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Lancaster Friday 24/01/14

Posted Friday, 24 January 2014, 2.36pm

Another busy day at NWA Lancaster


A reduced entry of calves this morning sells to a ringside of buyers. Black and White calves well sought after selling to £142 from CG Birkett, averaging £86 for all forward. A 4 month Lim heifer from the Townley family, Over Wyresdale sold to £295. A very nice run of Lim calves from JR Pye, Pilling sold to £200 & £185 for bulls with a heifer at £175. Nineteen Day old Angus’ from the same home sold to a top of £170. A run of Montbelliardes around the month old age sold to a top of £202 with others at £150. More calves needed on a weekly basis to meet buyers’ requirements.

Cast Cows

An entry of over 100 cows forward today, selling to 16 different buyers. A plainer show this week was met by a similar trade to the previous week. Trade topped at 184.5ppk for a British Blue from W Pinder Jnr, Newton in Bowland or £1160 (174.5ppk) for a Friesian heifer from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son, Kirkby Lonsdale. Black & White cows sold to a top of 124.5ppk from J Bargh & Son, Bentham with others at 121.5 from JJ Pennington & Son, Longridge & J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. All Black & Whites forward averaged 106ppk. Black & White heifers sold to a top of 174.5ppk and averaged 133ppk. A plainer show of beef cows sold to a top of 164.5ppk for a Charolais from AJ Cooper, Lima Farm and 117ppk for Limousins from MA Ratcliffe, Kirkby Lonsdale. A run of Friesian steers from A & E Clarkson Ltd sold to 164.5ppk.


A catalogued entry of 306 store cattle sold well with all classes sharper on the week. Trade topped at £1380 for a 24month Limousin steer from AG Stafford, Out Rawcliffe, a trio of Limousins from JA & MR Wilson, Millom realised £1260. Limousin heifers sold to £1200 form SJ Brass, Ingleton. British Blues sold to a top of £1370 for 26month steers from R & DM Rossall & Son, Pilling, with Blue hefiers selling to £1190 from J & M Cottam, nether Kellet. Hereford Steers reached a top price of £1240 from Messrs AJ & D Knowles, New Hutton. Angus steers sold to a top of £1280 from L Parsons & Sons, Low Levens with Angus heifers selling to £1100 from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland. Only a handful of Charollais steers forward sold to a top of £1150 for a trio at 25month form WJ Barker, Brown Edge. Charollais heifers sold to £1200 from SJ Brass, Ingleton with others at £1180 again from DE & SM Moorhouse.

Store Lambs

A small entry of Texel cross store lambs from J & H Huddleston, Annasghyl, sold to £52/head.


STORE BULLOCKS – LIM- £1380 Birch Croft; £1260 Dunningwell Farm; £1260 Endmoor Farm; £1180 Sand Gate Farm; £1170 Myerscough Hall; £1170 High House Farm. BRB- £1370 Abrahams Farm; £1200 Daniel Fold Farm; £1170 Pasture House Farm; £1130 Manor House Farm; £1130 Bouthwaite Farm; £1120 Sand Gate Farm; £1120 Myerscough Hall. AA- £1280 Low Levens; £1260 Ivy Barn; £1240 Myerscough Hall; £1210 Birch Croft. HE - £1240 Windy Hill Farm; £1200 80 Lancaster Road; £1100 Stoney Fold Farm. ST- £1180 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1100 Myerscough Hall. CH- £1150 Brown Edge; £1070 Hawkrigg End. FR- £1120 Low Levens; £1070 Rowell Farm; £1000 Hill Top; £960 Chestnut House Farm; £860 Knotts Farm; £820 Higher Brundhurst Farm. SIM- £1120 Sand Gate Farm; £1110 Manor House Farm; £1090 Harrison House Farm; £1000 Windy Hill Farm. WB- £1060 Scotch Green Farm. SRW- £950 Knotts Farm; £600 Pilling Lane. MO- £890 Cartref. BS- £710 Middle Ridge Farm. SHO- £660 Stirk Hey Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – LIM- £1200 2 Church Street; £1120 Lodge Farm; £1060 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1060 Bouthwaite Farm; £970 Brow Foot Farm. CH- £1200 2 Church Street; £1190 High House Farm; £1140 Hawkrigg End; £1100 Cartref; £1090 Bouthwaite Farm; £1070 Brow Edge. BRB- £1190 Hill Top; £1140 Bouthwaite Farm; £1090 Manor House Farm; £1080 Hawkrigg End; £990 Betts End; £960 Harrison House Farm; £870 Grisedale Farm; £970 Causeway Head Farm; £830 Thursgill. AA- £1100 High House Farm; £1060 King Bank Farm; £960 Gulf Farm; £920 Brow Foot Farm. FR- £740 Upper Hawthwaite Farm. CON- £730 Cartref. HE- £520 Farleton House. BA- £520 Farleton House.

BULLS – AA- £660 Eskew Beck.

CAST COWS – BRB- 184.5 Longstripes Farm; 144.5 Lima Farm. CH- 164.5 Lima Farm; 134.5 The Borrans. AA- 139.5 Southways; 109.5 Shepherds Farm. BA- 124.5 Farleton House. HE- 124.5 White Lee Farm. FR- 124.5 Waterscales Farm; 121.5 Dove Cote Farm; 121.5 North Farm; 119.5 Raw Head; 117.5 Hallbeck ; 117.5 Greenalls Farm; 117.5 Docker Hall; 117.5 Holme House Farm. LIM- 117.5 Fellgate Farm; 77.5 Winder. SIM- 104.5 Shepherds Farm. JE- 71.5 Birkland Barrow

CAST HEIFERS – AA- 181.5 Ivy Farm. FR- 174.5 Holme House Farm; 167.5 Manor House Farm; 139.5 Sweetings Farm; 119.5 Batty Hill; 117.5 Dove Cote Farm. BRB- 169.5 Ivy Farm.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – LIM- 174.5 Lambrigg Park Farm; 119.5 Fellgate Farm. FR- 164.5 Cock Hall Farm. BS- 139.5 Parkside Farm. AA- 107.5 Longstripes Farm.

BULL CALF – MO- £202 White Lund Farm. LIM- £200 Hatters Farm. FR- £142 2 Netherbeck Barn; £118 Blackwood End; £115 Green Lane Farm; £102 Holly House Farm; £100 Hagg Farm.

HEIFER CALF – LIM- £295 Knowsley Farm; £175 Hatters Farm; £135 North Farm. AA- £170 Hatters Farm.

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