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Lancaster Monday 03/02/14

Posted Monday, 03 February 2014, 12.33pm

Prime Hoggs

Hogg numbers up slightly on the week, with just short of 700 forward, however trade a fraction easier on the week, leading to an overall sale average of 180ppk. P Lawrenson of Chorley topped the day’s trade with a smart pen of 4 Texel lambs achieving 207ppk or £95/head. Heavier Texels, around the 50kg mark were in the £85-£90 per head region. Well fleshed standard weight, 40- 45kg Texels were realising £78-£82 per head. Suffolks sold to a top of £88 for a heavy weight hogg from G Riley, Bolton le Sands, with handier weight Suffolks, 42-45kg at £78-£80/head. Suffolks and Texels were on a par this morning, averaging £78 for all forward.

A nice entry of mules sold to £76.50 from FK & F Woodhouse, Scorton with others at the same money from RW & FJ Rhodes, Abbesytead and JS & S Atkinson, Scorton. All mules averaged £74/head. Mashams sold to £78 from E & N Wright & Son, Roeburndale.

Cast Sheep

A similar number of sheep forward this morning sold to a top of £100 for a Charollais tup from J Lamb, Old Glasson. Measty ewes sold to £96 for Suffolks from G Riley, Bolton le Sands and £93 for a Texel from ST Birkett, Carnforth, other texels sold to £83 from the same home and £80 from S Wilson & Son, Scotforth. A number of horned sheep forward this morning sold to £50/head from FK & F Woodhouse, Scorton. Mules sold to £65/head again from J Lamb, Old Glasson, with others at £64 from RJ Byron, Woodplumpton.

Prime Cattle

An increase in numbers forward this morning, 16 bulls and 4 clean heifers. Bulls sold to a top of 187.5ppk for a 600kg Limousin from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. Holsteins sold to 162.5ppk on two occasions from E & N Wright & Sons, Roeburndale, others from K Whitaker & Sons, Bay Horse at 161.5ppk and 157.5ppk. British Blues sold to 186.5ppk again from the Wright family and 184.5ppk from J & D Barton & Son, Pilling.

A Lim heifer from JA Airey, New Hutton reached 206.5ppk with another from the same home at 182.5ppk. P & A Bell, Pilling had Simmentals to 175.5ppk and British Blues to 196.5ppk.


Prime Hoggs – TEXEL - £95 £90 Walmsley Fold; £90 £84 Tarnwater Farm; £83.50 Old Grange Farm. SUFFOLK – £88 5 Maddison Avenue; £87 £79 Old Grange Farm; £83 £79 Fell End Farm; £79.50 Knowsley Farm; £77 5 Maddison Avenue; £76 Hall Croft Barn; £74 Little Fell. MASHAM - £78 Allcocks Farm; £76 Fell End Farm. MULE - £76.50 Fell End Farm; £76.50 Low Moor Head Farm; £76.50 Sykes Farm; £76 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £73 Yates Farm. HALF BRED - £70.50 Allcocks Farm; £56.50 Fell End Farm. HORNED - £82 Little Fell; £75 Moss House Farm; £71 Fell End Farm; £71 Yates Farm; £68 Moss House Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £79 North Farm; £78.50 Old Glasson Farm; £78 Old Grange Farm; £77 Birch Croft. CHEVIOT - £80 £76.50 North Farm; £66 3 Sand Holme Cottage.

Cast Sheep – SUFFOLK - £96 5 Maddison Avenue; £65 Hall Croft Barn. MULE - £65 Old Glasson Farm; £64 Moorville; £60 Birch Croft; £54 Burrow Heights Farm. HORNED - £50 Fell End Farm; £42 Moorville; £36 Appletree Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £100 Old Glasson Farm. TEXEL - £93 £82 Hall Croft Barn; £78 Burrow Heights Farm; £75 Greenwoods; £73 Moorville; £69 Old Glasson Farm. LEICESTER - £68 Appletree Farm. TEESWATER - £68 Allcocks Farm.

Prime Bulls – HE – 162.50p/kg Allcocks Farm; 161.50p/kg 157.50p/kg Stirzakers Farm; 139.50p/kg Yeat House. LIM – 187.50p/kg 186.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 187.50p/kg Lane House; 173.50p/kg Calcalds Farm; 163.50p/kg Yeat House. BRB – 186.50p/kg Allcocks Farm; 184.50p/kg Calcalds Farm. MO – 179.50p/kg Lane House.

Prime Cattle – LIM – 206.50p/kg 182.50p/kg Old Croft. SIM -175.50p/kg Village Farm. BRB – 196.50p/kg Village Farm.

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