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J36 Crooklands - Tuesday 07/01/14

Posted Wednesday, 08 January 2014, 3.43pm

A great start to the New Year at J36 with a large entry of 2246 prime hoggs presented to a full ringside of fourteen active buyers, leaving a very similar overall market average to the previous week of 181.52p/kg. Export type hoggs were a similar trade to last week with the best hoggs falling short of buyers requirements. Mule and Horned hoggs were slightly easier. Hoggs topped at £93 on several occasions and a top price per kilo of 231.6p/kg was achieved for a pen of Texel x hoggs from RF Morphet of Halton purchased by Mr J Hadwin of Mansergh.

A good show of 630 cast sheep sold to a strong trade with all classes seeing a rise on the week with some well finished runs of fed ewes being sold and certainly commanding a premium price.

PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £92 Cracalt; £88 Salterwath; £83 Beech Tops, Mansrigg Hall, Meadow Oaks; £82 Millom Castle, New Close. Beltex: £93 High House; £85 Far Highfield. Texel: £93 Mansrigg Hall; £92 The Coach House; £90 Green Hill Farm; £88.50 Low Chapel Farm; £88 The Borrans, Far Highfield; £86 Scroggs Farm, North Farm; £85.50 Bybeck. Cont: £88 St Annes; £79 Lane Farm; £78 Salterwath, Ninezergh; £77 Barker Knott. Masham: £69.50 Middale Farm; £66.50 Killington Drive; £65 Hazelgill. Mule: £75 Mansrigg Hall; £74 Brow Head; £73.50 Keskadale, Hawkin Hall; £73 Bowkerstead, Birds Park. Swaledale: £66 Middle Sadghyll; £63 Moss House Farm. Rough Fell: £66 Birds Park; £64 High Borrowbridge. Horned: £76 Scroggs Farm. Char: £84 High Greenside; £81 Stoney Gap; £80 Low Foulshaw; £79.50 Stank Farm. Chev: £75 Brow Head, Stank Farm, North Farm; £74 Crooklands Farm. Lleyn: £74; £72 Cragg Farm, Low Foulshaw. Herdwick: £65 Moss House Farm; £50 Scar Sykes. Dorset: £65 Brow Head.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £100 Tunstall Hall; £74 Patton Hall. Texel: £98 Storth End; £84 Millom Castle; £76 Spital Farm. Char: £88 High Green. Masham: £68 Low Audlands; £60 Patton Hall. Mule: £68 High Green; £67 Tunstall Hall; £64 High House (Helsington); £63 High House (Kirkby Lonsdale), £63 Birks Farm. Swaledale: £47 Grayrigg Hall; £44 Low Deepslack; £43 Bramaskew. Rough Fell: £48 Lambrigg Head; £45 High Green. Chev: £77 Underley; £72 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £70 Salterwath. Lleyn: £64 Cragg Farm; £60 Low Foulshaw. Dalesbred: £48 Low Audlands. Herdwick: £48 Hazelgill Farm; £43 Bybeck.
CAST RAMS – Texel: £100 Birks Farm; £95 Storth End; £88 Millom Castle. Leicester: £98 Matson Farm; £74 Keskadale. Suffolk: £75 Hawkrigg End. Swale: £56 Scar Sykes. Rough Fell: £70 Millbeck. Char: Warth Sutton. Lleyn: £74 Cragg Farm.

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