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Lancaster Monday 16/6/14

Posted Tuesday, 17 June 2014, 10.39am

Caption: Champion Lambs from JK & BE Townley, Mearsbeck with Sponsor Rachael Povall (CoxAgri) & Judge M Winchester of Woodhead Bros

Caption: Full pens at NWA Lancaster

Early Summer Show and Sale of Prime Lambs

Prime Lambs

The early summer show and sale of prime lambs at Lancaster had a good quality show of lambs forward in front of the judge Mr Michael Winchester of Woodhead Bros which was kindly sponsored by Cox Agri who were represented on the day by Rachael Povall. The Suffolk class was won by Andrew Butler of Parks Farm Barn which went on to sell for £102 to the judge. The continental class was won by Joe Townley of Mearsbeck with a pen of 5 smart Texel lambs which went onto win the championship weighing 42kg later selling for £108 to Michael Lomax.

There was another strong entry of over 1300 prime lambs forward at Lancaster which sold to a strong average of 234ppk. Heavy weight lambs sold to a top price of £126 from John Collinge of The Dingle. Standard weight Suffolk lambs averaged £93.34 with standard weight Texel lambs averaging £97.59.

Show Results


1st AG Butler, Parks Farm Barn – 39kg - £102 – Woodhead Bros

2nd PD Anderton, Wyre Farm – 38kg - £94 – Woodhead Bros

3rd EE Thornton & Son, Downlands – 39.2kg - £93 – J Cookson


1st JK & BE Townley, Mearsbeck – 42.8kg - £108 – M Lomax

2nd A & E Clarkson, Cock Hall – 40kg - £103 – M Lomax

3rd AG Butler, Parks Farm Barn – 38.8kg - £96 – Woodhead Bros

Cast Ewes

The trade for cast sheep continues to hold firm. Best continental ewes sold well into the hundreds today topping at £128 for a big Charollais ewe from Richard Roskell of Springfield House. This was closely followed by John Geldard of Low Faulshaw selling Charollais to £120 and others to £112. Mule ewes sold to a top price of £83 a head from EE Thornton & Sons of Downlands with all Mule ewes forward average £79.

Prime Bulls

A small entry of only three bulls forward were met by a strong trade considering the current beef prices. They sold to a top price of 181.5ppk S & BM Lawrenson & Son of Northwoods Farm for Limousin with bulls from the same home selling to 175.5ppk for a British Blue and Friesian bulls to 149.5ppk.


Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £104 £96 Hallbeck; £104 Rye Close; £103 £98 Hill Top; £102 Parks Farm Barn; £98 Beaumont Gate; £98 Fell End Farm; £95 Brown Edge; £94 Kitchen Ground. MULE - £79 Highfield Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £93 Burrow Heights Farm; £93 Old Glasson Farm; £93 Grasmere; £92 Moss House Farm; £91 Beaumont Gate; £90 Low Foulshaw Farm; £84 3 The Maltings; £76 Springfield Farm. TEXEL - £126 The Dingle; £123 £109 Sandvilla; £108 £105 Mearsbeck Farm; £103 £101 Old Glasson Farm; £103 Cock Hall Farm; £100 Tarnwater Farm; £100 Bambers Farm; £99 Burrow Heights Farm. LLEYN - £93 £90 Low Foulshaw Farm.

Prime Hoggs – CONTINENTAL - £73 £72 Throstle Grove Farm. HORNED - £73 Fell End Farm; £54 Rye Close. TEXEL - £72 Conder Green Farm.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £98 5 Maddison Avenue. MASHAM - £74 Moss House Farm. MULE - £83 £79 Downlands Farm; £78 £62 Beaumont Gate; £77 Fell End Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £128 Springfield Farm; £120 £112 Low Foulshaw Farm; £88 North Farm; £84 Springfield Farm. TEXEL - £96 Hallbeck; £92 Downlands Farm; £80 Rye Close; £68 Wyre Farm. JACOB - £47 Fell End Farm

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