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J36 Thursday 12/06/14

Posted Thursday, 12 June 2014, 2.28pm

Fortnightly Sale of Rearing Calves & Stirks, Dairy Cattle, Store Cattle, Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle.

Calves & Stirks North West Auctions held its fortnightly sale of calves and stirks at J36 selling another strong entry of 80 forward. Good types of beef calves continue to be eagerly sought after at J36 with Black and Whites a stronger trade than seen over previous weeks. The continued drop in beef prices is beginning to filter its way through to calves. Six week old Limousin x heifer calves sold to a top price of £335 from Brian Wilson of Spout House with British Blue bulls calves from R Morris-Eyton & Son of Beck Side twice sold to £330. Limousin heifers again sold to £330 from Brian Wilson with a good quality show of Limousin heifers averaging £272. One month old black and white bull calves sold to £72 and £68 from the Inman Family of Strickland Hill. Quite a few young stirks and weanlings in the market today sold to a level trade topping at £410 JS & I Wilson of Monk Foss Farm for Limousin bulls with Limousin heifers from the same home to £390. More calves wanted to meet the ever growing demand from buyers for more information please contact Ian Atkinson 07766521472

Dairy Cattle A strong entry of 19 new calved heifers and cows forward today of mixed quality selling to a selective crowd of bidders with many missing due to the good weather as well of the drop in milk prices having an effect on the prices achieved. Heifers sold to a top price of £1600 for a pedigree giving 25litres 14days calved from R Lawson & Son of Deerslet Farm. Also achieving £1600 was a second calver been calved 8 days and already giving 6.5 gallons from GR Park & Sons of Low Deepslack. Third calved cows sold to £1520 giving 38litres from Michael Carr of Clawthorpe Lodge. New calved heifers regularly sold in the £1500’s.

Cast Cows A smaller entry of cast cows were put before a full ringside of buyers and considering the on-going drop in beef prices, all classes of cows still met a respectable trade to average 121.06p/kg. Black & White cows topped at 134.5p/kg for a well fleshed cow from JW & TW Sharp of Kendal with well finished cows regularly 120 – 125 whilst leaner sorts were 95p/kg – 105p/kg. Continental cows peaked at 139.5p/kg on two occasions with the majority 120p/kg - 130p/kg. A small show of clean cattle saw a Limousin heifer from TS & SM Park of Millom top at 184.5p/kg.

Store Cattle A small show of store cattle were forward with all classes and breeds selling to a very competitive trade with the majority of cattle forward between 10 – 14 months of age.

Next fortnightly sale will be held on Thursday 26th June
(entries for catalogue close Thursday 19th June)

- Fr: 134.5p/kg Flodder Hall; 124.5p/kg Strickland Hill, Ackenthwaite, Warton Grange Farm; 119.5p/kg Myers Farm, Lane Ends Farm; 117.5p/kg Far Audlands. Lim: 139.5p/kg Dendron Farm; 131.5p/kg Low House. Hfd: 127.5p/kg Gateside Farm. Sim: 139.5p/kg Common Farm; 129.5p/kg Luneside. BB: 134.5p/kg Common Farm. Galloway: 129.5p/kg Gateside Farm. Stab: 137.5p/kg (x2) & 131.5p/kg (x2) Kit Cragg.
OTM HEIFERS - Lim: 184.5p/kg Millom Castle; 139.5p/kg Laurel Gardens. AA: 177.5p/kg Millom Castle. Fr: 117.5p/kg Beck House.
OTM BULLOKS – Lim: 179.5p/kg Millom Castle.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £970 Dendron Farm; £870 Greaves Farm; £650 Little Guards. Hfd: £740 Hill Farm. Sim: £450 Wall End. AA: £700 Greaves Farm. Fr: £330 Wall End.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £870 & £800 Dendron Farm; £700 Little Guards; £660 Stribers Farm. Char: £700 Borwick Fold. AA: £450 Wall End. High: £500 Park Avenue. BRB: £690 Borwick Fold.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £670 Lane End.
BULL CALVES – Lim: £410 & £320 Monk Foss; £310 Spout House; £305 Halforth Farm; £270 Midtown Farm; £260 Paddock View. Hfd: £285 Middle Birkby; £270 Birkland Barrow. AA: £155 Middle Birkby; £140 Wyke Farm. WB: £230 Barrowfield. BRB: £370 Elm Tree; £330 Beck Side; £310 Ravens Lodge; £290 School House. Mont: £390 Monk Foss. Fr: £300 Monk Foss; 135 Elm Tree; £82 Midtown Farm; £75 Beck Side; £72 Strickland Hill.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £390 Monk Foss; £335 Spout House; £330 Willow Shaw; £290 Paddock View, Halforth Farm; £270 Willow Shaw. Hfd: £200 Birkland Barrow. BRB: £235 Elm Tree; £215 Sunny Bank. AA: £200 Birkland Barrow; £145 Warton Grange Farm; £135 Middle Birkby.
N/C DAIRY COWS - £1600 Low Deepslack; £1580 Beck Side; £1520 Clawthorpe Lodge; £1480 The Howes.
N/C DAIRY HEIFERS - £1600 Deerslet; £1580 Elm Tree; £1500 Moors Farm; £1450 Plumpton Foot Farm.

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