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J36 Tuesday 11/06/14

Posted Wednesday, 11 June 2014, 3.13pm

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of primestock at J36 Rural Auction Centre on Tuesday where some 1998 New Season Lambs, Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep were put for sale to, once again, an increased ringside of buyers.

Prime Lambs topped at £126 for a pen of Charollais lambs from WS Burrow & Sons of Silverdale and were purchased by Mr Michael Lomax. Top price per kilo was 274.30p/kg for a cracking pen 35kg Texel lambs shown by Richard Morphet of Halton with buyers keen to secure all weights of lambs and vendors drawing lambs at lighter weights to capitalise on the current strong trade. Please ensure lambs are fell finished. The 1424 New Season lambs averaged 245.04p per kilo and £94.80 per head.

Cast Sheep Some 480 cast sheep were put before the usual compliment of buyers which saw a lot more leaner type ewes forward today which were a little easier on the week. However, good Continental ewes saw a strong trade and topped at £124 for a Texel ram from Fishwick Farms, Silverdale.

Pigs North West Auctions held its monthly sale of Pigs at J36 with a strong entry of just over 100 pigs forward. Weaners sold to the best trade of the day with good Pietrain x weaners from AJ & ME Saggers selling to £78 with others from DC Miller of Cobble Hey selling white weaners to £56. Weaners regularly selling between £30 and £40. Fat pigs sold to a top price of £125 for a good Pietrain x gilt from AJ & ME Saggers. Good quality store pigs nearing finishing sold into the £90’s with smaller ones in the £70’s. Cast sows sold around the £70 mark.

Sheep and Lambs A mixed show of sheep and lambs forward today with many people coming to the end of what they have to sell this season. Regular vendor Trevor Hodgson of Dillicar sold Mule hoggs with young Suffolk lambs to £172 with others from J & T Hunter of Moser Hill selling to £168. Aged Masham ewes with twins sold to £158 from R & RM Dent of Ashfield. Texel ewes with strong single lambs sold £155 from Michael Sykes of Rose Cottage.

Top prices
– Char: £126, £120 & £115 Gibraltar Farm; £108 Brow Head; £98 Gillson Nook. Texel: £109 High House; £108 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, Hallbeck; £107 Ackenthwaite, Trees Farm; £106 Endmoor Farm; £103 Beckside Barn. Suffolk: £120 Trees Farm; £116 High House; £112 Orphan Crag; £111 Lane Ends Farm; £109 Cracalt Farm; £108 Hallbeck; £107 Hodgson Green Farm; £105.50 Ackenthwaite; £105 Topthorn. Cont: £99 Old Hall Farm; £94 Station Hotel; £90 Moss House. Beltex: £92 Far Highfield. Mule: £82 Garnett Folds.
PRIME HOGGS – Cont: £96 Low House. Texel: £87 Salterwath Farm; £83 Low Gregg Hall. Mule: £80 Grate Farm. Chev: £82 Hall Bank. Swale: £76 Low House; £72 Birds Park; £70 Higher Salter. Rough Fell: £60 Intake Farm. Leicester: £70 Yoad Pot.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £124 (ram) Bank House Farm; £113 Storth End; £108 Silverhow Farm; £106 Green Lane End; £105 Crosscrake; £96 (ram) Low Garths. Suffolk: £96 Yealand Manor; £89 Salterwath Farm; £80 Moss House. Cont: £91 Low Tarn Green; £79 Abbey Drive. Masham: £80 Raisgill Hall. Masham: £81 Hallbeck, Baycliffe Farm; £79 Moss head. Chev: £82 Moss House; £78 Hall Bank. Leicester: £114 (ram) Moss Head; ££94 Mid Town House; £90 Long Streets. Horned: £71 Gilpin Farm. Swale: £67 Mid Town House; £66 Grayrigg Hall, Audlands Park. Rough Fell: £70 Low House, Boundary Beck, Moss House; £65 Croft Foot. Dalesbred: £52 Higher Salter. Herdwick: £52 High Farm. Wensleydale: £83 Yealand Manor.

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