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Lancaster Friday 28/02/14

Posted Friday, 28 February 2014, 2.28pm

Store Cattle

A reduced entry of cattle forward this morning were met by a good trade the majority with leaner black and whites harder to place. Trade was topped by H Chapman & Son with a 26 month Lim steer, other Limousin & Simmental steers from the same home sold to £1440 and £1430.

Angus steers sold to £1280 with others at £1200 from L Parsons & Sons, Levens. British Blue steers topped at £1340 from T & ME Johnson, Marsh Farm.

Angus heifers sold to £1160 from R Escolme, Bay Horse. Lim heifers reached £1220 & £1180 from J Capstick & Sons, Millom. A good number of Charolais heifers forward sold to a top of £1260 from TN Pye & Partners, Scotforth and £1240 from SJ Brass, Ingleton. British Blue heifers reached a top of £1140 from JT & A Armitstead, Selside and £1070 WJ Barker, Arkholme.

Both Bullocks and Heifers were only coppers away from averaging £1000 right through.

Congratulations to MJ Whitworth for winning the raffle for batching cattle in groups of 4 more.


A disappointing number of calves forward this morning, more farmer buyers round the ring today, unfortunately leaving empty handed. Trade topped at £260 for a smart 19day old Lim bull from J Bargh & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe. A British Blue bull from Messers Lund, Pump House was close behind at £250. Black and White bulls a far better trade on the week selling to a top of £108 again from J Bargh & Son with others at £98 from the same home and D Fox & Co, Holly House. The very few black and whites forward average £66/head. Once again buyers were left unable to fill orders and many left empty handed.

Winner of the February Calf Competition, receiving 6 bags of feed courtesy of sponsors Dugdale Nutrition, is J & EV Thompson & Son, Hood Ridding Farm with a 37day old Lim bull achieving £370 selling to Sam Hargreaves, Morecambe.

Cast Cows

An entry of majority dairy cows sold to a packed ringside of buyers this morning. Trade topped at 187.5ppk for cast steers from R Oldfield, Carnforth, 174.5ppk for cast heifers from ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton and 159.5ppk for cast cows from P Pye, Abbeystead & MJ & JA Dobson, Sedbergh.

Black and White cows sold to a top of 134.5ppk from S & P Parker, Bentham with others at 129.5ppk R & A Galbraith, Crooklands.

Lim cows from Norbreck Genetics sold to 157.5ppk with others from EJ Ward & Sons, Intack Farm at 139.5ppk.

All cast cows forward averaged 110ppk.


STORE BULLOCKS – LIM- £1450 Millbeck; £1390 Low Moor Head; £1380 Whicham Hall; £1350 Stubbins Farm; £1330 Lentworth Farm; £1280 Lodge Farm; £1220 High House Farm. SIM- £1440 Millbeck; £1160 Windy Hill Farm; £1150 Bouthwaite Farm; £1140 Daniel Fold Farm; £1060 Low Fell End. BRB- £1340 Marsh Farm; £1280 Park Farm; £1200 Ivy Barn; £1150 Lentworth Farm; £1150 9 Sand Lane; £1150 Hallbeck; £1100 Showley Hall Farm; £1070 Grizdale; £1010 Marsh Farm. FR- £1310 Stubbins Farm; £1080 Low Levens; £1070 Lodge Farm; £1030 Holmegarth; £970 Intack Farm; £970 Rowell Farm; £840 Fleets Farm. ST- £1310 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1260 Park House Farm; £1140 West Lynn. AA- £1280 Croppers Farm; £1250 Low Levens; £1200 Milton Moor Farm; £1180 High Shuttlingfields Farm; £1160 Windy Hill Farm; £1150 Isle of Skye Farm; £1100 Bouthwaite Farm; £1100 Park Farm; £1070 Grizdale; £1050 Snub Snape Farm. CH- £1180 Langthwaite Heights. MO- £1130 Marsh Farm. BA- £1120 West Lynn. HE - £850 Grisedale Farm. SHO - £800 School House. SRW- £540 Knotts Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – CH- £1260 Langthwaite Heights; £1240 2 Church Street; £1160 Intack Farm; £1000 Croppers Farm; £980 West Lynn; £970 Brown Edge; £840 Gunnerthwaite; £760 Croft Foot Farm. LIM- £1220 Whicham Hall; £1180 2 Church Street; £1170 Low Fell End; £1070 Brown Edge; £1060 Hilderstone Farm; £1000 Croppers Farm; £990 Bouthwaite Farm; £990 Cragg Farm; £980 Brow Foot Farm. AA – £1160 Ivy Barn; £1060 Rowell Farm; £1000 Croppers Farm; £980 Park Farm; £960 Snub Snape Farm; £900 Brow Foot Farm; £850 Park House; £720 Aynsome Manor. BRB- £1140 Bouthwaite Farm; £1070 Brown Edge; £1040 Marsh Farm; £1040 Stubbins Head Farm; £960 Prospect Farm; £920 Lower Castle O Trim; £870 The Poplars. SIM- £1060 Hilderstone Farm; £1060 Low Fell End. HE - £1040 Corney Hill Farm; £750 Grisedale Farm. SHO- £800 School House.

BULLS – FR- £620 Granville House.

CAST COWS – SHO- 159.5 Castle How. BA- 159.5 Marl House; 129.5 Barker Knott. LIM- 157.5 Norbreck Farm; 139.5 Intack Farm. BRB- 134.5 High House Farm. FR- 134.5 High Hardacre Farm; 129.5 Carter House; 129.5 Heaton Hall; 124.5 Dowlands Farm; 121.5 Low Levens; 119.5 Moors Farm; 119.5 Bank End Farm; 119.5 Hoggetts Lane Farm; 119.5 Birks Farm. HE- 131.5 Corney Hill Farm. SIM- 117.5 Intack Farm. AY- 114.5 Catteralls Farm. AA- 114.5 Castle How. SRW- 107.5 White Lund Farm.

CAST HEIFERS - FR- 174.5 Heaton Hall Farm; 127.5 Brantbeck Farm.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – AA- 187.5 Brow Foot Farm. FR- 159.5 Old Glasson Farm; 139.5 Catshaw Hall Farm. MRI- 141.5 Littlewood Hall. ST- 107.5 Park House Farm.

BULL CALF – LIM- £260 North Farm. BRB- £250 Pump House. FR- £108 North Farm; £98 Holly House Farm.

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