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Lancaster Monday 2/6/14

Posted Monday, 02 June 2014, 3.47pm

Spring Lambs sold to a Strong Trade at Lancaster and Cast Ewe Trade continues to Strengthen

Spring Lambs

A bumper entry of spring lambs forward today in the market sold to a strong trade with all vendors leaving the market satisfied as lambs averaged 266ppk. Lambs sold to a top of 303ppk for a pen of five Texel lambs from Andrew Butler of Hambleton weighing 37kg. This was closely followed behind by Mark Townley of Claughton Hall selling pen of ten lambs to 297ppk. Top price of the day came from Andy Wilson of Burrow Heights selling a heavy lamb to £122. Lambs weighing between 32-39 averaged £103.80 with lambs weighing 39.1 – 45 averaging £107.49.


Very few hoggs now as most meat companies have swapped over on to spring lambs. Prime hoggs sold to a top price of £96 from D C Miller of Cobble Hey.

Cast Ewes

The trade for cast sheep continues to be strong topping at £116 from Will Pye of Tarnwater Farm with a Texel ewe with Suffolk cross ewes from G & D Ball & Son of the Post Office, Great Eccleston, selling to £106. Mule ewes sold to £96 from John Hughes of Quernmore with all Mule ewes averaging £77.65 and all ewes forward averaging £79.

Sheep & Lambs

Sheep and lambs continue to be a strong trade al Lancaster but numbers continue to fall short of buyer’s requirements. Today’s trade was buoyant with vendors going away pleased with their trade with Mule shearlings with twins from Bill Pinder of Longstripes selling to £198. Mule hoggs with single lambs sold to £195 from Mark Wilson of Gill Garth. More sheep and lambs needed next week to meet the ever growing demand. Please contact Ian Atkinson 07766 521472 for more information

Prime Bulls

Eleven prime bulls forward this morning sold to a top of 187.5ppk (£1084) for a 570kg British Blue from S & BM Lawrenson & Son, Eagland Hill. A Lim from the same home sold to 177.5ppk. Black & Whites sold to 123.5ppk from Steve Bolland, Quernmore.


Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £122 Burrow Heights Farm; £121 167 Fleetwood Road South; £112 Hallbeck; £110 Cocker House Farm; £110 Low Kit Brow; £110 Orchard House; £109 Cobble Hey Farm; £109 Hill Top. CHAROLLAIS - £104 Burrow Heights Farm; £99 Stirzakers Farm; £94 £89 Springfield Farm. TEXEL - £121 £114 Clay Gap Farm; £118 £114 Cock Hall Farm; £116 £115 Ripley St. Thomas; £115 Bambers Farm; £114 Lower Highfield; £113 Claughton Hall Farm; £113 Tarnwater Farm; £113 Ellers Farm; £113 Cobble Hey Farm.

Prime Hoggs – SUFFOLK - £92 5 Maddison Avenue. MULE - £94 Kitchen Ground Farm. TEXEL - £75 Parks Farm Barn; £32 Cobble Hey Farm. HERDWICK - £84 £80 Lee End Farm.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £106 Post Office Farm; £96 5 Maddison Avenue. MASHAM - £81 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE - £96 £79 Askew Hill; £92 £82 Downlands Farm; £85 Hallbeck; £84 £79 Tarnwater Farm; £84 Old Glasson Farm; £80 Ellers Farm; £79 North Farm; £76 Lower Highfield. HORNED - £57 Cobble Hey Farm. CHEVIOT - £67 Post Office Farm. TEXEL - £116 Tarnwater Farm; £100 £84 £78 Conder Green Farm; £98 £94 Parks Farm Barn; £92 Hallbeck.

Breeding Sheep – MULE - £198 £195 Longstripes Farm; £195 £185 Gill Garth; £185 £160 Thornbush Farm.

Prime Bulls – HF – 123.5p/kg 103.5p/kg Yeat House. LIM – 177.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. SIM – 155.5p/kg Village Farm. AA – 161.5p/kg Broad Oak. SHO – 171.5p/kg 169.5p/kg 167.5p/kg Broad Oak. BRB – 187.5p/kg 173.5p/kg Northwoods Farm.

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