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J36 Crooklands - Anniversary Show & Sale of Store Cattle - Thursday 20th February 2014

Posted Friday, 21 February 2014, 12.42pm

Caption: Champion Bullock shown by vendor Ted Chapman

Caption: Jack Wilson of Cooper House selling his pen of 9 Charolais heifers

Anniversary Show & Sale

The first anniversary show & sale of store cattle saw a large crowd of buyers in attendance drawn by the quality of cattle forward at the sale. Judging was conducted by Mr J Townley, Nutta Farm who had some superb cattle put before him. The championship rosette was awarded to a 17 month old Limousin bullock from TA Chapman & Son which later sold for £1320 and was purchased by David Barker. Reserve Champion was a 19 month old Blonde x heifer from RT & J Gorst which also sold to David Barker for £995.

Judge: Mr J Townley

Overall Champion
TA Chapman & Son – First Prize Bullock

Store Heifers
1st RT & J Gorst, The Coach House (Blonde) £995 to D Barker
2nd D Nicholson, Birch Bank (Lim) £955 to D Barker
3rd SG Benson, Horrace Farm (Lim) £925 to DA Wilcock

Store Bullocks
1st TA Chapman & Son, Lane Head (Lim) £1320 to D Barker
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm (Lim) £1150 to DE & SM Moorhouse
3rd SG Benson, Horrace Farm (Br.Blue) £895 to P & E Fox

Many thanks to our Anniversary Show & Sale Sponsors P.V. Dobson & Son Agricultural & Industrial Machinery Dealers of Levens for their kind support.

Lots more photos available on our Facebook page

Strong cattle sold to £1440 for a pen of Limousin bullocks from GH Jones, with a large entry of predominantly 10-12 month cattle regularly achieving £900-£1000 for bullocks and £800-£900 for heifers.

Young bulls sold to £1015 for smart Limousins from WG Wilkinson with others at £955.

The new prize draw for cattle sold in pens of 4 or more was won by J & M Wilson who sold a pen of 9 Charolais heifers for £830 a head. It is to vendors advantage to group cattle where possible.

Beef Breeding Cattle
A nice show of breeding cattle saw prices top at £1780 for a Limousin x heifer with heifer calf at foot from PF Lee, Over Wyresdale.

Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle
A wonderful show of 72 Cast Cows, Clean Cattle and Prime Cattle were put before a full ringside of buyers. Cast Cows were some 20p/kg dearer on the fortnight. Black & white cows topped at 134.5p/kg, for 3 cows, one from W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite, one from S & M Cooper, Tarnside, both bought by Dawn Duerden and the other from J & M Maudsley & Son, Raw End bought by Mr Les Fell. Messrs R G & J Clark, Far Audlands sold the top price/head at £1086, again bought by Mr Les Fell.Continental Cows topped at 191.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from Messrs R T & J Gorst, The Coach House, bought by Mr D Barker. Top priced OTM was £1336.22 for a strong Lim x bullock shown by Mrs E J Bilsborough & Sons, Whitbeck. Cast Cows averaged 130.42p/kg.  Prime Cattle topped at 179.5p/kg for a Stabiliser x heifer from Messrs J A & R Geldard of Levens. Messrs T S & S M Park of Millom again sold a good run of black and white bulls to top at 177.5p/kg to J & E Medcalf of Halifax.

Calves - A bumper entry of 85 rearing calves were sold on behalf of24 different vendors with over 30 purchasers ringside from throughout the northern counties. Beef calves were easily sold with young bulls regularly £280/£340, topping at £400 for a BRB x bull from M H & A R Robinson. Heifers were keenly competed for with BRB leading the way at £360 from J W & T E Sharp, with Char x £320 from A & C M Carter. Younger sorts £220/£280.  Dairy bulls sold to £295 for well reared HF from M H & A R Robinson. Plenty £120/£160, with younger sorts £60/£80. All averaged £93. Native breeds sold to £420 for Hereford x bulls from Mason/Birkland Barrow with AAx £325 from J W & D Robinson & Sons

Store Hoggs continue to sell to the recent high prices with a pen of 25 Texel x from JA Chapman selling to £84.50, other better bred hoggs £70-£75. Mediums £55-£62 with hill lambs £49.50 from Coward Bros. Tup hoggs reached £70. Please advise the Office of entries as we still have purchasers looking for store hoggs.

