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Lancaster Monday 03/03/14

Posted Monday, 03 March 2014, 1.58pm

Prime Hoggs

Slightly more hoggs forward this morning in comparison to last week, with more hill bred hoggs than continentals. Trade hasn’t altered on the week, with an overall market SQQ of 190ppk. Hoggs sold to a top of 202ppk or £93/head for a 46kg Texel hogg from R & DM Cardwell, Stalmine. Also at £93 per head were a pen of Zwartable x hoggs from Cardwell Farms, Stalmine.  Well meated hoggs 40-42kg from J Bargh & Son sold to £2/kg. Hoggs 40-44kg were regularly 194-200ppk.

Suffolks sold to a top of £88.50, for 48kg hoggs, from J Bargh & Son with other heavier Suffolks, 46-48kg realising £84-£87 per head. Medium weight Suffolks, around 42kg, achieved £80-£82. All Suffolk hoggs forward averaged £80/head.

Heavy weight Texel hoggs, weighing 48-50kg realised £90/head from Raby Contractors, Cabus and T & E Burrow, Slyne. Standard weight Texels, 40-44kg sold to around £30 above their weight. Texel hoggs averaged £83/head for all forward.

Mules sold to a top of £82/head again from J Bargh & Son, with others, weighing 45kg, from AG Butler, Hambleton to £81.50. Mules, 44-45kg realised £79-£82 with well fleshed 44kg mules from JC Hodgson, Dillicar selling £82.50. All mules averaged £79/head.

Hill bred hoggs sold to £76 for 40.8kg Lonks from LA Bradshaw. WM Pye, Tarnwater had well fleshed 40kg horned hoggs to £84.50. Cheviots from the same home sold to £82/head, with best sorts from Cardwell Farms Ltd, selling to £84.50.

Cast Sheep

Only a handful of cast sheep forward selling to a top of £100 from JM Sanderson, Halton, with son James Sanderson, Halton achieving the same price, both with Texel ewes. Zwartable ewes sold to £96 from Cardwell Farms, Stalmine.  Mules sold to £63 from CA & J Alty & Son, Warton. Horned ewes sold to £50/head from RW & FJ Rhodes, Abbeystead, with others from BD Gill, Ingleton selling to £47.

More ewes and hoggs could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.

Prime Bulls

Prime bulls sell to 209.5ppk and £1257.75/head.

HR & KA Hodgson, Barbon, topped trade today in the prime bull section with a Lim bull, weighing 500kg to 209.5ppk. Montbelliards, weighing 650kg sold to £1257.75 from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. Lim bulls from the same home realised 189.5ppk. Black and White bulls from PM & AM Ward & Sons, Arkholme sold to 115.5ppk, with others from the same home at 113.5ppk.

Prime cattle

Only one clean beast forward this morning from HR & KA Hodgson was a smart Limousin, weighing 540kg achieving 193.5ppk.


Prime Hoggs – TEXEL - £93 £88 Moss Side Farm; £90 Cabus Nook Farm; £90 Throstle Grove Farm; £88 Middle Ridge Farm; £85.50 North Farm; £84.50 Tarnwater Farm. ZWART - £93 Inverbervie. SUFFOLK - £88.50 £87 North Farm; £87 £85 5 Maddison Avenue; £82.50 Howriggs; £80 Parks Farm Barn; £73 Fell End Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £83 Middle Ridge Farm; £83 Parks Farm Barn; £82 £81 North Farm; £62 Moorbottom Farm. CHEVIOT - £84.50 Inverbervie; £82 Tarnwater. MULE - £82 £80 North Farm; £81.50 Parks Farm Barn; £80 Howriggs; £79.50 Low Moor Head Farm; £79 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £75 Fell End Farm. HORNED - £76 Moss House Farm; £74 Tarnwater Farm; £70 £68 Ouzelthorn Farm; £67 Yarlsber.

Cast Sheep – TEXEL - £100 Lower Highfield Farm. ZWART - £96 Inverbervie. MULE - £63 Moss House Farm. HORNED - £50 Low Moor Head Farm; £47 Yarlsber; £42 Fell End Farm.

Prime Bulls – HF – 115.50p/kg 113.50p/kg 103.50p/kg Docker Farm. LIM – 209.50p/kg Howriggs; 189.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 181.50p/kg 161.50p/kg Cobble Hey Farm. MON – 193.50p/kg Bensons Farm.

Prime Cattle – LIM – 193.50p/kg Howriggs.

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