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Lancaster Monday 19/5/14

Posted Monday, 19 May 2014, 4.14pm

Spring Lambs a Strong Trade in Lancaster

Spring Lambs

The strongest trade seen this season for spring lambs at Lancaster with seven active buyers around the ring as many meat companies now move over from hoggs to spring lambs. A good entry forward of 437 sold to a top price of £126 for a heavy Suffolk lamb from George Sanderson of Blackleach House Farm. The trade twice topped at 295ppk for a couple of good Texel’s from William Pye of Tarnwater Farm and same again from J Lamb of Old Glasson. Lambs sold to a strong average of 264ppk or £107 per head. Large groups of lambs batched together sold to a premium today as buyers were looking to fill their orders.


Less hoggs around this week as many people come to the end. Good meaty hoggs continue to sell well topping at 233ppk or £98 from J Bargh & Son of North Farm averaging 209ppk for a mixed quality show of hoggs forward.

Cast Ewes

Just short of 100 cast ewes forward this morning, selling to a strong trade throughout. The day’s trade topped at £105 for Suffolk ewes from Andrea Gardner of Bay Horse with others from the same home selling to £99 with other Suffolk ewes from the Thornton family at Downlands selling to £100. Mules sold to a top £81 again from the Thornton family with many pens of mule ewes selling in the seventies. Herdwick ewes sold to £65 from T & ME Longton of Lee End Farm with Swaledales from JS & S Atkinson of Sykes Farm selling to £62.

Sheep & Lambs

A disappointing number of sheep and lambs forward today sold to the sharpest trade this season with plenty of buyers gathered around the ring wanting to buy young sheep for replacements. Mule hoggs with single Texel lambs from Nick Townley of Westhouse sold to £202 and £200. Bill Pinder of Newton by Bowland sold Texel x shearlings with twins to £205 and mule shearlings with Texel twins to £198. Older Texel ewes with twins from the same home sold to £175.

More sheep and lambs needed next week to meet the ever growing demand. Please contact Ian Atkinson 07766 521472 for more information

Prime Cattle

A good show of beef in NWA Lancaster this morning with 13 prime bulls and 7 clean cattle. Clean Cattle sold to a top of 201.5ppk from JE Bracken, St Michaels, with a Lim heifer weighing just under 500kg. Other Lims from the same home sold to 197.5ppk and 193.5ppk. Prime bull trade was topped by E & N Wright & Son, Roeburndale with a 509kg British Blue selling to 185.5ppk, who also sold British Friesian to 143.5ppk. Charollais from GA Haston & Son, Galgate sold to 165.5ppk with Montbelliardes from the same home selling to 151.5ppk.


Prime Lambs – SUFFOLK - £126 Blackleach House Farm; £117 Keepers Cottage; £115 Downlands Farm; £115 5 Maddison Avenue; £111 Highfield Farm; £109 Cocker House Farm; £109 Brown Edge. CHAROLLAIS - £108 £107 Springfield Farm; £100 Stirzakers Farm. TEXEL - £116 £115 Tarnwater Farm; £115 Old Glasson Farm; £113 Burrow Heights Farm; £113 Stirzakers Farm; £113 Blackleach House Farm; £113 Cock Hall Farm; £112 Lower Highfield Farm.

Prime Hoggs – SUFFOLK - £83 North Farm. MULE - £90 Gilthwaiterigg. HORNED - £80 £75 Gilthwaiterigg; £54 North Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £95 £80 Throstle Grove Farm. CHEVIOT - £96 Gilthwaiterigg; £96 North Farm. TEXEL - £98 £88 North Farm; £96 Throstle Grove Farm; £90 £80 Conder Greeen Farm. HERDWICK - £75 Lee End Farm.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £105 £99 2 Wellington View; £100 Downlands Farm; £94 Parks Farm Barn; £90 Cocker House Farm. MULE - £81 Downlands Farm; £79 Tarnwater Farm; £78 Cocker House Farm; £77 Old Glasson Farm. HORNED - £62 Sykes Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £80 Throstle Grove Farm. CHEVIOT - £71 Cock Hall Farm; £65 Cragg Farm. TEXEL - £93 Stirzakers Farm; £87 Hall Croft Barn; £86 Conder Green Farm; £84 £81 Burrow Heights Farm; £83 Cock Hall Farm; £78 Downlands Farm.

Prime Bulls – HF – 147.50p/kg 143.50p/kg Allcocks Farm; 129.50p/kg Stirzakers Farm; 117.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. LIM – 133.50p/kg Bensons Farm. CH – 165.50p/kg Lane House; 151.50p/kg Stirzakers. SIM – 143.50p/kg Bensons Farm. BRB – 185.50p/kg Allcocks Farm; 157.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 141.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. MO – 151.50p/kg Lane House.

Prime Cattle – LIM – 201.50p/kg 197.50p/kg New House Farm. HE – 141.50p/kg Field House.

Breeding Sheep – MULE - £202 £200 Burnt House; £198 £195 Longstripes Farm. TEXEL - £205 Longstripes Farm.

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