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Lancaster Friday 2/5/14

Posted Friday, 02 May 2014, 4.43pm

Lancaster Spring Show & Sale of Store Cattle


Show Results

Judge – John Bargh, Heaton with Oxcliffe.

Sponsors – Bluefin Insurance and Lakeland Landrover

1st Blonde D’Aquitaine – SA Hill – The Dell - £1080

2nd Limousin – FK & F Woodhouse – Fell End - £960

3rd Limousin – RH & C Ayrton – Ouzelthorn - £940

Store Cattle

The spring show and sale of yearling store cattle at Lancaster had a strong class of over ten cattle forward in front of the judge John Bargh. After much deliberation the first prized steer was awarded to a good Blonde from Stephen Hill of the Dell which later went out to sell for £1080 to the judge. The second prize rosette was awarded to Fred Woodhouse of Fell end with third being awarded to the Ayrton family of Ouzelthorn.

Yearling cattle and summering cattle where in strong demand and sold well today at Lancaster with plenty of buyers keen to purchase grazing cattle. Stronger cattle nearing finishing where harder to sell today with many meat firms dropping the price once again next week. The day’s top price came from J Robinson & Son, Green Farm for a big Limousin steer selling for £1340. Heifers sold to a top price of £1250 for a Hereford from I & ME Askew of Raw Head.

Next week spring show and sale of grazing cattle at Lancaster.

Congratulations to D & DW Prickett of Farleton House for winning the prize draw of a £15 lunch voucher for lotting four or more cattle together.

OTM and Cast Cattle

Cast cows sold to a stronger trade than anticipated with cast cows averaging 121ppk. The trade sold to a top price of 174.5ppk for a Limousin cow from Nether Hall farms. With a top overall coming from JS & KM Wilson & Son, with a cast bull selling to £1489. Black and White cows sold to a top of 124.5ppk from E & N Wright & Sons, Roeburndale. With black and white heifers selling to 134.5ppk from R Lawson & Son, Deerslet Farm.


An entry of mainly black and white calves this morning sold to a busy ringside. Trade was topped by FW Rhodes & Son, Ellel, with a 12 week old British Blue bull selling to £412, followed by JB & JB Lawson & Son, Cockerham, selling blue heifers to £335. Angus bulls sold to £370 again from JB & JB Lawson. Black and white calves were in demand, selling to a top of £128 from Wallbank Farms Ltd, with others from the same home at £125. Best sorts were regularly £50-£75.

A dozen stirks forward this morning, sold to a top of £575 for a smart British Blue bull from FW Rhodes & Son, a run of nice 6-7month Friesian bulls from the same home selling to a top of £275 for a pen of two with a second pen selling to £250. More Holstein sorts from CR & A Baxter, Morecambe, sold to a top of £210.


STORE BULLOCKS – LIM- £1340 Green Close; £1330 Millbeck; £1310 Far Mount; £1300 Far Mount; £1280 Crankwood Farm; £1230 Lentworth Farm. AA- £1280 Crankwood Farm; £1250 Kingsley House Farm; £1190 Windy Hill Farm; £1120 Sandholme Farm; £1100 Hare Apple Tree; £1000 Whinney Garth; £970 Fell End Farm. CH- £1280 Millbeck; £1190 Intack Farm; £1170 Greenlands Farm; £1160 Far Mount. BA- £1240 Millbeck; £1150 Far Mount; £1080 The Dell; £1060 Intack Farm; £760 Sandholme Farm. SIM- £1230 Hilderstone Farm; £1180 Far Mount; £1070 Bouthwaite Farm; £1010 Whinney Garth; £850 Blenkett Farm. HE- £1200 Far Mount; £1170 Hoskingshire Farm; £1090 Croppers Farm; £1060 Cockrigg Farm; £1020 Crankwood Farm. BRB- £1180 Fell End Farm; £1150 Green Close; £1130 Bouthwaite Farm; £1110 Hawkrigg End; £1100 The Dell; £1060 Cockrigg Farm; £1060 Carlingwha; £940 Ouzelthorn Farm. SHO- £1040 Bouthwaite Farm. ST- £1020 Low Fell End. FR- £840 Old Glasson Farm; £790 Fleets Farm; £730 Oak Head Farm; £680 Sandy Dean; £660 Bridge Farm; £600 Newhurst Farm. MO- £780 Oak Head. CON- £770 Bridge Farm. SRW- £570 Wyre Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – HE- £1250 Raw Head; £1140 Hoskingshire Farm; £810 Sandholme Farm; £540 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd. BA- £1170 Dunningwell Farm; £990 Croppers Farm; £900 The Dell; £880 Blenkett Farm; £720 Grate Farm; £640 Farleton House. SIM- £1140 Dunningwell Farm; £1050 Rame Farm; £750 Bank House Farm. BRB- £1140 Pasture House Farm; £1090 Hawkrigg End; £1080 Hallbeck; £1050 Rame Farm; £1020 Lodge Cottage. AA- £1080 Wood View; £1050 Rame Farm; £1040 Intack Farm; £1020 Hare Apple Tree; £1010 Sandholme Farm; £990 Croppers Farm; £970 Benson Hall. LIM- £1040 Rame Farm; £1000 Bouthwaite Farm; £990 Croppers Farm; £980 Todgill Farm; £960 Hawkrigg End; £950 Fellside Farm; £930 Cockrigg Farm; £920 Whinney Garth. CH- £1100 Boundary House; £980 Bouthwaite Farm; £720 Grate Farm. SHO- £800 Lundholme Farm. FR- £710 Hare Apple Tree. GA- £560 Ballacutchel Farms Ltd.

BULLS – LIM- £860 Ouzelthorn Farm.SIM- £810 Crankwood Farm. AA- £680 Rowallen House.

CAST COWS – LIM- 174.5 Nether Hall Farm; 131.5 High House; 124.5 Ballacutchel Farms LTD. BRB- 164.5 High Green; 154.5 Rowallen House; 137.5 Goose Green. SIM- 139.5 Littlewood Hall Farm; 117.4 Kate Farm. FR- 124.5 Allcocks Farm; 121.5 Low Deepslack; 119.5 Gunnerthwaite; 119.5 Docker Hall Farm; 117.5 Bainsbank Farm; 117.5 Oxenforth Green Farm; 114.5 Lodge Farm; 114.5 Lawsons Farm. ST- 119.5 Low Fell End. AY- 104.5 Manor House Farm.

CAST HEIFERS – SIM- 149.5 Croppers Farm. FR- 134.5 Deerslet Farm; 131.5 Lawsons Farm; 121.5 Hallbeck; 119.5 Docker Hall Farm.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – SD-129.5 High House. AA- 124.5 Bainsbank Farm. SIM- 124.5 Kate Farm. FR- 107.5 Hoskins Farm; 99.5 Staffords Farm; 94.5 Crankwood Farm.

BULL CALF – BRB- £412 Barrow Greave s Farm. AA- £370 Bank End Farm. FR- £128 Tills Farm; £75 Endmoor Farm.

BULL STIRK – BRB- £575 Barrow Greaves Farm. FR- £275 Barrow Greaves Farm; £210 New Brows Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB- £335 Bank End Farm; £275 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIM- £160 North Farm.

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