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J36 Crooklands - Thursday 15/05/14

Posted Friday, 16 May 2014, 2.48pm

NWA J36 – Beef Breeding and Store Cattle Sale

An entry of over 500 cattle were put before a full crowd of buyers, with new vendors continuing to attend.

The early Summer sale of Beef Breeding Cattle saw a top price of £2,600 paid for a 4 y.o. pedigree British Blue bull from R T & J Gorst. Heifers with calves reached £1500 for Lim x from P & C Gibson and BrB x from N Cooper & Sons. Heifers with calves were generally £1200/£1400, with old cows £1000/£1200. Bulling heifers sold to £1200 for pure Lims from P Cummings with others at £1100.

Store Cattle reached £1020 for BrB steers from R T & J Gorst with better bred yearlings generally £900/£1000. Heifers reached £1000 for Sim x from J J & M A Park & Son, with most £700/£800. Young bulls sold to £745 for AAx from M J & J D Handley.

Dairy Cattle sold to a top price of £1900 for a newly calved Friesian type heifer from W & C W Dent.

The largest entry of Cast Cows/OTM Cattle seen for several sales, saw a market average of 124p/kg (£733) achieved with best meated cows 130p/140p/kg, topping at 149p/kg for Lim x from J M Case & Son and £1193 from P Cummings. Dairy cows sold to 129p/kg from P Knowles and £1050 from R J & K R Wilkinson.

Calves & Stirks
Calves once again came forward to J36 in strong numbers with an entry of over 80 calves forward. Beef calves where in strong demand with buyers around the ring for every type of beef calf but the recent drop in beef prices having a knock on effect. Top quality calves sold well and were still in strong demand selling to £360 from RJ & KR Wilkinson of High Falshaw for a two month old stabiliser bull calf. British Blue bulls sold to £350 from Langley Park Farm at just over two months old. Brian Wilson of Spout house regularly brings forward good calves and today he sold a good Limousin heifer to £310 at 5 weeks old. Native bred calves sold well with an Angus Bull calf from Masons of Birkland Barrow selling to £295 with Hereford bull calves from B Butterfield & Son of Moss House Farm to £275. Black and whites continue to be harder to place with the demand for them falling but best sorts sold well with British Friesian types selling twice to £135 from M Johns of Selgin House. A small entry of stirks selling to £520 for a Hereford heifer from Masons of Birkland Barrow.

OTM Cows: Fr: 129.5p High Foulshaw Farm, Cragg Farm; 127.5p, 119.5p Swallowmire; 119.5p Green Lane End Farm; 117.5p Lockbank Farm, Halforth Farm; 114.5p Lower Hawthwaite. Lim: 149.5p Dendron Farm, Holme Field; 147.5p Fold Farm; 137.5p Low Longmire, Bowston Hall. Char: 127.5p Borwick Fold Farm. Here: 121.5p Luneside. Blo: 131.5p Meathop Court. . BB: 131.5p Bowston Hall; 124.5p Low Newton Farm. Sho: 119.5p High Farm. Gall: 107.5p Yew Tree. Stab: 117.5p Kit Cragg. BrB: 134.5p, 131.5p Crosscrake Farm; 131.5p Fold Farm. SRW: 119.5p Docker Hall Farm.
OTM Hfrs: Fr: 141.5p, Holmescales Farm.
Store Bullocks: Fr: £595 Croziers Croft. Lim: £990, £915, £905 Dendron Farm; £960 Fold Farm; £920 Beech House; £880 Crabtree Farm. Char: £970 Holmelands. Blo: £960, £935 Bowness Farm; £955 Causeway Farm. Ang: £875 Dendron Farm; £855 Holmelands. BrB: £1020 The Coach House; £885 Crabtree Farm. Mont: £490, £470 Wall End Farm.
Store Heifers: Lim: £845, £750, £740 Crabtree Farm; £820 Beech House; £745 Low Hundhowe; £720 Troughton Hall. Char: £840 New Hall. Sim: £1000 Low Sizergh Farm. Blo: £790, £750, £745 Bowness Farm; £735 Causeway Farm; £720 Low House. Ang: £920 Archers Hall. BrB: £700 Archers Hall; £650, £620 Selgin House. Fleck: £1000 Low Sizergh Farm.
Breeding Cattle: Breeding Bulls £2600. Heifers with bull calves £1500, £1300. Heifers with heifer calves £1400, £1380. Cows with bull calves: £1280, £1500. Cows with heifer calves: £1450, £1200. Bulling Heifers: £1200, £1100, £960.
Bull Calves – Fr: £150 Langley Park; £135 Selgin House; £70 Holmescales Farm; £50 Eden Lodge. Lim: £325 Holmescales Farm; £285 Toadpool; £200 Langley Park. Hfd: £275 Moss House Farm. AA: £295 Birkland Barrow; £270 Moss House Farm; £240 Dove House; £205 Low Stanger Thwaite; £110 Capplerigg. Shorthorn: £52 School House. Stabiliser: £360 High Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £350 Langley Park; £225 Moss House Farm; £220 Cinder Barrow; £190 Hudsbrook Farm.
Heifer Calves – Lim: £345 Low Stanger Thwaite; £310 Spout House; £240 Holmescales Farm; £180 Cinder Barrow. Hfd: £190 Moss House Farm; £160 Birkland Barrow. AA: £260 Low Stanger Thwaite; £140 Birkland Barrow. Stabiliser: £230 High Foulshaw Farm. BRB: £95 Ravens Lodge.
Bull Stirks – Fr: £150 Kendal House Farm.
Heifer Stirks – Hfd: £520 Birkland Barrow.

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