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J36 Crooklands Thursday 1st May 2014 - Grass Day Sale

Posted Thursday, 01 May 2014, 8.47am

Caption: Champion and Reserve champion animals with vendors, M Cooper, E Danson, judge M Towers and Bluefin representatives J Munslow and P Martin

Cast Cows

A good show of 63 Cast Cows were presented to the usual complement of buyers, and despite the continuing drop in beef prices, all cattle sold to a very respectable trade. Black and whites sold to 137.5p/kg from M E Wannop & Sons of Morecambe selling to Les Fell of Settle. Fleshed black and whites regularly sold at 115-124p/kg, whilst plainer sorts were 90-105p/kg. Continental Cows were good to sell, topping at 164.5p/kg from Messrs R M & L Woodhouse of Hawkshead to Mr G Foster. Top price on the day was £1088 for a Limousin x cow sold by Messrs J Woodburn & Partners of Ulverston, bought by Mr D Barker.

Rearing Calves

A full ringside of buyers were in attendance for one of the largest entries to date. Beef calves sold to £355 for BRB bulls from Langley Park Farms with Lims £350 from B Wilson. Most bulls were £270-£320.

Heifer calves regularly £210-£270, with best sorts reaching £295 for a Lim x from S J & L M Towler,

Dairy bulls sold to £280 for reared sorts from Langley Park Farms with best rearers £80/£100. Mediums £50/£60 with very young calves harder to place.

Stirks peaked at £630 for Lim x heifers with others £570


A pleasing entry of 10 dairy cattle forward sold to a competitive trade, with more buyers in attendance leaving short of requirements.

New calved heifers sold to £2500 for ‘New Valley Marlin Vera’ from W H & J M Robinson, all sold averaged £1880.

A consignment of maiden heifers sold to £780, £770.

Next sale of dairy cattle is Thursday 14th May. Please advise of entries for catalogue by Friday 9th May.

Store Cattle

The annual grass day sale saw the market full of cattle with a full ringside of buyers in attendance containing several new faces from the Northern Counties, Midlands and Wales. The sale was topped by A E Atkinson & Son with a pen of 6 Lim bullocks selling for £1280. Plenty of yearling bullocks £1000/£1150, with younger sorts £850/£900.

Heifers peaked at £1090 for BRBx from R T & J Gorst with best sorts keenly completed for for further breeding. Yearlings generally £750/£820. A pleasing average of £890 (blks) £775 (hfrs) was achieved for all sold with all cattle selling to full value.

Feeding bulls reached £890 for Limx from D Mallett with others £880, £860.

Cows & calves reached £1300 for BRB x with young Lim x calves from M J Waller with others generally £1150/£1250.

The pre-sale judging was carried out by Mr Mark Towers of Aldingham, who was full of praise to all the vendors for the exceptional turnout of cattle, which were put before him to judge.

After judging the six classes, Mark went on to award the championship rosette to a cracking 12mo Lim x bullock from W & T Danson & Son of Pilling and the reserve championship went to a 10 mo British Blue bullock from Messrs N Cooper & Sons of Coniston.

Show Results

Class one - Limousin Heifer

1st - JG & PH THompson, Poppy Farm - £1020 M Towers

2nd - JA & SM Allen, Barkerknott - £990 D Barker

3rd - RT & J Gorst, The Coach House - £910 M Towers

Class two - British Blue Heifer

1st - SA Park, The Dell - £1070 Messrs Townley

2nd - RT & J Gorst, The Coach House - £1090 M Towers

3rd - S Procter, High Biggarsbank - £980 M Towers

Class three - Any Other Breed Heifer

1st - AMS Robinson, New Hall - £950 KD Harryman

2nd - AMS Robinson, New Hall - £950 KD Harryman

3rd - SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm - £890 D Barker

Class four - Limousin Bullock

1st & champion- W & T Danson & Son, Boundary House - £1220 F Pooley

2nd - HG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm - £1080 D Anderson

3rd - RT & J Gorst, The Coach House - £1070 D Anderson

Class five - British Blue Bullock

1st & Reserve champion - N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall - £1140 D Anderson

