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Lancaster Monday 16/09/2013

Posted Monday, 16 September 2013, 3.32pm

Monday 16th September 2013

Prime Lambs a Sticky Trade

Prime Lambs

There was an entry of over 900 lambs forward that sold to a sticky trade and averaged 156ppk. The best quality lambs continue to be in demand with a good consignment of Beltex X and Dutch Texel X from the Wannop family of Heaton Hall topping the day’s trade selling too 210ppk and 202ppk selling to M Lomax. The Wannops also sold the top price of the day selling heavy lambs to £90. All Texel lambs sold to an average of 157ppk. Mule lambs selling to 152ppk and averaged at 149ppk.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep continue to be a very similar trade with the day’s top price being £77 for Texel x ewes from AJ Metcalf of Great Eccleston. A plainer show of mule ewes lead to them topping at just £52 from AJ Metcalf. Horned ewes to £33 from Bill Pinder of Longstripes Farm.

Prime Cattle

Prime Bulls once again a good trade with a good entry of into the teens forward with an entry of good quality bulls reflecting in a good trade with all bulls forward averaging a very good 202ppk. Top price was a good shapey bull from A Clark & Johnson of Far Orrest selling for 219.5ppk.


Prime Spring Lambs

SUFF- £76.50 £74 Fell End Farm; £76 £70.50 Orchard House; £73 Hallbeck; £70 £65 Oak Head Farm; £64 Underley Estate; £64 Cockerham Hall; £64 Moss Cottage; £62 Cobble Hey Farm MULE- £65 Isle of Skye Farm; £64 Cragg End; £59.50; £58 Low Moor Head Farm; £57 Botton Hall Farm; £57 Long Streets Farm HORN- £67 Isle of Skye Farm CH- £61 Botton Hall Farm; £60.50 £56 Cobble Hey Farm; £60 Burrow Heights Farm; £60 Long Streets Farm TEX- £90 £88 £86 £84 Heaton Hall Farm; £72.50 Hallbeck; £72.50 Oak Head Farm

Cast Sheep

SUFF- £55 £49 £26 Cockerham Hall; £39 Moss Cottage MULE- £52 £42 Newton Villa; £50 £30 Heights Farm; £47 £37 Cockerham Hall; £46 Lonstripes Farm; £45 Wyre Farm; £43 £33 Middlesbar Farm; £39 Isle of Skye Farm HORN- £33 Lonstripes Farm; £27 £24 Manor House Farm; £22 Isle of Skye Farm; £17 Newton Villa CHEV- £22 Manor House Farm TEX- £77 Newton Villa; £71 £47 £44 Moss Side Farm; £70 Oak Head Farm; £60 £47 Birch Croft; £59 Middlesbar Farm; £49 Wyre Farm; £37 Bull Bank Farm; £33 Yeat House

Prime Bulls

FR- 185.5 Allcocks Farm LIM- 219.5, 215.5 Far Orrest; 215.5, 213.5 5Holme Field CH- 201.5 Lane House WB- 199.5 Allcocks Farm BRB- 201.5, 199.5, 193.5 High House MO- 194.5, 175.5 Lane House

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