00     J & D Chapman, Wray Farm
Tex        £79.00     T & M Halhead, Upp Hall

Top Prices per kilo
Breed    Price       Vendor
Beltex    191.9/kg   AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm
Beltex    185.9/kg   J Allonby & Son, Green Head
Tex        184.8/kg   KD & L Armer, Scar Sykes
Tex        183.7/kg   T & M Halhead, Upp Hall
Tex        182.1/kg   E Lund & Son, Lundholme Farm

Cast sheep sold to prices above expectation with strong meated ewes £80 - £95, medium ewes £66/£78 with ewes generally £40-£56.

Cast Sheep Top Prices
Texel: £96 Endmoor Farm; £90 Salterwath Farm; £86 Poppy Farm. Char: £91 Kingsland. Hamp: £94 (ram) Winterscales Farm. Dorset: £72 Corney Hill. Suff: £88 Salterwath Farm; £84 Poppy Farm, Endmoor Farm; £76 Hill Park. Mule: £77 Steel Croft, Carlingwha, Salterwath Farm; £74 Yew Tree; £73 Lane Farm. Swale: £46 Town End. Rough Fell: £60 Intake Farm. Chev: £57 School House. Herdwick: £56 Rydal Farm.

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