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J36 Tuesday 27/05/14

Posted Tuesday, 27 May 2014, 5.02pm

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of Prime Sheep & Sheep with Lambs at Foot at J36 Rural Auction Centre on Tuesday 27th May.

A large show of 700 Prime lambs were put before a full ringside of buyers who were keen to secure all weights and classes of lambs. Lambs topped at £119 per head for a Texel from Messrs Robinson & Fell of Millom and the top price per kilo was 277.5p/kg for a pen of Texel x lambs from RW Nicholson of Lupton.

As vendors come to the end of their hoggs, a very mixed show were forward in this section, but all classes still sold to a very strong trade to average 213.18p/kg with an overall SQQ of 204.83p/kg, topping at £112 per head for Texel x hoggs from Mr CB Hoggarth of Lowgill.

Cast sheep once again remain a firm trade topping at £120 per head for a Texel ewe from Andrew Crowe of Witherslack closely followed at £118 for Suffolk x ewes from J & BL Ellis of New Hutton. Mule ewes sold to £83 but buyers cautious of over fat ewes. Horned sheep sold to £77 for Rough Fell ewes from GM Sedgwick & Son of Sedbergh.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot to £222 (£110/life)
Another pleasing entry of breeding sheep saw a full ringside of buyers compete with several leaving empty handed. Ewes with twins sold to £222 from R & RM Dent with Texel hoggs with singles from R & E Holmes at £220. Mule hoggs from the same home sold to £202 with most generally £170 / £190. Ewes sold to £175 with twins from WS Potter & Son with Herdwick singles £110.  A similar entry again next week for sale at 12 Noon.

Top prices
PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £119 Hodgson Green; £112 Ackenthwaite; £111 Green Lane End; £110 Low Barrows Green; £109 High House, £108 Endmoor Farm; £107 Kirket Nook, Ashtree Cottage; £105 Hallbeck. Beltex: £108 Heaton Hall; £94 Farleton House. Hampshire: £103 Burnt House; £100 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £95 Hallbeck; £86 Warth Sutton. Suffolk: £118 & £111 Station Hotel; £113 & 108 High House; £108 Ackenthwaite; £106 Birds Park; £105 Cracalt. Char: £108 & £104 Crosscrake; £103 Ashtree; £102 Trees Farm; £98 Gillson Nook.
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £112 Davy Bank; £110 Manor Farm; £95 Hawes Farm; £90 Fairbank Farm; £88 Mansergh High Farm; £87 Fell House. Suffolk: £93 Hawes Farm; £83 Barker Knott. Mule: £93 Manor Farm; £87 Thwaite Ghyll; £83 High Carlingill. Swale: £84 High Borrans; £78 Hall Farm; £74 Birds Park. Rough Fell: £78 Howes Lodge. Horned: £83 Higher Salter. Char: £91 Kingsland. Chev: £98 Manor Farm; £89 Hodgson Green; £85 Bouthwaite. Herdwick: £79 Fell House; £78 Troughton Hall; £73 High Wallabarrow Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £118 Hawkrigg End; £82 Murthwaite. Cont: £87 Lathwaite. Mule: £83 Hawkrigg End; £82 Hollins Farm, Baycliffe Farm; £81 Trees Farm; £78 Millness Hall. Swale: £66 Roundthwaite; £65 Scargill Farm, Thursgill; £64 Troughton Hall. Rough Fell: £77 Lockbank Farm. Char: £116 Low Foulshaw Farm. Chev: £93 Green Head; £69 Hall Bank. Texel: £120 Ashtree Cottage; £100 (ram) Hall Farm, £100 Smithy Cottage; £99 Spital Farm; £88 Farleton House. Leicester: £98 Scargill; £84 Murthwaite. Dalesbred: £65 Low Audlands. Herdwick: £52 Troughton Hall. Wensleydale: £80 Murthwaite.

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