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Lancater Monday 30/6/14

Posted Monday, 30 June 2014, 3.58pm

Strong Trade at Lancaster Continues for Spring Lambs

Prime Lamb

The trade continues to hold strong at Lancaster for prime lambs with the overall average of 215ppk. There was another strong entry of just short of 1200 lambs forward. As always plenty of good well fleshed lambs on offer which were good to sell with a few pens of plainer lambs forward just pulling the sale average back. It was lambs full of meat that buyers were looking for today with leaner lambs being penalised. The trade topped at £113 for a couple of 51kg lambs from JH Gardner of Moss Cottage. Lambs sold to a top of 235ppk for a pen of 10 Charollais x lambs from David Whitaker of Stirzakers Farm selling to £91.50. This was closely followed by Malcolm Lund at 234ppk with Andrew Clarkson and Mark Townley at 233ppk. Suffolk Lambs sold to £95 from TE Kidd of Booth Hall with plenty of pens of best sorts of Suffolk’s selling over £90. Mules starting to come forward now with 37kg lambs from JS & S Atkinson of Sykes Farm selling to £77.

Cast Sheep

The trade for cast sheep was better than expected considering the start of Ramadan. There were less numbers forward, however all types selling to a similar trade. Cast sheep sold to a top price of £116 for a Texel ewe from Stephen Hill of The Dell with cast Tups selling to £114 from David & Linda Dickinson of Bay View. Best sorts of continental ewes sold into the nineties with others in the eighties. Mule ewes sold regularly in the seventies, topping at £98/head from J Lamb, Old Glasson.

Prime Bulls

There was another entry in the double figures of bulls today in Lancaster with a mixture of types forward. Bulls sold to a top price of 180.5ppk or £1319 for a Limousin Bull from JM & AG Swarbrick of Bensons Farm with British Blue bulls from S & BM Lawrence & Son of Northwoods Farm selling to 177.5ppk. Beef bred bulls sold to an average 162ppk with a show of Holsteins bulls selling to 118.5ppk averaging 117.5ppk.


Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £95 £88 Booth Hall; £94 Blackleach House Farm; £94 New Parkside Farm; £94 Old Glasson Farm; £93 £86 Tunstall Hall; £93 North Farm. MULE - £77.50 Sykes Farm; £72 Highfield Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £84 £83 Jacksons Farm; £82.50 Stirzakers Farm; £79 Hazelslack Tower Farm; £77.50 Springfield Farm; £76 Goodshaw Farm. TEXEL - £113 £98 Moss Cottage; £99 £97 Mearsbeck Farm; £98 Burrow Heights Farm; £98 Far Highfield; £95 Moss Side Farm; £94.50 Lower Castle O Trim.

Prime Hoggs – MULE - £59 Cockerham Hall. TEXEL - £74 £59 Cockerham Hall. HERDWICK - £67 £64 Lee End Farm.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £90 £48 Burrow Heights; £81 Cockerham Hall. MULE - £114 Bay View; £98 £76 Conder Green Farm; £78 The Dell; £77 Highfield Farm; £77 Far Highfield; £75 Wyre Farm. TEXEL - £116 The Dell; £98 Conder Green Farm; £94 Burrow Heights Farm; £85 Cock Hall Farm; £82 Lundholme Farm; £80 Moss Side Farm.

Prime Bulls – HF – 118.50p/kg 117.50p/kg Low Audlands; 117.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. LIM – 180.50p/kg 169.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 162.50p/kg Northwoods Farm. SIM – 151.50p/kg Village Farm. BRB – 117.50p/kg 166.50p/kg Northwoods Farm; 169.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. MO - 155.50p/kg 151.50p/kg Lane House; 143.50p/kg Village Farm.

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