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J36 Tuesday 03/06/14

Posted Wednesday, 04 June 2014, 10.38am

North West Auctions J36 Rural Auction Centre held their weekly sale of prime sheep with some 1600 heads put before an increased ringside of buyers who were keen to secure all weights of lambs.

Prime Lambs - Some 1,115 new season lambs topped at £130 per head for Charollais x lambs from Mr T Stephenson of Ulverston and the top price per kilo of 283.8p/kg was paid for Texel lambs from Richard Morphet of Halton. All weights of lambs sold to a strong trade but please make sure lambs are well finished.

Prime Hoggs – Hogg numbers drying up fast now but all forward sold to a strong trade and averaged 212p/kg. Topping at £112 per head for Texel x hoggs from WH Kitching & Son of Helsington.

Cast Sheep – An entry of 345 cast sheep were forward selling to a terrific trade with good Continental sheep regularly £115 to £125 and topping at £129 per head from Mr K Thomas, Firbank. Mule ewes sold to £94 with plenty £85-£89. Horned ewes topped at £84.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot - A large seasonal entry of sheep and lambs were sold to another competitive ringside of buyers. Younger sheep sold to £158, £155 for Mule hoggs with lambs with older ewes £155 (£65/life).

Top prices:
PRIME LAMBS – Char: £130 Gillson Nook; £112 Kingsland. Texel: £128 Bull Bank; £119 Poppy Farm; £114 Far Highfield; £113 Green Lane End, Ackenthwaite; £112 Silverhow. Beltex: £95 Stubb Farm; £93 Red Lodge. Suffolk: £128 High House; £126 Lawsons Farm; £115 Crooklands Farm; £113 High House, Park House. Hampshire: £86 Brow Head. Dorset: £80 Brow Head.
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £112 Hawes Farm; £108 Penrose Cottage, Old Croft; £106 Southfield Farm. Suffolk: £111 Hawes Farm; £83 The Borrans. Mule: £92 Meadow House; £89 Burton Hill. Rough Fell: Southfield Farm; £84 Steps Farm. Char: £80 Low Audlands. Jacob: £97 Penrose Cottage. Swale: £74 Burton Hill.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £129 Hill Top; £113 Highfield, Silverhow; £110 Hutton Roof Hall; £109 Braida Garth; £105 Old Croft; £102 Red Lodge. Suff: £102 Hazelslack Tower; £98 Moss House. Hampshire: £92 Red Lodge. Masham: £85 Southfield Farm. Mule: £94 Far Highfield; £87 Botton Hall; £86 Long Streets, Brown Edge; £85 High Mansriggs, Baycliffe, Clawthorpe Lodge. Swale: £71 Lockbank; Burton Hill; £66 Grayrigg Hall; £65 The Borrans. Rough Fell: £88 The Park; £78 Southfield Farm; £77 Lockbank; £76 Lundholme Farm. Horned: £84 Hill Top. Char: £90 Red Lodge. Chev: £98 Underley; £85 Green Lane End; £79 Cross Hill Cottage. Leicester: £128 Grayrigg Hall; £102 Grayrigg Hall; £96 Underley. Herdwick: £71 Moss End Farm.
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT – Mule Hoggs: £158, £155 Dillicar. Texel Hoggs: £135 Low Garths; £130 Manor Farm. Texel Shearlings: £150 Crook Hall; £140 Stoney Gill. Mule Ewes: £155 Stoneyhead Hall. Texel Ewes: £150 Stoneyhead; £145 Roselea.

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