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J36 Tuesday 01/07/14

Posted Wednesday, 02 July 2014, 11.53am

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of prime stock at J36 on Tuesday. A huge show of some 2300 prime lambs and cast sheep were put before the usual ringside of buyers. Lambs topped at £99 per head for Texel x’s from J & J Postlethwaite of Bramaskew and the top price per kilo was 238.5p/kg for a cracking pen of Beltex x lambs from Richard Morphet of Halton. Also worthy of a mention was a pair of Pure Zwartable lambs from young Dan Crowe of Witherslack which sold for £93 per head to Andrew Atkinson. With bigger numbers of lambs on the market throughout the country, trade was easier on the week but we still managed to hold onto a very respectable overall average of 198.35p/kg with all classes and weights of lambs being sought after.

A much smaller show of cast sheep were forward and even though the Muslim festival of Ramadan has begun, cast sheep met an outstanding trade topping at £120 for a pair of Cheviot rams from John Handley of Whinfell. Continental ewes regularly £95 to £110. Mules to £92 with plenty £75 - £85 per head. Once again Horned ewes met a strong trade with Rough Fell ewes £79 and Swaledales to £75.

Top prices
PRIME LAMBS – Suffolk: £96 Overthwaite; £95 Birks Farm; £94 Mansrigg Hall; £90.50 Hill Park; £90 Lane Ends. Mule: £76 Strickland Hill; £74 Cooper House, Borrans Farm; £73 High Borrowbridge, Long Streets. Char: £90 Longwell, Trees Farm, Gibraltar Farm; £88 Low Brundrigg; £87 Floraire. Chev: £85 Green Head. Texel: £99 Bramaskew; £94 Mansrigg Hall; £89.50 Ackenthwaite; £89 Swallowmire, Birks Farm; £88 The Dell; £87.50 Underley Hall. Jacob: £70 Farleton House. Zwartable: £93 Birks Farm; £80 Bowston Hall. Beltex: £93 Far Highfield: £90 Holme Field; £84 Stubb Farm; £83 Farleton House.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £114 (ram) Birks Farm; £110 Trees Farm; £105 Greaves Farm; £100 Howriggs; £98 Red Lodge; £95 Birks Farm; £94 Underley Hall. Suffolk: £100 Wreay Syke. Masham: £84 The Coach House; £70 Orphan Crag. Mule: £92 Haveriggs Farm; £89 Hollins Farm; £87 Moss Head; £86 Scargill Farm; £83 Underley Hall, Birks Farm. Swaledale: £75 Strickland Hill; £55 Orphan Crag; £54 Longwell; £50 Borrans Farm. Rough Fell: £79 Orphan Crag; £77 Howriggs; £62 High Green; £60 Swallowmire. Horned: £73 Botton Hall. Char: £64 Borrans Farm. Cheviot: £120 (ram) School House; £90 Orphan Crag; £74 Underley Hall. Leicester: £116 (ram) Warth Sutton; £112 (ram) Audlands Park; £104 Scargill Farm.

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