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Lancaster Monday 23/09/2013

Posted Monday, 23 September 2013, 3.30pm

Monday 23rd September 2013

Prime Lambs a Sharper Trade at NWA Lancaster

Prime Lambs

Prime lambs a sharper trade this week at NWA Lancaster averaging 163ppk, 8ppk up week on week. The day’s trade was topped at 183ppk from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck with a smart pen of ten Texel lambs selling to Riley Bros. The top price of the day was from Andrew Butler of Parks Farm Barn selling heavy weight lambs to £88. All classes a sharper trade with buyers willing to pay a premium for meatier lambs. Mule lambs a very similar trade to the previous week topping at 163ppk.

Cast Sheep

The trade for cast ewes today was slightly better than the previous week with continental ewes and fit ewes in strong demand with over fat sheep sticky to place. The top price of the day came from Daniel Towers of Curwin Hill selling a Beltex ram to £108. Also from the same home were Texel x ewes reaching £106. Mule ewes sold into the sixties and Horned ewes sold into the late thirties.

Prime Bulls

The trade for Prime bulls continues to be strong at Lancaster with all bulls forward today selling to an impressive average of 198ppk. The top price of the day was a Limousin x bull from A Clark & Johnston, Far Orrest selling to 215.5ppk.


Prime Spring Lambs– SUFF- £87 Old Woodhouse; £78 Low Hall Beck, Parks Farm Barn;£74 Birks Farm; £73 Maddison Avenue, Mearsbeck Farm; £70Birks Farm, Old Smithy Cottage MASH- £64.50 Stanley Farm MULE- £64.50 Cragg End; £64 Hare Apple Tree; £58.50 Fell End Farm; £58 Stanley Farm HORN- £72 Parks Farm Barn; £63 Low Kit Brow; £58 Pedder Grove CH- £88 Parks Farm Barn; £71 Cock Hall Farm; £66 Moss House Farm; £59 Curwin Hill TEX- £86 £80 Mearsbeck Farm, Old Woodhouse; £78 Parks Farm Barn; £75.50 Cantsfield Hall; £75 Hutton Roof Hall, Cockerham Hall, Parks Farm Barn; £73 Lane House; £72 Old Smithy Cottage.

Cast Sheep– SUFF- £80 Mearsbeck Farm MULE- £62 Curwin Hill; £61 Kitchen Ground; £55 Aughton House; £54 Kitchen Ground; £48 Ellers Farm HORN- £37 Curwin Hall; £33 Hare Apple Tree; £20 Marl House TEX- £108 £106 £90 Curwin Hill; £78 Hutton Roof Hall; £74 Curwin Hill; £71 Conder Green Farm; £56 Parks Farm Barn

Prime Bulls– LIM- 215.5, 213.5 211.5 Far Orrest; 206.5 5 Holme Field 189.5 173.5 Larbreck Hill Farm HER- 185.5 Larbreck Hill Farm BRB- 184.5 Larbreck Hill MO- 185.5 Lane House

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