Cast Cows: Fr: 134.5p, Raw End Farm, Ackenthwaite Farm, Tarnside Farm; 131.5p Far Audlands. Lim: 147.5p, 139.5p Red Scar; 144.5p, 141.5p Dendron Farm; 137.5p Old School House. Ang: 114.5p Old School House. Stab: 179.5p, 174.5p, 141.5p Kit Crag. BRB: 191.5p The Coach House; 159.5p Tarnside Farm. Mont: 127.5p Low Sizergh Farm. SRW: 131.5p Low Sizergh Farm. Luing: 137.5p Low Foulshaw Farm; 129.5p Poole Bank.
Bulls: Lim: 194.5p Moor Green Farm. Stab: 207.5p Kit Crag; 197.5p Low Foulshaw Farm. Fr: 177.5p, 167.5p Millom Castle. Sim: 167.5p, 159.5p Brow Head.
Prime Heifers: Stab: 179.5p, 174.5p, 169.5p Low Foulshaw Farm.
Store Bullocks: Fr: £750 Lockbank Farm; £650 Arklid Farm; £500 Old Hall Farm. Lim: £1440 Fold Farm; £1320, £1170 Lane Head Farm; £1175 Birch Bank; £1170 Riddings Farm, Poppy Farm. Char: £920 Tock How Farm; £810 Orphan Crag Barn. Ang: £900 Arklid Farm. BRB: £1060, £1000 Lockbank Farm; £940 Wilson Wood; £895 Horrace Farm.
Store Heifers: Lim: £1165 Mountain View; £1070, £1020, £990 North Lodge; £995 Low Newton Farm; £975 Tilberthwaite; £955 Birch Bank. Char: £1150 Mountain View; £910 Low Longmire; £830 Cooper House. Here: £860 North Lodge. Blo: £995 The Coach House; £975, £940, £880, £875 Cartref. Ang: £920 Hazelgill Farm; £900 Dendron Farm. Sal: £605 Greaves Farm. BRB: £980 The Coach House; £865 Bowston Hall; £800 High Underbrow.
Store Bulls: Fr: £390 Old Hall Farm. Lim: £1015, £955 Tilberthwaite.£840 Lane End; £830 Fold Farm.
Bull Calves: Fr: £295, £220, £210, £205 Holmescales Farm; £180 Halforth Farm; £160 Holmescales Farm. Lim: £360 Spout House; £360, £318, £315, £305, £300 Monk Foss Farm; £280, £252 Birds Park Farm. Char: £380 Monk Foss Farm. Here: £302 Birkland Barrow. Ang: £325, £300 Hollins Farm; £320 High Foulshaw Farm; £185, Warton Grange Farm. BRB: £400 Holmescales Farm; £360, £350, £345 Flodder Hall; £340 High Foulshaw, Hagg Farm; £335 Hollins Farm. Mont: £208, £198 Monk Foss Farm.
Heifer Calves: Lim: £295 Monk Foss Farm; £258, £240 Langley Park. Cha: £320 Black Bull Farm; £260 Monk Foss Farm. Ang: £220 Hollins Farm. BRB: £360 Flodder Hall; £290 Hollins Farm; £260 School House; £240 Langley Park; £235, £230 Ravens Lodge.
Bull Stirks: Here: £420, £400 Birkland Barrow.
Store Hoggs: Tex: £84.50 North Lodge; £72 Clawthorpe Lodge; £66 Beck House. Suff: £70 Hood Ridding; £59 Ninezergh; £58 Low Groves. Mule: £57 Kirkby Hall. Swale: £44 Ashlack Hall; £41 Kirkby Hall. Scotch B/F: £45 Roundthwaite Abbey. Horned: £49.50 Kirkby Hall. Char: £51 Ashlack Hall.

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