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Lancaster Monday 07/04/14

Posted Monday, 07 April 2014, 2.15pm

Prime Hoggs a Sharper Trade with a Larger Show Forward

A stronger entry of towards 600 prime hoggs forward at Lancaster. All classes of hoggs up on the week with an SSQ of 215ppk. Heavy weight hoggs sold to a top price of £122 from RS & IM Kellet of Mill House Farm with others from the same home to £118. Good quality Texel hoggs were easy to place with hoggs from R & DM Cardwell of Moss Side Farm selling to 245ppk with many pens of Texel hoggs passing the 220ppk mark. Mule hoggs sold to £95 per head with Horned hoggs to £90 from Barkers Farm with all mules forward averaging 215ppk and horned lambs averaging 211ppk.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep continue to be a strong trade at Lancaster with Texel Rams from C & B Lowther selling to £125. Cast ewes topped at £120 for a Texel ewe from R & DM Cardwell. Mule and Masham ewes good to sell selling regularly into the late £80’s topping at £88 again from C & B Lowther. A small show of horned ewes forward topping at £53 for Swaledales from DC Miller, Cobble Hey.

Prime Bulls

A good number of cattle forward this morning, comprising of 12 prime bulls and 5 clean cattle. Trade in the prime bull section was topped by J & D Barton & Son, Pilling at 184.5ppk for a Simmental bull weighing just over 600kg. British Blue bulls sold to 183.5ppk from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. In the clean cattle, top spot was taken by JE Braken, St Michaels with a Lim heifer selling to 195.5ppk, with another Lim heifer from the same home realizing 193.5ppk.

Sheep and Lambs

A entry of 59 outfits this morning, with some very nice families included, were met by a ringside of 15 active buyers competing for all classes forward, with many leaving empty handed. Top price of the morning goes to JT & B Fox, Quernmore with a pen of 5 Texel x Shearlings with strong twin Texel lambs at foot selling to £212/family or £70/life, with another pen of 4 selling to £210, £38 up on other local marts. Mule Shearlings sold to £190/family or £63/life with Twins from R & EB Butler, Goosnargh. Broken mouthed mules sold to £165 with twins and £116 with singles both from R & EB Butler. Correct aged Mule ewes suckling twins sold to £165 from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale and £108 from PD Anderton, Scorton. An overall market average of £58.21/life. Once again, many more outfits could have been sold to the vendors advantage. Please contact the office with any entries to help inform buyers.

                             Top Av. Vendor

Mule Ewe (Single) £108 £97 PD Anderton, Scorton

Mule Ewe (Twins) £165 £157 TM Townley, Over Wyresdale

Mule BM (Single) £116 £116 R & EB Butler, Goosnargh

Mule BM (Twins) £165 £159 R & EB Butler, Goosnargh

Mule Shlng (Twins) £190 £190 R & EB Butler, Goosnargh

Texel x Shlng (Twins) £212 £202 JT & B Fox, Quernmore

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs – SUFFOLK - £104 Parks Farm Barn; £98.50 Hillam House Farm; £97 Thornbush Farm; £96 Hillam House Farm; £95 £92 Sandy Lane Farm; £87.50 5 Maddison Avenue. MULE - £95 £93.50 Hillam House Farm; £94 Thornbush Farm; £90 Parks Farm Barn; £89 Sandy Lane Farm. HALF BRED - £122 £108 Mill House Farm; £103 £88 Parks Farm Barn; £80 Conder Mill. HORNED - £90 Hillam House Farm; £88 £84.50 Tarnwater Farm; £88 Moss House Farm; £82 Thornbush Farm; £82 Inverbervie. CHAROLLAIS - £100 Parks Farm Barn. CHEVIOT – £97 £93 Inververvie; £83 £82 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £83 Moss House Farm. TEXEL - £118 £113 Mill House Farm; £117 £99 Hillam House Farm; £108 Conder Mill; £102 Old Glasson Farm; £99 Sandy Lane Farm; £98.50 Throstle Grove Farm; £98 Moss Side Farm. LEICESTER - £77 Conder Mill.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £94 5 Maddison Avenue. MASHAM - £84 Old Glasson Farm; £82 Cobble Hey Farm. MULE - £88 Lower Castle O Trim; £84 Old Glasson Farm; £83 Low Kit Brow; £83 Ashton Barn; £82 5 Maddison Avenue. HORNED - £53 Cobble Hey Farm. TEXEL - £125 £96 Lower Castle O Trim; £120 Moss Side Farm; £96 Fell End Farm; £95 Ashton Barn; £90 Old Glasson Farm.

Prime Bulls – HF – 110.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. SIM – 184.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. AA – 181.50p/kg Calcalds Farm; 169.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. CON – 160.50p/kg 153.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. MRI – 153.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. BRB – 183.50p/kg 176.50p/kg Bensons Farm. SRW – 144.50p/kg 139.50p/kg 123.50p/kg Yeat House.

Prime Cattle – LIM – 195.50p/kg 193.50p/kg New House Farm. AA – 179.50p/kg Hare Apple Tree. BRB – 189.50p/kg New House Farm.

Breeding Sheep – MULE - £190 £165 Higher Barker Farm; £165 £158 Knowsley Farm; £162 £158 Longfield House Farm. TEXEL - £212 £210 Blackwood End; £200 Longfield House Farm; £178 Higher Barker Farm.

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