2nd, W & T Danson, Boundary House - £1200 F Pooley

3rd - RT & J Gorst, The Coach House - £1120 F Pooley

Class six - Any other breed Bullock

1st - SA Hill, The Dell - £1080 M Tompson

2nd - J & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall - £1120 D Barker

3rd - SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm - £1090 M Cook

Top prices:

OTM Cows: Fr: 124.5p, 119.5p Raw End Farm; 121.5p Docker Hall Farm; 119.5p Little Guards; 117.5p Far Audlands. Lim: 149.5p, 144.5p High Loanthwaite; 147.5p Stubb Farm; 144.5p Mansrigg Hall, Fairbank Farm. Sim: 114.5p Brow Head. BB: 139.5p Smith Cottage, 127.5p, 124.5p High Borrans Farm. Ang: 134.5p Broad Oak; 121.5p Brow Head; 119.5p Quarry Bank Farm, High Low Wood. BrB: 151.5p Quarry Bank Farm; 134.5p Scale Hook Farm.

OTM Hfrs: Fr: 137.5p, 127.5p Heaton Hall Farm. Lim: 164.5p Howe Farm. Ang: 147.5p Ashlack Hall. BrB: 159.5p Green Close.

Bull Calves: Fr: £280 Langley Park; £115 Far Audlands; £100, £70 Hall Farm; £75, £72 Wyke Farm; £68 Halforth Farm. Lim: £350, £345 Spout House; £325, £290 Langley Park; £280 Halforth Farm. Ang: £295 Heaton Hall Farm. BrB: £355, £340, £310, £300, £295 Langley Park; £350 Hollins Farm; £310 Birds Park Farm; £275 Longwood House.

Heifer Calves: Lim: £295 Birds Park Farm. Ang: £210, £200 Capplerigg. MG: £290 Greenlands Farm. BrB: £285 Birds Park Farm; £280 Longwood House; £275 School House.

Bull Stirks: Fr: £260, £200 Langley Park.

Heifer Stirks: Lim: £570, £460 Langley Park. BrB: £630, £610 Langley Park.

Store Bullocks: Fr: £470 Longstripes Farm; £380 Lockbank Farm. Lim: £1280 Stubb Farm; £1220, £1200 Boundary Head; £1140 Troughton Hall; £1120 Old Hall; £1090 Topthorn Farm. Char: £1090 Lambrigg Head Farm; £1050, £950 Old School House, Hartrigg. Here: £775 The Bungalow. Sim: £1100 West Plain Farm; £930, £915 Low Fell End; £910 High House Farm. Blo: £1120 Capplethwaite Hall; £1090 Causeway Farm; £1080, £1040 The Dell; £995 Causeway Farm. Ang: £1050 Lane Farm; £1030, £975, £960 Bank Ground; £975 Brow Head. BrB: £1120, £910 The Coach House; £990 Riddings Farm; £970 Carlingwha; £950 Quarry Bank Farm; £930 The Dell; £910 High Underbrow Farm. Mont: £910, £790, £780 Green Lane End Farm.

Store Heifers: Lim: £1070, £1045 Lane Head Farm; £1040, £1000 Garnett House; £1030 Burton Hill; £1020 Poppy Farm, Mountain View; £1010 The Coach House. Char: £950, £870 New Hall; £870 Old School House; £860 Riddings. Here: £905 Woodside. Sim: £940, £835 Brow Head. Blo: £890, £845 Causeway Farm; £880 Low House; £810 Capplethwaite Hall. Ang: £850, £780 North Lodge; £780 Arklid Farm; £765 Leighton House. BrB: £1090 The Coach House; £1070 The Dell; £990 Garnett House; £980 High Biggarsbank; £910 Carlingwha; £880 Crabtree Farm; £870 High Underbrow Farm.

Store Bulls: Lim: £890, £880, £850 High Loanthwaite; £850 Old Hall. Here: £860 Gowan Bank Farm; £570 Field House.

Breeding Cattle: Lim Cow & Calf: £1060 Low Garths Farm.

Fr Hfr & Calf: £1220 Heaton Hall Farm. Here Hfr & Calf: £1200 Carlingwha. BrB Hfr & Calf: £1300 Carlingwha

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