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J36 Tuesday 20/05/14

Posted Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 3.21pm

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of primestock at J36 where a larger show of 428 spring lambs were put to an increased ringside of buyers all classes sold to a strong trade topping the sale was a Charollais lamb from Mr John Stott of Crosscrake at £118 closely followed by a pen of Texel x lambs at £117 per head from TW Nelson & Son of Stainton. Top price per kilo was 278.9 pence for three Texel x lambs weighting 38kgs from Andrew Crowe of Witherslack selling for £106 per head to West Scottish Lamb.

A smaller entry of prime hoggs came forward which topped at £103 per head and once again buyers were keen to purchase all classes of hoggs.

Very little change in the cast sheep trade on the week. A few less numbers around today and certainly fewer Horned sheep about. Prices topped at £124 for a Texel ram from Andrew Crowe, Witherslack. Overall Average £66.80.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot - Another strong entry of 801 sheep and Lambs were presented to a full ringside of buyers, 25 making purchase with others leaving empty handed. Over half the entry this week being hoggs with lambs. Best Mules £190/£200 topping at £202 from R & E Holmes with Texels £198 from D Cornthwaite and LM & C Whitaker. Shearlings sold to £180 from Messrs Clegg & Bennett and £81/life from M Kennedy. Hill ewes selling to £158 for Cheviot x with Twins from W Patterson. Broken mouthed Swales with Twins £112, broken mouthed Herdwicks with Singles £72.

PRIME LAMBS – Hampshire: £102 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £103 Yealand Manor. Suffolk: £108 Birds Park Farm, Lodge Farm, Cracalt Farm; £107 Brown Edge; £105 Hallbeck, Hollins Farm. Char: £118 Kingsland. Texel: £117 Cockrigg; £111 Red Lodge; £110 Ashtree Cottage; £100 Docker Farm. Beltex: £98 Stubb Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £92 Hodgson Green Farm, Mealrigg. Masham: £95 Mealrigg. Mule: £92 Barbon Fell House, Well Foot; £85 Thwaite Ghyll; £84 Low Longmire. Swale: £81 Low Longmire; £80 Well Foot. Scotch B/F: £75 Halton Park. Char: £103 Crosscrake Farm. Texel: £102 Chapelfield; £95 Millom Castle. Herdwick: £82 Barbarrow Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Hampshire: £86 Endmoor Farm. Suffolk: £90 Red Lodge; £89 Moss House Farm. Mule: £84 Kate Farm; £83 Lambrigg Head; £80 Harbarrow Farm, Red Lodge. Swale: £73 Arklid Farm; £72 Calderside Farm; £66 Beech Tops. Rough Fell: £77 Croft Foot. Char: £100 Kingsland. Texel: £124 (ram) Ashtree Cottage; £114 Beck House; £106 (ram) Millom Park; £102 Barbarrow Farm; £100 Crosscrake Farm; £98 Low Tarn Green; £95 Parks Farm Barn. Leicester: £98 (ram) Barrowfield; £98 Low Longmire. Herdwick: £59 Tongue House.
SHEEP & LAMBS – Hoggs with Singles: MULE - £202, £202 & £195 The Green; £198 Green Farm; £195 New Laund Farm; £190 Halton Park. TEXEL - £198 Moorland Cottage, Balgray Hill. Shearlings: MULE - £180 (twins) Tongue House; £170 (1c twins) The Borrans. TEXEL - £192 (twins) Roman Vale; £168 (twins) Coupland Park; £162 (singles) Roman Vale.
Ewes: DORSET - £120 (bm with singles) Four Winds. SUFFOLK - £160 (bm with twins) Four Winds. MULE - £182 & £165 (2c with twins) Moorland Cottage; £172 (3c with twins) Bowderdale Head. SWALE - £112 (bm with twins) Bowderdale Head. CHEVIOT - £158 (3c with twins) Coupland Beck; £130 (2c with twins) Swinside Farm. TEXEL: £195 (2c with twins) Moorland Cottage; £178 (2c with twins) Coupland Beck; £168 & £160 (4c with twins) Stoneyhead Hall; £162 & £160 (3c with twins) Coupland Beck. HERDWICK - £72 (bm with singles) Knott End Farm.

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