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J36 Crooklands Thursday 24th July 2014

Posted Thursday, 24 July 2014, 2.21pm

Newly Calved Heifers to £2120
Newly Calved Cows to £1900
Heifer Calves to £445

With the largest entry to date, incorporating a part dispersal of organic cows on behalf of J & P A Jackson, a large crowd of buyers were in attendance from throughout the northern counties.

The dispersal sale saw mid-lactation 2nd calved cows sell to £1600, £1580, with older cows generally £1200/£1450.

The fortnightly collective sale was topped by a heifer from J H towers & Sons, selling at £2120, with others £1900 J & J A Burrow and £1850 W H & J M Robinson. Newly calved cows sold to £1900 from P W & D Swindlehurst with 4th calvers £1520 from M & M Carr.

A special entry of heifer calves from Langley Park Farms saw 12 w.o. calves sell to £445, £425, £420 with an abundance of buyers keen to purchase additional youngstock.

Store Cattle saw a run of Char x steers from A T Threlkeld Ltd., sell to £1060 (av £982), with Lim x steers from J H Barker at £880. A Run of pure Lim yearling heifers from D J & M J Hoggarth sold to £890 with others at £800 from A E Atkinson & Son. Cows and calves sold to £1100 for 3rd calver with young heifer calf from T, L, B & J Knowles.

Cast Cows/OTM sold to a top price of £1018 (149p/kg) for Lim x from A E Atkinson & Son with beef cows generally 110p/kg-120p/kg. Dairy bred cows peaked at 124p/kg from M L & S M Dobson and £885 from J W & D Robinson & Sons. All cast cows sold averaged 107p/kg.

Calves & Stirks
The summer show and sale of calves at J36 Rural Auction centre saw a record entry of 112 forward. Stuart Benn of Beckside Cottage was handed the task of judging a tremendously strong class of calves and a credit to all vendors. A strong class of continental bulls 60 days or under was won by Ian Little of Helm Croft showing a Limousin Bull with the Continental heifer class being won by David Wallbank of Tills Farm showing a British Blue heifer. In the dairy bull class was a strong pen of bulls with the winner being awarded to Robin Nicholson of Green Lane End Farm with a Montbeliarde bull. The overall champion was awarded to Ian Little with his Limousin Bull Calf.

The trade saw all types of continental calves sell to a strong trade with plenty of buyers eager to buy. The trade for better quality black and whites was back quite a bit in line with other markets with worst sorts of black and whites in strong demand and a dearer trade.

The top price calf of the day was the Champion from Ian Little selling to £400 to the Judge Stuart Benn. This was matched by C Dean & LJ Brennand of Clapham selling a 65 day old British Blue bull to £400 with other best sorts of Continental bulls selling in mid to late £300’s. Continental Heifers sold to £320 for the 1st prized heifer from David Wallbank of Tills Farm with a strong demand for people looking for potential breeding replacements.

A good entry of farmer stirks forward meant a strong demand from a ringside of buyers with plenty could have been sold to vendor’s advantage. Limouisn steers at 10month old from R & BJ Cleasby sold to £655 with heifers from the same home to £510. Four month old Limousin heifer stirks from Fishwick Brothers of Middle Sadghyll sold to £450 and £430.


Champion - Lot 480 from FI & ME Little

Class 1 – Continental Bull
1st Lot 480 from FI & ME Little £400
2nd Lot 451 from B Wilson £370
3rd Lot 492 from H Wright & Son £350

Class 2 – Continental Heifer
1st Lot 533 from Wallbank Farm Ltd £320
2nd Lot 452 from B Wilson £300
3rd Lot 510 from B & MJ Nelson £300

Class 3 – Dairy Bull
Lot 505 from RJ & P Nicholson £250
2nd Lot 528 from Drinkall Bros £65
3rd Lot 529 from Drinkall Bros £60


OTM Cows: Fr: 124.5p Espford Farm; 119.5p Carter House; 114.5p Ackenthwaite Farm. Lim: 137.5p Stubb Farm; 129.5p Troughton Hall; 124.5p Middle Sadghyll. Here: 131.5p Troughton Hall. Sim: 107.5p, 101.5p Old Croft. Luing: 117.5p, 114.5p, 104.5p High House Farm. BB: 121.5p Garnett House.
OTM Hfrs: Lim: 149.5p, Stubb Farm.
OTM Bulls: BrB: 109.5p, High Farm.
Store Bullocks: Fr: £320 Wall End Farm. Lim: £880, £835 Stribers Farm; £810 Troughton Hall. Char: £1060, £995, £970 Bowkerstead. BrB: £560 Sowermire. SRW: £310 Wall End Farm.
Store Heifers: Lim: £890 Old Hall, Stubb Farm; £790, £760 Old Hall. BrB: £725, £685 Sowermire.
BULL CALVES – Fr : £140 Elm Tree Farm; £85 Half Way House; £70 Beck Side; £65 Catshaw Hall; £62 Strickland Hill. AA: £265 Hollins Farm; £160 Deerslet Farm. Lim: £400 Helm Croft; £370 Spout House; £275 Halforth Farm; £150 Lupton Hall. BRB: £400 Lodge Bank; £395 Hollins Farm; £350 Berryholme; £320 Elm Tree; £300 Half Way House; £295 Till Farm; £250 Ravens Lodge. Mont: £250 Green Lane End Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £450 Middle Sadghyll; £300 Halforth Farm; £300 Spout House; £222 Lupton Hall. Char: £305 Beech House. BRB: £320 Tills Farm; £310 Hollins Farm; £275 Helm Farm; £250 Beck Side; £220 Middle Birkby. Fr: £200 Green Lane End Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £510 Lower Hawthwaite.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £430 Lower Hawthwaite. Lim: £655 Lower Hawthwaite.

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