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Lancaster Monday 09/09/13

Posted Monday, 09 September 2013, 4.21pm

Prime Lambs a Sharper Trade than Expected

Prime Lambs

Prime lambs a better trade than expected with an entry of just short of 900 forward. The sale averaged 172ppk with a good show of well fleshed lambs. Todays top price was from Dan Towers of Curwin Hill selling a heavy Charollais lamb for £94. Top price pence per kilo was 188ppk from EJ Ward & Sons with a pen of 10 Texel lambs selling to Rileys.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep continue to be a decent trade. Top price of the day came from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck selling a Texel ram for £105. This was closely followed by Daniel Towers of Curwin selling a Beltex ewe for £90. Mule ewes sold to £60 from John Bell of Bull Beck with all mule ewes forward averaging £50 with a plainer show of mule ewes forward. Horned ewes sold to £57 from Joe Drinkall of Anglezarke. All cast sheep through the ring averaging £51.

Prime Cattle

A larger entry of Prime bulls and clean cattle forward at Lancaster sold to a strong trade. An entry of 16 bulls sold to an average of 190ppk. The top price of the day came from A Clark & Johnson of Far Orrest selling for 219.5ppk. The top price per head came from Norbreck Genetics selling for 199.5ppk or £1656 for a heavy pure Limousin bull. Black and Whites sold to 192.5ppk from E & N Wright & Sons, Allcocks Farm. A handful of clean cattle forward sold to 163.5ppk from P & A Bell, Village Farm with a Simmental heifer.


Prime Lambs -

SUFF-£80 £70.50 Curwin Hill Farm; £80 £78 Dowlands Farm; £76 Cocker House Farm; £74 Ellers Farm; £74 £72 Hill Top; £72 Underley Estate Office; £72 High Field; £70.50 North Farm MASH- £72.50 Allcocks Farm; £68.50 Yarlsber MULE- £68.50 Yarlsber; £63 Gunnerthwaite; £61 Botton Hall Farm HORN- £68 £64 Burrow Heights Farm; £57 £46 Botton Hall Farm; £54 High Field CHA- £94 £72 Curwin Hill Farm; £74 Yarlsber; £68 Ashton Barn; £67 Gunnerthwaite TEX- £84 Downlands Farm; £83 Curwin Hill Farm; £82.50 Mearsbeck Farm; £82 Sandy Hill Farm; £80.50 Mearsbeck Farm; £79 Intack Farm; £79 Old Glasson Farm; £78 Cock Hall Farm; £77.50 Cocker House Farm

Cast Sheep -

CAST EWE-SUFF- £40 Dowlands Farm MULE- £60 Bull Bank Farm; £59 Mearsbeck Farm; £59 North Farm; £58 Little Fell; £55 Far Highfield; £55 £35 Coastal Road; £50 Hill Top HORN- £57 £49 £38 Manor House Farm; £44 Allcocks Farm TEX- £105 £77 £73 Mearsbeck Farm ; £90 Curwin Hill Farm; £86 Ashton Barn; £83 £78 Far Highfield; £76 Middle Ridge Farm; £68 £65 Hill Top; £67 Shaws Farm TEES- £74 Allcocks Farm CAST RAM- HORN- £58 Marshaw Farm

Prime Bulls -

FR- 192.5 Allcocks Farm; 169.5, 167.5 Yeat House; 147.5, 144.5 Calcalds Farm LIM- 219.5, 212.5 Far Orrest; 217.5 Holme Field; 209.5 Yeat House; 199.5 Norbreck Farm; £189.5 Bensons Farm SIM- 186.5 Bensons Farm BRB- 199.5 Allcocks Farm; 185.5 Bensons Farm MO-191.5 Lane House

Clean Cattle -

SIM- 163.5 Village Farm LH- 159.5, 153.5 87 Derby Road

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