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Lancaster Monday 5/5/14

Posted Monday, 05 May 2014, 1.01pm

Caption: Hannah Whitaker - First prize single lamb

Caption: Josh Whitaker - First prize twin lambs

Caption: WT & EM Townley - First prize mule hoggs

Spring Show and Sale of Hoggs and Lambs

Young Handlers show & Sale

Sheep and Lambs

The annual spring show and sale of Hoggs with lambs saw a nice entry forward. In the pre-sale show the judging was conducted by Messrs. Horner who had a strong show of Mule hoggs forward in front of him which he awarded the first prize to Nick Townley of Burnt House selling to £190 with the second prize pen from the same home selling to £195. The continental hogg class was won by David and Sam France of Isle of Skye Farm selling for £190 a family. Good families of Hoggs sold to a strong trade with the ringside busiest seen yet this season with plainer sorts slightly harder to sell. Only a small amount of older sheep forward today sold well with continental’s full mouth ewes with young twin lambs selling to £150 and Suffolk cross ewes selling to £152.

The annual show and sale of young handler’s sheep and lambs was once again deemed a great success. Credit must go to the local young handlers who have worked hard over the winter looking after their sheep and bringing forward some excellent sheep and lambs. It was also brilliant to see so many youngest in the auction. In the pre-sale show there was a fantastic line up of sheep for the judge to cast his eye over and awarded the first prize sheep with single lamb to Hannah Whittaker of Little Fell which went on to sell for £195 to the judge. In the class for ewe and twins this was won by Josh Whittaker of Little Fell which went on to sell for £240 also selling to the judge. The sheep sold well with ewes and twins regularly passing the £200 mark.

Prime Hoggs

Fewer prime hoggs around this morning sold to a top of 210ppk for a pen of 16, 39kg Texels from Barker Farms Ltd. With many vendors drawing the last of their hoggs, the quality on offer pulled back the average to an overall SQQ of 197ppk. Mule Hoggs sold to a top of 186ppk from AG Butler, Hambleton. Horned hoggs sold to 197ppk from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby. Hoggs weighing 37-42kg regularly realising £73-£84/head.

Spring Lambs

Spring lambs coming forward in strong numbers this morning with more buyers moving off the hoggs and onto the springers. Just over 80 forward this morning sold to a top of £106/head or 272ppk from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale with a pure Suffolk weighing 39kg. A run form PW & DW Roskell, Pilling sold to 249ppk. Overall average similar to the week at 235ppk for all forward with the majority selling setween 235-249ppk.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep remain a strong trade selling to £120 for a Texel Tup from BE Wood, Out Rawcliffe. Suffolk Ewes sold to £110 for a duo from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale.

Show Results

Shearlings with Twins

1st Josh Whitaker, Quernmore

2nd Sean-Robert Airey, Forton

3rd Amy Wilson, Wray

Shearlings with Singles

1st Hannah Whitaker, Quernmore

2nd Charlie Preece, Kirkby Lonsdale

3rd Josh Wilson, Wray

Mule Hoggs

1st WT & EM Townley & Son, Westhouse

2nd WT & EM Townley & Son, Westhouse

3rd R & EB Butler, Goosnargh

Continental Hoggs

1st D France, Over Wyresdale

2nd J & M Wilson, Selside

3rd J & M Wilson, Selside


Prime Hoggs – SUFFOLK - £92 North Farm; £90 £89 Hillam House Farm; £86.50 £67 Fell End Farm. MASHAM - £85 £81 Fell End Farm. MULE - £90 Fell End Farm; £83 £82 North Farm; £80 Fell End Farm. HORNED - £78.50 £77 Hillam House Farm; £74.50 North Farm; £74 Ghyll Beck Farm; £74 £73 Sowerby Lodge. CHAROLLAIS - £86 Parks Farm Barn; £84 Hillam House Farm; £73 Sowerby Lodge. CHEVIOT - £82.50 North Farm. TEXEL - £93 £82 Corless Mill; £88.50 Ghyll Beck Farm; £85 £84 Hillam House Farm; £85 £84 North Farm; £83 Parks Farm Barn.

Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £106 £93 Knowsley Farm; £98.50 Hill Top; £98 £96 Cocker House Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £97 £94 Springfield Farm; £95 Grasmere. TEXEL - £96 £93 Springfield Farm.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £112 North Farm; £110 Knowsley Farm. MULE - £85 Middle Ridge Farm; £84 Forgelands; £80 Fell End Farm; £79 Knowsley Farm; £73 North Farm. HORNED - £69 £59 Longstripes Farm; £68 Fell End Farm; £50 Middle Ridge Farm; £48 Deepclough. CHEVIOT - £76 Middle Ridge Farm; £72 Hopes Hill. TEXEL - £120 Hopes Hill; £96 Forgelands; £92 Moss House Farm; £88 Hillam House Farm; £84 North Farm. TEESWATER - £84 Fell End Farm.

Breeding Sheep –

Ewes & Lambs – SUFF- £152 Annasghyl. MULE- £140 Marl House. TEX- £150 Lathwaite Farm.

Hoggs & Lambs – SUFF- £165 Isle of Skye Farm. MULE- £175 Isle of Skye Farm; £160 Higher Barker Farm. TEX- £198 Isle of Skye Farm; £195 Burnt House.

Prime Bulls – LIM – 171.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. SIM – 165.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. BRB – 169.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.

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